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  1. 1669 and 1678 crowns are very under-rated. They are at least as rare as 1665 and 1675, the 1669 probably more so. I've seen/heard about only 5 or 6 1669's in 40 years of collecting crowns, and about 10-12 1678's. I've only ever seen/heard of two 1669's above F.
  2. pokal02

    Aelfwald Sceat/Sctyca

    I see from the Abramson catalogue that the Spink 859 type previously attributed to Aelfwald II is now given to Aelfwald I. Two with the moneyer Eadvini rather than Cuthheard are given to Aelfwald II, although noted as doubtful Is this the only type/moneyer now attributed to Aelfwald II?
  3. What's going on - 180 lots taking 5 hours with another 420 to come? They'll still be bidding at 1 a.m. on that schedule.
  4. Yes, it was all a bit strange. Although most of the coins either went for silly prices or proved that sceats/stycas are seriously undervalued in the catalogues, some went for fairly modest prices - I was so shell-shocked by some of the early bidding (and the extended wait didn't help) that I missed bidding on a Beonna that went for below low estimate. One of the Eardwulf's looked quite low too. My theory that where there are two near-identical coins, the second always fetches more was proved in spades by the two 'Aelfwald II(?)' lots. I was the underbidder on the first at 270, and then watched the second go for (I think) 1700. I'd expected to at least fill my Redwulf, Osberht and Wulfhere gaps given the number of coins offered - managed a Redwulf and Wulfhere, although with hindsight would have gone for the slightly inferior Wulfhere at 220-odd rather than paying 500 for mine. The hammer came down on the last Osberht with my bid winning, but he re-opened it and I didn't bid on.
  5. I spotted one of these at an antiques fair about 15 years ago @ Alexandra Palace once priced at £8 (it was about F). I managed to haggle down to £7 and sold it for £50 on EBay (fairly cheap - F was £200 in Spink at the time). I'd completed a date collection of farthings (excluding proofs etc) in the 1980's but sold up in the early 90's to concentrate on higher denominations - remembered how rare this one was when I saw it.
  6. pokal02


    I've started collecting 50p's recently (only the Shield/Britannias, not Mrs Tiggywinkle etc). I picked up a 1974 for £9 but had to pay silly money (£50+) for 2009 Shield, 2011 and 2016.
  7. I'd say it's one of those that many sellers would go NEF and many prospective buyers GVF (as far as I can tell without seeing it in hand). There's a little bit of wear, although not much, in the hair and at the top of the reverse. I'd agree that the contact marks are fairly insignificant & not enough to downgrade it.
  8. A nasty sting in the tail for me as Spink delivered my lot to an address I left in 2005 (I'd have collected in person but for lockdown restrictions). Fortunately, although the present occupant had opened the package, she willingly handed it over. Myself and Spink both at fault here. The online invoice did indeed show my old address - it didn't occur to me to check immediately as I've had stuff from Spink sent to my new address many times since 2005. It seems I must have had two accounts and for some reason they re-activated the dormant one - they have assured me that the two accounts now merged and the old address deleted!
  9. A nasty sting in the tail for me as Spink delivered my lot to an address I left in 2005 (I'd have collected in person but for lockdown restrictions). Fortunately, although the present occupant had opened the package, she willingly handed it over.
  10. I was thinking more of a date run, which isn't much of an issue for hammered apart from some Commonwealth issues & the 1558 penny. I've managed one of each reign & mint (except Ashby) for hammered groats and have a few more varieties I could still pick up. although as you say there a a few I'm either never going to get or won't bother with,. Have often toyed with expanding into milled groats (definitely easier than shillings) but something else always comes up!
  11. I'm pretty close to completing crowns (ignoring proofs) - I of course lack 1674 and some of the more obscure edge years eg 1671 v. quarto. Wouldn't get anywhere near it if I was starting now. I wonder if groats might be do-able - (except the unique 1697?) - one could include/exclude post-1816 maundy depending on resources etc.
  12. The auctioneer was continually saying that these were coins for 'collectors', but I suspect very few got a look in. The same paddle numbers kept coming up as successful bids and I can't imagine any collector being able to buy 7 or 8 coins at these prices.
  13. I was looking at four crowns (one an upgrade). I knew they'd all be expensive as I don't have many crown gaps these days. In the end pushed the boat out on one which was over 3x top estimate & gave up on the others. Have to give up collecting until October now to get back on budget!
  14. pokal02

    Rare coin lost in post

    I think I've had 4 or so purchases not reach me over the years. The sellers have always refunded me. One of these turned up months later - I notified the seller and paid again. I don't know whether he had borne the loss himself, or if not, whether he reimbursed the carrier (it was from Italy - I've had more problems with (non-coin related) post from there than anywhere else).
  15. Nothing for me here (probably no bad thing as I blew 50% of my annual budget at DNW last week!).
  16. The one I got in the Apr 8 auction arrived on Apr 18. So expecting this one about Thur (knocking off a couple of days as the first one was over Easter). I'll be OK if he does them in lot number order - mine was lot 10!
  17. I got one item @ DNW yesterday - had set a £200 limit - and I'm usually strict in applying pre-determined limits in real time - but went to £220 which I probably wouldn't have done pre-Covid (it wasn't the sort of coin that'll never turn up again). I guess there is some element of boredom here, with all my other hobbies (football, travel, playing bridge, eating out) firmly off the agenda for 6 months or more.
  18. DNW was about average overall today I'd say, some items (including the groat I particularly wanted but didn't get) going for double estimate or more but a lot of the less desirable items going below estimate (picked up a James I shilling with a book value of £900 for £130 net - yes there are some scratches on obverse, but not bad enough for that sort of discount).
  19. I can't see it being a total meltdown. Some auctions (eg Morton & Eden) have cancelled but most are going ahead on-line, where most people are now anyway compared to 'in the room' (and there's less chance bidders will be unavailable when their desired lots come up!) The few dealers I look at online still seem to be adding stock. Post offices OK round here, though not sure if Special Delivery still operates - even if not, I'm quite happy for dealers/auctioneers I trust to hold on to anything I buy until they can safely post it). As Rob says above, the lower end may take the bigger (proportional) hit due to 'budget' collectors having less income/other priorities now.
  20. pokal02

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Still, it is reduced from £100 to £60 and is 'beautiful' and 'rare'. (only 121 million minted, so if every man, woman and child in the UK is sitting on one there are only 55 million left for our American, Australian and Chinese friends).
  21. That's a very nice 1734 - one of the trickier dates too.
  22. pokal02

    Salutary lesson for beginners

    When I was first collecting Charles II crowns (late 80's but I don't think they went up much in the 90s), the common dates were about £25-30 in F and £55-65 in VF. Probably about £150-180 and £450-500 now, although Spink has them still higher. 1818-1847 have done OK too, 1887-1936 not as well although they certainly haven't decreased in value (other than by inflation).
  23. pokal02

    Salutary lesson for beginners

    It really depends what you're collecting. For post-1816 I'd agree with most of the above but for earlier milled and hammered my impression is that F coins have done reasonably well and VF's a bit better. It's taken me 20+ years (before then I didn't worry about grades at all) even to eliminate, with one exception, the words Poor, Fair and VG from my collection! I'd never collect much above VF anyway as part of the fun is imagining the coins having circulated/used by people hundreds of years ago.
  24. A quick search for 'British Crowns' revealed 29,700 items. Clogged up is an understatement! I have had some good results selling my duplicates on ebay in the past (£105 for a very modest 1696 crown springs to mind) but the last two attempts were disappointing. I haven't got CCA, which was my other route, any more now either. I'll probably not upgrade existing specimens so much in the future.
  25. ebay was fine 10 years ago, with decent coins being bid up to fair prices. Now 90% of it is tat and the other 10% is the same old stock being re-listed time & again at unrealistic prices. I'd like to see a minimum SP of £10 for coins, a listing fee even if it doesn't sell and a rule that nothing unsold could be re-listed more than twice in a 6 month period. I know it'd be impossible to implement/enforce though.