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  1. DaveG38

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    That explains the + then.
  2. DaveG38

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Here's a new grade! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1855-Four-Pence-Victoria-Silver-Coin-UNC/233092612896?hash=item3645670320:g:l90AAOSw8l5Zc-AA:rk:14:pf:0
  3. This is the whole problem - it isn't, not really. The reason for the second vote is to assume that people now know much more about the implications of it all than they did in 2016. If the second vote was again Leave then, like all the other Remainers, I'd have to swallow it and accept it however much I hated it. I'm sorry, but I have never bought this argument. When the referendum was called it had to ask a simple question i.e. in/out. There was no option for any shades of grey. It's true that people didn't know exactly what the terms of leaving would be, but it was IMPOSSIBLE for anybody to know this at that time. People cast their votes on the basis of what they did know, what the government told them and what their own experiences told them. There was also no question raised at the time to suggest that the government would act on the result and would then check with the people whether the terms were OK via another referendum. They could have done so, but chose not to. Was it perfect? No, but could it have been any better? Probably not. Neither side was entirely truthful, but in the end it was a simple choice for us to make, and the result was perfectly legitimate. We should now be making the best of it, and politicians should be enacting the will of the people. There is no excuse not to, since they asked us for a steer on what they should do, and the referendum result was that steer. The fact they didn't like it is their problem not ours.
  4. I'm all in favour of a second referendum. But since the question of whether we leave or not is already settled, this should not be an option, in which case the question should simply be: May's deal or no deal.Politicians won't go for it, but it is the only logical option.
  5. DaveG38

    Instead of a coin, why not......

    I spotted an SL500 Merc not long ago, and in a fit of enthusiasm bought it. Trouble is, I already have 3 other cars, and I rarely go very far!!!
  6. DaveG38

    The Mystery that is eBay

    You are probably right, although quite what the algorithm is that could make such a prediction is a bit beyond me.
  7. DaveG38

    The Mystery that is eBay

    Anybody got an explanation for this: When I go onto any eBay page for a specific category of coins e.g Victorian or Early Milled, or whatever, I notice that a small drop-down menu on the right, which is concerned with sorting the items for sale, always defaults to something called 'Best Match.' Whilst it is easy enough to change the sorting to 'Ending Soonest' or whatever, I wondered what the hell 'Best Match' actually means. Best match to what? Can't be my previous purchases, because it does it for Elizabeth II and I haven't bought one of those in years, if not decades. Any ideas?
  8. For me the interesting question now is what happens if there is this so-called 'People's Vote.' As far as I can judge, all those pushing for one have overlooked one basic question. It is one that they level at the brexiteers over the first vote, and yet don't mention it for any second one. If the question on the ballot paper included the option to remain, the question is 'on what terms?' Everyone seems to think if we voted to remain everything would go back to normal, but would it? What price would the EU exact for this about turn? And has anybody on the remain side actually negotiated the terms of remaining? Of course they haven't, so to include this option on any ballot would be a false prospectus.
  9. DaveG38

    LCA December

    How do we know that the 1864 florin isn't the one used as the master for copying?
  10. DaveG38

    LCA December

    Firefox works OK for me.
  11. For this series, I've always examined the sharpness of the edges. Proofs are very sharp indeed, compared to 'prooflike' examples. Many 'proofs' that are advertised on eBay have quite blunted edges, which means for me they are not proofs.
  12. DaveG38

    Musical breaks

    Why, thank you, kind sir.
  13. DaveG38

    1978 2pence coin

    Its now a sixpence!!
  14. DaveG38

    Musical breaks

    Here's another one of my compositions, sung by Mrs G. https://soundcloud.com/user-57587141/fire-in-the-water
  15. Coincraft's 1997 catalogue lists this date/denomination with both alignments - their numbers C2CRM-025 and C2CRM-30. According to them, there is a slight premium for your type, but not much!!