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  1. At age 16 or so, I served Bernie with a cup of tea in J Lyons teashop Western Road, Brighton. Its about the nearest I've ever been to celebrity, apart from shaking hands with Frankie Vaughan at my school prizegiving.
  2. DaveG38

    20p Varieties 1982 - 2008

    Aardhawk, This would be the basis for an interesting article in Coin News. John Mussell is always interested in articles that go into the sort of details you have with this series. Dave Groom
  3. No, not mine, I don't collect errors. I just looked it up in the 1997 Coincraft book.
  4. It is a 1966, described as an error obverse, designated obverse M which was designed by Cecil Thomas for the Mauritius quater rupee.
  5. DaveG38

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I was surprised as the coin is a decent but not top grade farthing type coin, from Jersey - not the most collected country for coins in the world. I've just been slowly collecting a date run of all pre-decimal Jersey coins, and this one would have filled a gap. I'm not bothered about missing it, but I did think that £25 was about right for it - maybe go to £30, but that's it. I would have thought the seller might have liked to see it gone, as these coins are not easy to sell. As I type this, I've just had a message from ebay suggesting I might like to mak an offer on it!!!
  6. DaveG38

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Thanks Rob, it just seemed a bit weird to counter offer at a higher price than the original BIN. Hey ho. Whatever the reason, I'm not interested at the higher price.
  7. DaveG38

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Just had a novel experience on ebay, one that I can't quite get my head round. A coin I was reasonably interested in was on a BIN for £34.99, with a 'make an offer button.' So, I made an offer of £25, which in my view is about right for it. Maybe a shade more, but not at the asking price. Seller has come back with a counter-offer higher than the original BIN price!!!! Admittedly, not by much, but even so...... The only thought I have is that I've insulted him with the offer and he's so pissed he's counter-offered as he has. Any ideas?
  8. Mmm. Sense of humour bypass carried out I see.
  9. The correct term is 'overwhelmed with indifference.'
  10. DaveG38

    New UNC Coins

    Ok, but Mart specifically said that he can't do this as his bank doesn't order them from the RM.
  11. DaveG38

    New UNC Coins

    The number of sellers of themed 50p pieces that have come 'from sealed bags' suggest that there is a mechanism for obtaining sealed bags of particular coins - maybe direct from the RM. It sounds to me that this is what the opening poster is referring to?
  12. Thanks for this. £150 in 1988 was a pretty tidy sum, so I'd guess it would go for a decent price now, despite its apparently poor grade. I've occasionally bought Thames mud finds from a guy who goes detecting (got my first 1689 from him) so I'll have to hope he can dredge one up!!!
  13. That's 'cos I have it. As Rob says £1200 at DNW. Of course Nicholson also had the other type of 1689 where the ET is to the left of the busts. I'm still looking for one of these if any exist beyond Nicholson's.
  14. Despite not wanting to clean it, it would probably improve considerably if soaked in olive oil for a few months. That should kill off all the bue green hue and leave a decent dark brown. It won't do anything for the pox on the reverse, but I think it would make the whole coin more attractive. Views anybody?
  15. Well done Michael-Roo for posting the article. Make of it what you will, though I still feel that the evidence and logic of die production means that the dates are definitely 1695. Just two allied points: 1. My coin is the bottom one on page 2. After this article was published, I gave it the olive oil treatment with the result that the coin is now a lovely chocolate brown without all that surface green caused by being in the ground. As I said in an earlier post, I'd put mine at VF maybe a touch better, but with some patchy corrosion. According to the seller, my coin was dug up in Suffolk. The one offered for sale in the US for $4700 is possibly the one at the top of page 2, which is the property of an American collector - he also was/is the owner of the centre coin on page 2. 2. For reasons I don't understand Spink were very reluctant to include this type in their standard catalogue. When I suggested it should be I got a very snotty note to the effect that they couldn't include every minor type in their publication. I get that, but this is scarcely minor - in fact it must be the first obverse of William's reign, which changes the whole view of the copper series of coins of that period. Furthermore, the legend change is far more significant than the existence of an extra curl or berry on Victoria's hair, yet they were happy to include this kind of variety in the 1860-61 penny series, where the differences are truly minor. However, I haven't bought a copy of Spink in recent years so maybe my grumble is unjustified and it is now included. Finally, on the question of the recent sale, I was sure it was Mark Rasmussen, but if not then one of the other dealers in rarities. I recall it because my article and name appeared in the description of the coin, which the more I think about it, I'm sure was the Nicholson example.