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  1. Picked up this farthing for $2 today https://imgur.com/a/TtJjGSf
  2. Generic Lad

    Recent aquisitions

    Finally found something worth posting, Elagabalus denarius, Victoria reverse. Dealer's pics for now, don't have it in hand yet.
  3. Generic Lad

    Did It Follow The Same Formula In The Sixties

    Ironically I just found (and sold) a 1951 penny a week or two ago. It was in very nice shape but had some corrosion on the obverse Still sold a for a whole lot more than the 6 cents I paid for it
  4. Generic Lad

    Recent aquisitions

    For melt?!? Sounds like a bargain! Hopefully so! Now I just have to figure out how to sell it to I can buy stuff that I actually collect! Going to go back to the shop tomorrow and see if there's anymore!
  5. Generic Lad

    Recent aquisitions

    Bought a couple of pattern coins from the Virgin Islands for melt! Can't find any info about them though. Pics of one (the other is nearly idential) here: http://imgur.com/a/TfRI0
  6. Might keep an eye out for this variety if you're browsing bullion: http://www.coinweek.com/featured-news/pair-royal-mint-mules-spurs-speculation/ Should be a pretty easy error to spot, look for denticles on the obverse for the Lunar Horse and no denticles on the obverse for the Britannia.
  7. Generic Lad

    Paypal Ffs

    The thing is I've already bought the coin. It was in an auction at a Spanish auction house and I now owe them the money.I am in the UK. I don't understand why a company based in Luxembourg is making a fuss even if it is US policy to think Cuba doesn't exist.Wikileaks is based in Sweden and the US GOVT has blocked any transactions to them those include Visa and paypal etc, the American Government really do think they own this Planet, sorry to our american friends on the forum, but it really Cheeseburger me off the way they think they run this planet of ours Its ok, I'm ashamed of "my" government. But, I didn't elect them
  8. I love circulation finds, they're fairly plentiful here in the US (all things considered). Found everything from silver dollars from the 1880s, tokens from the US civil war, tons of silver half dollars. Circulation finds pretty much fund my collection.
  9. Well, finally found something worth posting about! Lately I've been digging in and buying bags upon bags of base metal coins/medals, at $5 a pound I can usually break even on one or two good coins if I'm lucky (and I usually manage to accumulate some silver this way, still don't know what I'm going to do with the 30 some odd pounds of near worthless coinage! Might take some of it to the smelter once I accumulate some more), but found this recently, its a contemporary counterfeit William IV halfcrown! Pictures are here http://imgur.com/a/kgygy if I try to post the pictures individually they're huge!
  10. Generic Lad


    I keep a bank card on me for emergencies only, anything planned is done via check or cash. I don't really trust electronic payments, its too easy for them to malfunction and far too easy for them to leak your information as evidenced by the Target leak which compromised about a quarter of the US population's bank card numbers and personal information. Call me old fashioned if you want, but as a computer guy, I prefer having a paper check.
  11. Generic Lad

    Global Warming

    The cold is making me wonder why I stayed in the midwest to go to university, I should have chosen Hawaii or Florida! I think I've used more gas letting my car warm up the past week than I have actually driving it!
  12. And to think I'm happy whenever I can find a silver coin from 1964 in my change! Can't imagine what it would be like to find a coin older than my country in change!
  13. Generic Lad


    Wikipedia has been pretty accurate for me, its pretty much my primary site whenever I'm searching for something unfamiliar. As for selling domain names, they're more or less useless, especially with the explosion of TLDs. I don't know why anyone would pay lots of money for some of these. Some of the 2 or 3 letter names might be useful, but a lot of the others just reek of bad marketing. If you want numismatics as your domain name, there's no need to pay $$$$$ for numismatics.com when you might be able to get numismatics.net or .org or .us or .co.uk or any number of different TLDs that are really no harder to remember than a .com address.
  14. Generic Lad

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/GREAT-BRITAIN-Queen-Elizabeth-II-TOKEN-HIGH-GRADE-zl153-/400579471515?pt=US_World_Coins&hash=item5d4465a89b Is the queen now a palm tree?
  15. Yep, Its great because the guy who I buy it from is strictly a bullion/US coin dealer. Everything is truly unsorted (except for the silver, although clearly he missed a few!) its like a treasure hunt! Which is good because I live in an area where my metal detector can only find stuff newer than the 1970s! Pretty fun to open up a canvas bag on the living room floor and pick out the goodies.
  16. I can't get the thumbnail to enlarge, so I can't say for certain. If it is, the 'gothic' date will read mdccclii. Nor me Nor me either
  17. I haven't decided quite yet, a good amount I'm going to give to friends/friend's kids, the British stuff I'm going to keep for die study if nothing else. I'll probably hang on to most of it though until I've figured out I don't have any more gems in there.
  18. Bought 11 pounds (about 5 KG) of bulk base metal coins for $55 at a local dealer. Ended up finding about $10 worth of scrap silver coins in there, quite a few pennies, no rare/interesting dates though. Hiding in there was a William and Mary copper halfpenny (worn down to nothing though) a couple of decent looking German coins including some better dates (sold one 10 cu/ni pfennig for $15 on the 'Bay!) got some old Bank of Upper Canada tokens, a worn George II halfpenny, quite a bit of modern stuff as well, got 4 Cu/Ni Isle of Man cat crowns, some generic medals commemorating local towns and states, some infomercial crap, but the real highlight was an 1852 Presidential Campaign token for Winfield Scott! Should pay for the entire bag when it sells if past eBay auctions were any indication! Next weekend I think I might just double my order!
  19. Generic Lad

    Enameled Coins

    Maybe the buyer though they were getting an American 1804 dollar
  20. Well, spent $30 on the 'Bay and got 3 examples of coins: $15 for a 1707 Anne halfcrown (holed) $8 for a 1711 Anne 6d $3 for a holed George I silver 1d (I think this is going on my keyring!) Plus $4 for shipping. Pics from eBay here: http://imgur.com/a/gGIUC Plus the 6d obverse that didn't upload Nothing too exciting, but I figured it wasn't a bad deal for $30.
  21. Generic Lad

    Reputable ?

    Low grade it looks like, but it certainly looks like it has stuff in my budget I like high grade stuff as much as the next collector, but until I graduate and get a "real" job spending $250 on a coin is quite a large purchase! And spending a few bucks here and there for some misshapen medieval silver pieces is quite doable!
  22. Generic Lad

    Antiques Roadshow

    That brightened my day!
  23. Interesting, I think plastic might be a decent substitute for paper. But could we please reverse the trend of making money ugly? Since the 1930s there seems to be a steady downwards trend in the artistic quality of banknotes, for example here in the US in my (short!) lifetime, the $100 bill went from: Now they look like: And in a couple of months the artistic quality will decline further and we'll be forced to use this abomination: http://img.indyposted.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/New-100-Bill-Front-and-Back.jpg Every bill from $5 and up has gotten the ugly treatment ...although I do try to request the older bills at the bank
  24. Generic Lad

    £20 Silver Coin For £20

    So. Unfair. Actually, Canada started a very similar thing a couple of years ago http://www.mint.ca/store/coin/20-for-20-fine-silver-coin-iceberg-and-whale-2013-prod1690016#.UioBh38a-Fg Although the Canadian coin is about half the size But... I want one. And can't get one Hopefully I'll be able to pick one up cheap on the 'Bay
  25. Generic Lad

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/ENGLAND-1920-Pure-Copper-au-condition-HUCE-MEGA-RARE-COIN-/251330873403?pt=US_World_Coins&hash=item3a847cc83b I think someone needs some practice grading...