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  1. If you think that's bad, take a look at the NGC price guides that have the price where its more expensive to buy a lower grade coin: https://www.ngccoin.com/price-guide/world/canada-10-cents-km-23-1912-1919-cuid-1034445-duid-1258010 $20 to buy a 1914 Canadian dime in G4, but only $4 to buy it in fine...
  2. Thanks! I figured it was something like that -- but wanted to double check before tossing it into my pile of scrap silver
  3. Picked up this shilling at my LCS for melt, but looking at it, it looks like both As may be unbarred in BRITANNIAR ? Am I seeing things? Or is this a possibility? I don't have a copy of ESC or anything so unsure if this is a known variety or even a possibility (or if a combination of black tarnish and wear/damage is playing tricks on me!). I tried to take clear pictures with a USB microscope and my phone so hopefully the pics turned out decently enough
  4. Picked this up for melt, nothing special, but the price was right
  5. Generic Lad

    U.S. Penny con tricks

    This is super common in the US on eBay and the like Unfortunately these keep on being popular due to the nostalgic factor of wheat pennies here in the US combined with their low value and a desire to possibly make a bit of money Here in the US, almost every kid is introduced to coin collecting in some form or another by their father or grandfather with the wheat penny usually one of the blue whitman folders, even those who do not really collect coins seem to get one. Anymore though, wheat pennies are a rarity in circulation (back when I used to go through boxes and boxes of coins, I found probably 20-30 wheat pennies per box of $25 face) which makes it hard to obtain them. Anymore the majority of local coin shops quite simply don't buy them with the exception of the key dates (1909-S VDB, 1914-D, etc.) and concentrate almost exclusively on bullion or higher-valued coins. Because of this, its seen to be more "fun" and "authentic" to buy these overpriced lots in order to fill the folders, most casual US collectors care little about condition compared to date/mintmark
  6. I realize its not the greatest example, but was priced right and slabbed to the point where most local (US) dealers should be able to offer me close to or above my purchase price if I ever decide to upgrade it. Per the slab its Peck-407, Charles II silver pattern farthing, graded PF-30 by PCGS. Dealer's pics for now as its currently in transit to me
  7. So sounds like compiling references based on auction results is the best way to go for these
  8. Is there a good general reference for off-metal strikes and patterns? Looking at auction records and it looks like a lot of them are pretty affordable (and I need to start buying more than just bullion and whatever low-grade non-US coins my LCS offers...) so was thinking about trying to learn more about it and picking up some (I may have picked up a cheaper lower grade silver farthing this evening on eBay at a pricepoint where I can sell locally if I decide to upgrade). Is there a generalized reference to it? Or is it all contained within the standard references of the main coins (eg: Peck for farthings/halfpennies)?
  9. Generic Lad

    Where to buy cheap hammered?

    Where do you normally find the cut hammered? eBay?
  10. Generic Lad

    Where to buy cheap hammered?

  11. Generic Lad

    Where to buy cheap hammered?

    Yeah -- that's basically the hard part is trying to find something that's not too expensive but still has a possibility of being identified. It seems like either eBay is filled with either too small of lots with fairly expensive overseas shipping (I've seen $25+), worn coins, or have nice coins tossed about in there I'd love something like this eBay lot: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Hammered-silver-collection-All-Suffolk-found-by-myself/292622647698?hash=item4421ab4192:g:dRkAAOSwq4VbNlbp But I have a feeling that between the $25 of shipping mixed with the scattering of rare coins (seller mentions the groat but there looks to be a Scottish 20 pence mixed in there which seems to sell for $50+ in that condition) will make that particular lot fall out of my price range
  12. Generic Lad

    Where to buy cheap hammered?

    Hello! I'd really like to get better at identifying bits and pieces of hammered coins, its not really an area I'm super familiar with, does anyone know where (and from whom) I can buy cheap (worn, broken, bent, etc.) hammered coins in order to get better at identifying varieties? I'm not looking to spend a whole lot per coin, but wouldn't mind putting down a couple hundred dollars to get a large lot
  13. So figured I'd pick up an Edward hammered penny, the price was right so I figured why not (since they're rather hard to get here in the US and shipping tends to cost half as much of the coin to buy them from the UK and hopefully not a fake this time ) https://imgur.com/a/EA9fUiv Any ideas on the exact identification? Been trying to search around here https://www.ukdfd.co.uk/pages/edwardian-Pennies/Edwardian%20Pennies%20P17.htm and it looks like: I have the word of EDWAR which would be be anywhere from 10-15, the crown top looks like the one for 13, but it looks like the other identifying thing for class 13 is that the initial cross is made out of 4 triangles but mine looks solid? 11 also looks kinda similar. Any ideas on this?
  14. Yep -- got my money back for this and the coins look to be taken down