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  1. Generic Lad

    Where to buy cheap hammered?

    Where do you normally find the cut hammered? eBay?
  2. Generic Lad

    Where to buy cheap hammered?

  3. Generic Lad

    Where to buy cheap hammered?

    Yeah -- that's basically the hard part is trying to find something that's not too expensive but still has a possibility of being identified. It seems like either eBay is filled with either too small of lots with fairly expensive overseas shipping (I've seen $25+), worn coins, or have nice coins tossed about in there I'd love something like this eBay lot: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Hammered-silver-collection-All-Suffolk-found-by-myself/292622647698?hash=item4421ab4192:g:dRkAAOSwq4VbNlbp But I have a feeling that between the $25 of shipping mixed with the scattering of rare coins (seller mentions the groat but there looks to be a Scottish 20 pence mixed in there which seems to sell for $50+ in that condition) will make that particular lot fall out of my price range
  4. Generic Lad

    Where to buy cheap hammered?

    Hello! I'd really like to get better at identifying bits and pieces of hammered coins, its not really an area I'm super familiar with, does anyone know where (and from whom) I can buy cheap (worn, broken, bent, etc.) hammered coins in order to get better at identifying varieties? I'm not looking to spend a whole lot per coin, but wouldn't mind putting down a couple hundred dollars to get a large lot
  5. So figured I'd pick up an Edward hammered penny, the price was right so I figured why not (since they're rather hard to get here in the US and shipping tends to cost half as much of the coin to buy them from the UK and hopefully not a fake this time ) https://imgur.com/a/EA9fUiv Any ideas on the exact identification? Been trying to search around here https://www.ukdfd.co.uk/pages/edwardian-Pennies/Edwardian%20Pennies%20P17.htm and it looks like: I have the word of EDWAR which would be be anywhere from 10-15, the crown top looks like the one for 13, but it looks like the other identifying thing for class 13 is that the initial cross is made out of 4 triangles but mine looks solid? 11 also looks kinda similar. Any ideas on this?
  6. Yep -- got my money back for this and the coins look to be taken down
  7. Well -- that'd be why I couldn't find it in references Here's the seller in question: https://www.ebay.com/sch/hunt51/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= Since I bought the item it looks like he's listed some others -- many are obviously repros Seems weird though that they'd bother faking a common date 1d! But I suppose that explains why I couldn't find a reference to it -- I'll probably keep it and will post the weight and other specs of it and keep it as a reminder that because its not in the standard references -- it might just mean its a fake its already shipped so probably not worth it to bother returning it anyways
  8. Hey all, so let me start out by saying I'm by no means a bun head penny expert or that bronze coinage is even really in my interests, however I found this on eBay tonight and ended up winning the auction ($12 US, probably overpaid but...). According to my copy of Freeman and from what I can tell online, the only reverse known for the 1862 penny is Freeman G (probably has a different reference for other references) it looks like one of the key die indicators of reverse G is that the sea extends beyond the circle all the way to the border... However, I'm not seeing this in my coin? Since I just won this auction I don't have this in hand this is the best pictures I've been able to get. The pictures don't seem to want to be uploaded here in full so I've made an album on IMGUR here: https://imgur.com/a/UcBshRd Any ideas here?
  9. Picked up this farthing for $2 today https://imgur.com/a/TtJjGSf
  10. Generic Lad

    Recent aquisitions

    Finally found something worth posting, Elagabalus denarius, Victoria reverse. Dealer's pics for now, don't have it in hand yet.
  11. Generic Lad

    Did It Follow The Same Formula In The Sixties

    Ironically I just found (and sold) a 1951 penny a week or two ago. It was in very nice shape but had some corrosion on the obverse Still sold a for a whole lot more than the 6 cents I paid for it
  12. Generic Lad

    Recent aquisitions

    For melt?!? Sounds like a bargain! Hopefully so! Now I just have to figure out how to sell it to I can buy stuff that I actually collect! Going to go back to the shop tomorrow and see if there's anymore!
  13. Generic Lad

    Recent aquisitions

    Bought a couple of pattern coins from the Virgin Islands for melt! Can't find any info about them though. Pics of one (the other is nearly idential) here: http://imgur.com/a/TfRI0
  14. Might keep an eye out for this variety if you're browsing bullion: http://www.coinweek.com/featured-news/pair-royal-mint-mules-spurs-speculation/ Should be a pretty easy error to spot, look for denticles on the obverse for the Lunar Horse and no denticles on the obverse for the Britannia.