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  1. A nice simple way to tell the two obverses apart is to look at the left leg of N in OMN. Davies obverse 2 (earlier deeply engraved portrait) points to a tooth, obverse 3 (later shallower portrait) points to a space.
  2. I had both types in my collection that I sold last year. Here's a picture of both reverses (scarcer small date on right):
  3. Nick

    1763 Northumberland shilling

    Highly unlikely.
  4. It's just a quirk of timing. Some 1920 sixpences and threepences were minted just before the change to 50% silver was made. I'm not aware of any other denominations being produced in sterling silver, but it is, of course, possible. Differentiating .500 and .925 is easy in raw form (based on ring), but impossible if slabbed.
  5. Nick

    Back to the future?

    A pint in the UK is 20 fluid ounces.
  6. If I had to guess, I'd say copper in first picture, bronzed in second.
  7. ... and a closer view of the date.
  8. You're right. There is a two plain fillets proof that doesn't have the overlapped border teeth, so your original theory could still be correct.
  9. I don't think so. The 1839 proof halfcrown has two overlapping border teeth just below the date and the currency halfcrown does not.
  10. I had no symptoms at all after both AZ jabs other than sleeping poorly that night.
  11. Nick

    more FAKES

    Another of those high quality fakes of 1864 florin DN 64 has appeared in the next DNW auction lot 398. Usual digs in the fields and cud on the n of tenth.
  12. The original ESC listed them as S which seems about right. Here's my example that sold recently.