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  1. Help required identifying a coin

    It looks like the centre part of a £2 coin with the brass outer section removed.
  2. Fake 1923 Halfcrown?

    Looks like a case of mismatched photos. The obverse is from the unmistakable 1935 "Rocking Horse" Crown.
  3. Slab overgrading

    No, you haven't missed a digit. The PCGS pop. report contains your number, but the certificate validation section rejects it. Anyway, here's the coin:
  4. Slab overgrading

    That number isn't valid VS. Have you missed a digit? It has to be a 7 or 8 digit number (according to the PCGS website).
  5. Looking at the end of Victoria's hair, it finishes in a closed loop so is fourth young head. The third young head finishes in an open hook.
  6. You may find that your house contents insurance will specifically exclude your coin collection. Even if they do not, an unlisted collection is treated as a single item and therefore would quickly exceed the single item reimbursement limit.
  7. Looks like 4th head to me. 3rd head shillings have T of GRATIA directly to bead, 4th head are to the right of bead.
  8. How Are US TPGs with English Coins?

    No to both. I've got a slabbed 1926 3d labelled as modified effigy, when it isn't. It's not a tricky variety to spot. However, on the upside, I got it for the price of the much more common ME threepence.
  9. Yes, you can. It also allows a 'quiet period' where only VIP callers (designated in your address book) are allowed. I have set this to be between 8pm and 8am. Apart from one or two firmware glitches, which I'm sure they've now ironed out, I would thoroughly recommend it. Understandably, it also requires caller id to be enabled. Edit: Forgot about the annoyingly piercing LEDs on the bases that I had to blank out with gaffer tape.
  10. I don't recall, but I'm sure you did.
  11. I didn't, but I did flag them up as fake on here at the time.
  12. The one thing that really stands out is that both coins are just about identical. Exactly the same lumps and bumps, dings and scrapes. LC should have noticed that, especially as the lots are consecutive.
  13. The easiest to spot is the broken garter line above P in PENSE.
  14. I have a call blocker phone which has resulted in a 99% reduction in cold calls. The system automatically silently answers calls from unknown callers, asks them to identify themselves and press the hash key. If they do so, the phone will ring and announce who is calling, allowing me to choose whether I let them through or not. If they don't follow the instructions, the system drops the call.