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  1. From the small sample of 1868 Maundy sets I could find online, they all have a Davies type 3 obverse. The RRITANNIAR is obverse type 2, so more than likely a currency die.
  2. I don't know what chemicals are contained in the lining of those 1911 proof set boxes, but they certainly do produce some wacky colourful toning.
  3. Could it be a maundy die that was later used for currency? The annual reports show that there were 43 obverse dies used for 1,469,592 currency 3d pieces and 3 obverse dies for 7,704 maundy 3d pieces. If just one of those dies contained the error, it's unlikely that there were originally more than 10 or 20 thousand RRITANNIAR minted. It does seem unusual that the error was not corrected, given the number of B over R in BRITTANIAR that exist in other denominations.
  4. Lovely frosty lustre on that halfcrown. What are the assigned grades on those two?
  5. I don't know what it is about the OH shillings, but they do seem to tone readily.
  6. Photographing coins in holders

    Almost. The "godless" is 28mm and the "gothic" is 30mm.
  7. Photographing coins in holders

    Remember that florins have changed size through the years, ranging from 28mm to 30mm.
  8. You could always try flushing the cache to make sure your browser has to download a fresh copy.
  9. It's difficult to see how blurred that image is. What does it look like when you click the magnify button?
  10. The Negative thread.

    That trademark would never work here in the UK. Look out for the "CAC" sticker!