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  1. 1937 Penny

    I have a 1937 proof set with a 2+B penny. I bought the set because it had the 1+B variety of florin, but am now doubly pleased.
  2. By sound. Put them on a piece of glass and raise one side a couple of mm and let it go. They will make different sounds. Then compare with a pre-1920 threepence to see which is which.
  3. Photobucket

    Or perhaps you could use Google Drive to host the images, which is free up to 5GB of storage. Not sure whether they allow embedding in other sites though.
  4. Photobucket

    Perhaps the best solution would be to rent your own web-space and host the images yourself.
  5. Photobucket

    I saw that those changes to PhotoBucket were coming and deleted my account. There are plenty of free image hosting sites around, but how long will any of them survive?
  6. Ebay's Worst Offerings

    That is certainly one of the fakes, although there are many that are better quality than that one. They all have the tell-tale cud on the serif of the N of TENTH on the reverse and the same digs in the field in front of Victoria's face on the obverse.
  7. Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Only one I can think of (that isn't obvious to spot as fake) is the 1864 die number 64.
  8. Fake kew gardens 50p

    Given that eBay are doing nothing. Why not escalate and report it using the ActionFraud website, making sure that you mention that eBay are aware and have done nothing.
  9. What would be required would be an orchestrated and publicised boycott for a short period, say a month. If eBay saw a massive drop in listed items in a particular category, they would be all ears. But it's not going to happen, so everybody that uses eBay (not me) will just have to suck it up.
  10. That eBay policy is not new. I can't believe that eBay will start taking any notice of reported items, whether replica, fake or otherwise dodgy.
  11. That is the David Groom book, well worth a buy if you like varieties. The author (DaveG38) is a member of this forum.
  12. Davies is a reference to "British Silver Coins Since 1816" by Peter J. Davies. If you want a copy, Rob ( may have it in stock or you could look on eBay.
  13. The two types are in in Davies (2070 & 2071), although at that time the 2071 proof was unconfirmed.
  14. There are two varieties of 1937 proof florin. The 2nd I in SHILLING on the reverse either points to a tooth or a space.
  15. I think that they only included coins that had different designs.