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  1. Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Nor me. It lacks any crispness to the design and the legend, and the bodice lacks some details. The wear doesn't look natural either.
  2. Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Poor quality fake. Even eBay should be able to spot that one!
  3. Looks like a die clash to me. There seems to be some signs of the obverse lettering on the reverse.
  4. 1841 Queen Victoria halfpennies.

    Just as well I suggested a couple of theories then!
  5. 1841 Queen Victoria halfpennies.

    It's the automatic white balance calculation in the camera. The two sides of the same coin can reflect different amounts of light into the camera lens, affecting the calculation of white balance and thus producing slightly different hues. It can also be caused by your light source changing temperature over time, so always let your lamps fully warm up before taking your pictures.
  6. I opened the page using Chrome, then pressed F12 to allow you to browse the page source. Selecting 'Sources' then browsing the structure below '' and then 'media' until you find the image file 'BH134.jpg', of which there are two sizes - select the larger of the two. You can then see the image and right click and save.
  7. It's not straightforward, but the image reference is contained in the source of the page. Here's the image for the link you supplied:
  8. 1864 Queen Victoria florin fake?

    Yep. It's a fake. 1864 florin die number 64 is a well known wrong'un. A search of this forum will provide plenty of information about these fakes.
  9. Is "Cameo" a recognised grade/variety ?

    Yes, mine too, except for the farthing. Here's the penny obverse.
  10. Is "Cameo" a recognised grade/variety ?

    No, not really. The cameo on the silver reduces with the size of coin. Any cameo on the bronze is not particularly noticeable. Here's the penny obverse.
  11. Is "Cameo" a recognised grade/variety ?

    I've seen quite a number of 1937 proof sets with cameo. Here's an example from my set.
  12. more FAKES

    My 1882 halfcrown has the same die rust spots.
  13. Is "Cameo" a recognised grade/variety ?

    Here is the picture of VS's 1839 halfcrown:
  14. It sold for $18,500 when it was sold at Goldbergs in 2016.