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  1. I don't think so. The Remain Alliance consulted with the EU beforehand, so they must know that an extension will be agreed.
  2. Nick

    more FAKES

    Fake. London Coins should know better.
  3. Nick

    CGS slabbed coin

    He'll need admin to remove it, as it's too old to edit. They'll need to remove it from your quoted post too.
  4. The problem is that with Labour rebranding itself as a Remain party, the ultra remainers in the Conservative party will see collapsing the government as a means to an end.
  5. The ME does have a wider border, but it also has different letter pointings. It doesn't make sense that they would use the bust and border from the ME and the legend from the 1928. Surely they would just use the entire ME obverse or an existing 1928 obverse.
  6. Not in the profile, but in the depth of engraving. The ME nose looks to have more cut away, such that the bridge of the nose is narrower than the 1928, and the side of the nose looks flatter almost down as far as the nostril.
  7. Mozilla has cocked up. All extensions are disabled (including virus protection). A temporary fix is to open Firefox, go to options, then privacy & security and tick "Allow Firefox to install and run studies". More details here.
  8. I was also of the same opinion, until I compared the 1926 ME with 1928 obverse 1 with both pictures taken using the same lighting position. Whilst I can't see the differences that are supposed to differentiate the two, I can see a difference with the side of the nose. However, I very much doubt any difference would be apparent using any other image. NB. 1926 ME is on the left.
  9. Nice. A difficult year for sixpences, 1836.
  10. If 1928 obverse 2 is the same as the 1926 ME obverse then there should be observable differences between obverses 1 and 2. The 1926 ME has I of BRITT to tooth, 1928 obv 1 has I of BRITT to space. However, neither your 1928 nor Gary's has I of BRITT to tooth, so I don't know whether that is a valid discriminator.
  11. Nick

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    "circa 1930s" - I'm sure he could have narrowed it a bit closer than that. Coin looks bleached.
  12. It may be, but the obverse rim doesn't seem to be any thicker than that of obverse 1.