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  1. moneyer12

    chinese counterfeits

    the only coin i would buy from china would have to have a letter of authenticity signed by chairman mao himself...................
  2. moneyer12

    what else do you collect?

    i also have a decent collection of beermats, they can be had for free and it's interesting to see how many different ales i have drank in the last couple of years..............it's strange that i can still walk in a straight line.
  3. bought this john baliol penny last thursday for £190...............
  4. lovely coin, here is mine..........................
  5. moneyer12

    what else do you collect?

    do you collect anything else besides coins?? i collect classic jaguars my xk120 and ss100
  6. moneyer12


    lovely coin but at that price it is just ridiculous for that price.......................... i bought a classic jaguar ss100 for £35,000 and it gives me far far more pleasure than any coin from woderwick would!!
  7. moneyer12

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    the amount of these that turn up on ebay, there must be around 10,000 unknown examples?? ;)
  8. moneyer12

    2 Pence 1797

    could be a result of the old habit of varnishing coins in the hope that the varnish would preserve them.
  9. moneyer12

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    how thick are some people, the casting bubbles on the obverse are as clear as a pint of stella.
  10. what do you want for the kn penny?
  11. sweden 2 ore, the three crowns on the obverse is the national emblem of the country.
  12. i've got the 6d and shilling both are brass with a silver wash which has become worn in parts.
  13. moneyer12

    Pie Tax

    the announcement of the pie tax nearly caused riots in wigan.................... :lol:
  14. i bought a decent 1918 KN penny in fine condition, all for the princely sum of 10 pence from a flea market, i also picked up a good group of 1918/19 heaton pennies with and without the reverse ghosting.
  15. moneyer12


    i have 1 polished coin in my collection of over 11,000 it is a chile 1860 1 centavo and until i find a better example i will keep it. as for the rest they have never seen a duster and some have only been dipped in acetone to remove dirt.