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  1. ski

    Very Special 10Yr Anniversary

  2. My apologies for any offence caused by my post and the wording used, and thank you for removing and preventing any further offence by anyone reading it. Ski
  3. ski

    Decimal Coins And The New 50P

    if the monty python reunion needs any new material..................... ................they just need to visit here Ski
  4. hey dont knock the nigerian.....hes my long lost brother and has 5 million quid of my money waiting to transfer into my bank account...... i may bid on the boat once the funds have cleared
  5. Hi Dave i hope the link works but is this the book you are looking for http://www.galata.co.uk/store.asp?storeAction=showDetail&stockID=2083&stockMasterCategoriesID=8 ski
  6. ski

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    i got mine too.......i wonder if people dont get allocated one, that some may pay these silly prices....
  7. ski

    Brand new to collecting

    Im a dragon living in a den and ........................... im out
  8. ski

    Decimal Coins And The New 50P

    thanks for the link and the timings, i watched it again and enjoyed it as much as when on the live show.
  9. anyone see the "one show" item about christopher Ironside and his decimal coin designs and the new 50p. was an interesting item ski
  10. i didnt know that...how does that compare with me loading a cd into my itunes library i wonder? i regularly talk with my local coin dealer about lots in up and coming auctions , no matter how much i talk to him, im never going to beat him if he has a sell-onto client who wants that piece.....at any price. be a shame when big bro stops us from talking to each other on our hobby and our potential purchases.
  11. this is like one of those old gce questions. my answer would be fred and jim......... and if that aint right its 37 miles in 45 minutes
  12. ski

    The Wife

    my wifes an accountant, so shes known for counting them. she does sometimes ask "how much is this one worth", so i may tell her. she does sometimes then ask " how much did you buy it for" Amnesia is a terrible thing....................
  13. ski

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    its just dog eat dog out there,.....
  14. Im really pleased with this crown, i bought it from Richard Groves, one of my fav dealers. have a look at his website www.worldcoins.biz Ski