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  1. Bernie

    2023 Royal Mint Unc. sets

    More Mickey Mouse rubbish, where's the real currency coins.
  2. Bernie

    2023 Royal Mint Unc. sets

    Does anyone on this forum know when the 2023 uncirculated sets will be issued by the royal mint?
  3. Bernie

    Halfpenny ID check

    It might have been good at the price.
  4. I have known women that have enhanced my relaxed moments
  5. The 1933 penny for auction is definitely a proof. It was contained in a proof set. I owned a 1933 currency penny for about ten years, to me it was just a date that completed my collection of currency pennies. I never cherished this coin, it was only a George 5th penny with a different date numeral. I absolutely worship my 1860 pattern pennies and can't imagine parting with them.
  6. Bernie

    Halfpenny ID check

    Almost certain that it's a D (95%) The shield on E appears to be not as oval, appearing flatter at the base.
  7. I think that this coin has been partially dissolved in acid. Many bronze pennies have turned up over the years, many used to be for sale at R Ingram coins where they were advertised as thin planchets.
  8. Bernie

    Halfpenny ID check

    Clearly reverse F, the large pictures of HONI SO that you placed earlier, the top picture is an obverse 6 and the lower is obverse 4 Pictures of obverse and reverse please.
  9. Bernie

    Halfpenny ID check

    Pictures of obverse and reverse please.
  10. You may find that you have to tick the completed or sold items box to view finished item numbers.
  11. In response to the comment by PWA 1967, Forum members may be interested to know that I was the fortunate buyer of the 1862 VIGTORIA penny on eBay (images attached). Because of problems encountered while posting to this website, I’ve asked Bernie to kindly post this message for me. Best Regards, InforaPenny
  12. Bernie

    Victoria Bronze Halfpennies R19 wanted

    My problem is that I cannot find out who owns these elusive coins. No collector that I know of owns these coins, but I often hear stories from collectors that they have heard of others that hold multiple examples. In the 1990's I advertised widely that I was searching for some of the elusive bronze pennies. I had very little luck and until later surveys were compiled, I couldn't believe that the amount of these rarities actually existed. Since wide use of the internet, coin forums etc, it was almost impossible to assess the true rarity of coins. I must admit, I am a bit guilty of holding duplicate coins, I don't need money fortunately, but hoping that trading may be the answer to obtaining the coins that I require.
  13. Willing to pay cash or exchange for other extremely rare varieties. Strangely enough, collectors who have such rare coins sometimes manage to get more than one example !