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  1. I am no expert on silver coins, but verdigris on this scale is surprising from a high grade silver. Perhaps the coins rested on a copper surface.
  2. Is this inside knowledge ? can't find it on their auction website.
  3. The 1952 penny may have failed to sell because most penny collectors collect currency coins. The 1952 penny could be classed as a pattern, so not issued for currency. Therefore the 1952 penny may not be considered as valuable as the 1933 & 1954. The coin, if sold for ~80K was probably double what the collector owner paid for it just a few years ago.
  4. Don't panic Richard, you have had these thoughts before. The market for high grade pennies, especially high grade rarities is always on the up. Anyhow, what would you do with the money ? stash it in the bank at 1.5% interest. Selling would give you more time to watch the adverts on the telly !!
  5. I agree, value 0.00
  6. If my memory serves me correctly, on the earlier version of the Victorian Bronze penny, the picture of a reverse F penny was added at the back page of the book. The picture of the reverse F penny was on page 14 of the second edition.
  7. I too have difficulty in sorting out the halfpenny obverses. It could be an obverse 4. The amount of "O" in HONI SO is the usual identifier, so a clearer picture of this area would help identify it.
  8. Bernie

    Royal Mint 2019 coin sets

    Thank you Mike !
  9. Bernie

    Royal Mint 2019 coin sets

    I thought that next years coin sets were usually advertised by the Royal Mint in December. No sign of them yet. Does anyone know when they will be available please ?
  10. Take a look at this ! I wish I was rich ! It makes your mouth water. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rainbow-PCGS-MS-65-BU-1967-Great-Britain-1-2-Penny-Unc-Top-Grade-391/223267471542?hash=item33fbc740b6:g:ElAAAOSwEwhb7Orn
  11. You've missed out Like.....like, like ,like, like Now the most common word in the English vocabulary, far more common than "and" or "the".
  12. I strongly agree with the fact that pictures can distort the alignment of colons/lettering to teeth in borders !
  13. It is difficult or even impossible to prove whether a die pairing was intentional or not. In my opinion coins such as BB/TB, TB/BB and 1862 2 & 3+G are not truly mules as they were possibly struck deliberately. A true mule in my mind is something like the 1966 Jersey obverse with British penny reverse.
  14. Bernie

    Halfpenny ID check

    Another obverse 7 with reverse G