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  1. Yes, The very same Mal lewendon
  2. Bernie

    1908 F164

    In grades EF+ I would have thought that it must be about fifty times rarer than than the commoner Freeman 166. Finding a BU example would be challenging ! I remember these 1908 varieties when they were in circulation the 164 & 168 were of similar abundance in low grade, about three to one, funny that.
  3. Yes, your coin is the said F/P. It is the same die pairing as my coin, Freeman obverse 6 with reverse G. I have attached a picture of my 6+G Halp coin. I also have a Halp coin of Obverse 7+G. I have heard rumours that other die pairs of Halp coins have been reported, including Reverse E !
  4. The round "Dot" phenomena was investigated when it occurred on Australian bronze coins. It was concluded that the round dots were produced from dies that had rust pockets produced by water droplets.
  5. This is who you are looking for: https://www.flickr.com/photos/124367871@N06/page1 Bernie...
  6. The world appeared a much smaller place when pre decimal coins were in circulation. There were just as many collectors but only a fraction of the communication. Contact between these collectors was by postal letter, possibly telephone and coin magazines. A coin such as this coronet could circulate quite easily between millions of exchanges by non collectors without even being looked at. Even if it was noticed now and again as being different, it would still not have stopped it being spent, especially in the chewing gum machine.
  7. Well ! here's a penny that I do not have !!!! https://www.ebay.com/itm/1932-Great-Britain-One-Penny-Foreign-Coin/233374570067?hash=item3656355653:g:vZoAAOSwCRNdq7jG
  8. I have pictures of this 1922 penny from a previous point in time, pictures attached
  9. I have always mentioned to my wife about profits that I have made on selling duplicates. Our mortgage on our house has been paid off due to my interest in coins. I do not tend to tell her when I am buying coins, but do tell her of any profits that I make on selling them. She has her hundred pairs of shoes and anything else that she wants, so if she did complain about my spending, I probably wouldn't hear her !
  10. And it appears to be a different obverse die to all others that I have seen, unless it is just an earlier die state. No die crack above head and the tail of "R" of "REG" level with the base of "E". Picture Attached of known die design.
  11. Just don't tell the wife !
  12. I am no expert on silver coins, but verdigris on this scale is surprising from a high grade silver. Perhaps the coins rested on a copper surface.
  13. Is this inside knowledge ? can't find it on their auction website.