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  1. I can't really remember ever having actually played marbles. My dad was an engineer so I could get an almost unending supply of ball bearings from really small ones to two inch monsters. This meant that I was more of a broker than a player and could supply whatever was required, for a price. Usually in glass marbles at a favourable exchange rate. Most of my collection ended up being distributed among various cousins when I moved on to motor bikes. So now I have also lost most of mine........
  2. Ball bearings of all sizes were "Bollies" in 'Ull. Can't remember what big marbles were called probably summat like "Big uns". We liked to keep things simple.
  3. That's the one. 👍 Also comes in white.
  4. Mine is much like yours before the makeover. I've not bothered with any planting this year apart from some gladioli corms left over from last year. Fortunately the globe artichokes, primroses and the campinola (?) can be relied upon to take the eye away from the rest of the jungle. The "grass" is fighting a losing battle with the moss as usual but you can't really tell when it's been scalped. Not sure what he was looking for in our suburban Yorkshire border but he didn't find it.
  5. Fubar

    Jeff Beck

    Nothing more to say. RIP
  6. There are several reasons that the auctioneer will start below the lower estimate - There is no reserve. The reserve is lower than the bottom estimate. He thinks the estimate/reserve is too high and he wants to move on quickly. He's going to bounce bids "off the wall" to get interest going. (He's allowed to do this in a limited way up to the reserve by law) He's trying it on as previously suggested but this is rare and self defeating. I could never understand the secrecy about reserves. As a porter I was only allowed to say that it wouldn't be higher than the lower estimate. Don't forget the estimate is usually based on guesswork and a wee bit of research. The reserve is totally down to the customer and the auctioneer can only recommend a figure. A lot of customers usually have an inflated idea of the worth of an object. A lot of estimates are a bit like basing who is going to win a football match by reference to teams from 10 years ago. 🤣
  7. Our local household waste site has a specific bin for printer cartridges but the collection leaflet we have just received doesn't mention them at all. So I suppose they have to go into the non-recyclable bin unless you take them yourself.
  8. Looks like some sort of alidade but probably an adaptor to hold a surveyors compass steady on a tripod.
  9. Give me a "sense" of what it is.
  10. Fubar

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I've got one of those... In fact I've got two.... Not that they make an ha'p'orth of difference.....
  11. Could be if I drank gin but I'm strictly a beer man and it's ideally shaded for a long cold drink in the evening.😎
  12. Emerging from the jungle. The rain has made it go crazy but nice and shaded in the current weather pattern.
  13. Like others I've had no side effects from either dose other than a sore arm and bruised jab site with the first. AZ in my case.
  14. Must've been taken when I was off sick. One of these days I'll find myself staring back from one of these. We must've all been cloned back in the day. 😎