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  1. Our local household waste site has a specific bin for printer cartridges but the collection leaflet we have just received doesn't mention them at all. So I suppose they have to go into the non-recyclable bin unless you take them yourself.
  2. Looks like some sort of alidade but probably an adaptor to hold a surveyors compass steady on a tripod.
  3. Give me a "sense" of what it is.
  4. Fubar

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I've got one of those... In fact I've got two.... Not that they make an ha'p'orth of difference.....
  5. Could be if I drank gin but I'm strictly a beer man and it's ideally shaded for a long cold drink in the evening.😎
  6. Emerging from the jungle. The rain has made it go crazy but nice and shaded in the current weather pattern.
  7. Like others I've had no side effects from either dose other than a sore arm and bruised jab site with the first. AZ in my case.
  8. Must've been taken when I was off sick. One of these days I'll find myself staring back from one of these. We must've all been cloned back in the day. 😎
  9. Good bit of arm exercise to set you up for later arm wrestling. 💪
  10. They do make it look pretty though. This one's advantage is that it's very difficult to knock over.😎
  11. Fubar

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Whoopee, I'm rich. I've got boxes full of this stuff from emptying cabin drawers after a trip to sea. 😎
  12. Would a hubcap from an A35 or a Moggie thou do? If so I'll join you. Bon Appetit!
  13. Looks like my problem don't amount to a hill of beans compared to yours but it really isn't a problem. I keep telling myself that. Somewhere I think I've got a copy of Bert Weedon's teach yourself guitar book. I got rid of most of my computer kit to the local computer museum a year or so back to make room for more "stuff". I wouldn't mind but kids don't really ever completely move out so their "stuff" is still taking up valuable space I could use.
  14. My wife calls me a "collectomaniac" so I have a collection of coins mostly acquired by accident, a collection of bits of crashed aircraft, a collection of books mostly left over from book dealing, a large collection of photographs of ships, a collection of 78rpm shellac occupying about a metre of shelf space and a collection of vinyl that's mostly purchased when it first came out occupying slightly less shelf space. That's just scratching the surface. 🙄 And most of it not worth storage space. Luckily I have now finally retired after being "let go" from my part time auction house involvement. By "luckily" I mean I will no longer be tempted by stuff that nobody else wants. I don't think there's anything in my vinyl collection that stands out. Normally just stuff that I enjoy or holds memories such as The Shadows, Gordon Lightfoot, Chicago Transit Authority double albums and Bert Weedon. 😮 Normally played on either a Technics SL-J110R with a stack of same make or a Kenwood stack, unless I've already transferred them to digital. Oh! plus a reel to reel tape deck and a collection of tapes mostly recorded when I was at sea. Sad or what!