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  1. Fubar


    I paid £149 for mine so, yes, a little over a hundred quid. 🙄
  2. Fubar


    I replaced my old Lumix with a new Lumix DMC-FZ1000 but that's hardly a compact. After some research the middle of the road Canon SX620 HS seemed to be the best pocket camera around a hundred quid and has been good so far.
  3. Thanks Paddy One of the sites I missed.
  4. Magic. Thanks Paddy. That was much quicker than I thought it would be. Cheers Kris
  5. Thanks for that, Stu. Some similarities but I can't find a match. Just about all the Rajahs and states produced there own I suppose so it could be a lost cause. Kris
  6. This tiny high carat gold coin has me stumped. I'm hoping someone has seen one before. It's 7.5mm in diameter, 0.96mm thick and weighs 0.37g. If it's just scrap gold the so be it but it looks hammered and quite old. The "O" could represent "5" in English and there are 12 pellets, possibly representing stars within the horns of the crescent on the other side. I'm not sure that is a date below the olive branch (?). I can find nothing remotely like it online. Please help before I drop it and it disappears forever. Apologies for the quality of the pictures. Had to take it with a microscope attachment on my mobile phone. Cheers Kris
  7. Fubar

    Instead of a coin, why not......

    There's nothing as soothing and relaxing as an old clock ticking and whirring in the background.
  8. Fubar

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Can't see any sign of rifling on the bullet either.
  9. When I started in computers this was the norm. Size of a foolscap sheet of paper. Can't remember how many bytes that was. something like 256 bits per patch and double sided. Didn't really have a programming language. Hex machine code did my head in. From that to PCs in a little over 10 years. From change a chip to chuck it away. 1980s mostly.
  10. Jack of all trades and..........
  11. Fubar

    Lot 74 - Baldwins

    I can't make out if Baldwins handle their own internet bids or they go through The Saleroom and/or Invaluable. Bids on commission left with Baldwins should be timed and earliest bid wins. As I've explained elsewhere it's up to the auctioneer to get his increments correct so that he finishes on his highest commission. The Saleroom bid timing is unknown to the auctioneer in my experience as a porter and operator. Any "apparent" leading bid with them is purely leading on their books and has nothing to do with the auction house. So if the auction house has a bid either in the room or as a commission it will take precedence over any third party internet bid. It may be that the highest internet bid that came up was £460 but that is not a normal increment. At that stage he could be going up in 50s so the next would be £500 negating any further internet bids to that value. The increments are determined by the software and preset by the auction house. Internet bidders can only bid to the next increment as can local bidders. Starting price is determined by the auctioneer and until that figure is entered by the operator no bids are entertained. At that point the internet can take over and once settled on a price the auctioneer can either sell to the highest internet, ask for further room bids or go to his commission if higher. I've attended as a punter and worked in auction houses since 1977 and find that a lot of the fun and buzz has gone out of it now that technology has taken over. We have a local sale on Friday and I'm not looking forward giving the normal operator a lunch break.
  12. Fubar

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    The joy of finding you're not the only one.
  13. There are cheaper ways to get to London. http://metro.co.uk/2017/06/27/man-flies-from-newcastle-to-london-via-spain-because-its-cheaper-than-the-train-6737975/
  14. Condolences to you and yours on the sad news.
  15. There is a button on the screen that allows the operator to send messages like that but normally there isn't time to choose a message. I'm afraid all they get from me is the fair warning whenever there's a lull. That normally wakes them up but some just hang there as if they're waiting for something to happen. As I said before any long delays are probably in the hope that someone will bid to reach a reserve or a decent amount rather than pass unsold. I know one of our punters who is regularly in a field at a boot fair or such with two mobile phones and an ipad bidding on several auctions at once. He admits to keeping his finger on the bid button but he won't leave commission bids.