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  1. Mike, I don't think I will be bidding on the Edward VIII Penny...I would have to mortgage my house to participate! LOL...
  2. There is a advanced collector in Cardiff, who is always in the bidding for very rare British coins. He is the one who bought my 1877 narrow date Penny!
  3. I just compared it to my example, and I agree, it is a F192A.
  4. Good luck Richard. I have had covid-19 for a month, and just got my first negative swab today. The Dr said probably 2 more weeks of fatigue as the virus goes away! Bob Crawford, USA.
  5. RLC35

    Ebay's BEST Offerings

    Nice coin, at a bargain price!
  6. RLC35

    Goubys The British bronze penny .

    I just ordered mine. Thanks Richard
  7. RLC35

    New book "The Decimal Penny"

    Sorry for the typo...yes thank Frank! 😊
  8. RLC35

    New book "The Decimal Penny"

    I just received my copy of John's book, here in the USA. I am very pleased with the book, it is very professionally assembled with excellent color photo's. Great job John, thank you very much for including me in you initial release. All the Best, Bob Crawford.
  9. I checked 6 coins that I have, they are all straight!
  10. RLC35

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    The 1898 is a very common year for the US Silver Dollar. The value is between $40 and $100. The seller should be ashamed of himself with the asking price he has on the coin!
  11. RLC35

    New book "The Decimal Penny"

    Frank has just put my copy of his book, in the mail to the USA. Looking forward to looking at it. Thanks to Secret Santa for the heads up! All the Best, Bob
  12. I just sold a F-9 for $1300, in about the same shape. This one should bring slightly more, even with the scratches. (retail)
  13. I was one of the underbidders. I lost out at $500. The last few seconds was a scramble! BB/TB... It went to the last day at $38.00.