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  1. Beautiful specimen. It looks better than a 61 to me!
  2. RLC35


    Oz, That is definitely a nice coin, but is difficult to grade because of the surface tarnish. It needs a quick "dip" to clean it up a little bit. The lions heads on the reverse are very good, but where the Crown sets on the shield, there is definite wear. The obverse head also looks like it has wear. Still it is a nice coin...though not a ms-62...so I agree with you on that.
  3. Here is a nice one I sold to the guy in Cardiff, about 10 years ago!
  4. I don't know who won it, but if I was a betting man, I would think it went to Cardiff, to the guy who has the other three (3)!
  5. I have a lady friend who starts every sentence with "Well anyway", and it drives me crazy. I have mentioned it to her, but she continues.........
  6. Beautiful example Oz! Cleaned or not!
  7. The coin has a pale sheen, common to coins that have been cleaned, however without the mild "friction" lines common with harsh manual cleaning, leads me to believe it was dipped in a chemical solution......
  8. I would say EF...but it appears to have been dipped.
  9. Peck, you are right about the Spink listing, it just says Die Flaw, and doesn't mention if it is a apostrophe, or Dot. I must have been looking at the Half Penny, when I mentioned that it wasn't listed. I think I am getting Dot and Apostrophe syndrome! LOL...
  10. The two varieties are completely different, and they are in different locations, though the coin I have with the apostrophe does have a small "dot" in the center of the apostrophe, as stated in the Freeman note #36, on page 75. But the apostrophe with the small dot in the middle is in a different location, than the coin with only the "Dot." This has been a interesting conversation. BTW...I saw no reference to either type for the 1946 in Spink (2013 edition).
  11. I don't believe this myself...the 1946 "Dot" is listed in at least one printed reference, "The Collector's Coins of Great Britain", by Chris Perkins. I guess that makes it official!
  12. Thanks Upinsmoke! That is my coin. It has all the same marks in the same places and everything. They must have some bright lamps to make the coin look that bright though. Thanks for the pic's.
  13. This is the best I can do through the slab.