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  1. Peck, you are right about the Spink listing, it just says Die Flaw, and doesn't mention if it is a apostrophe, or Dot. I must have been looking at the Half Penny, when I mentioned that it wasn't listed. I think I am getting Dot and Apostrophe syndrome! LOL...
  2. The two varieties are completely different, and they are in different locations, though the coin I have with the apostrophe does have a small "dot" in the center of the apostrophe, as stated in the Freeman note #36, on page 75. But the apostrophe with the small dot in the middle is in a different location, than the coin with only the "Dot." This has been a interesting conversation. BTW...I saw no reference to either type for the 1946 in Spink (2013 edition).
  3. I don't believe this myself...the 1946 "Dot" is listed in at least one printed reference, "The Collector's Coins of Great Britain", by Chris Perkins. I guess that makes it official!
  4. Thanks Upinsmoke! That is my coin. It has all the same marks in the same places and everything. They must have some bright lamps to make the coin look that bright though. Thanks for the pic's.
  5. This is the best I can do through the slab.
  6. I agree Rob, CGS is a limited service, since they charge you ($99 pound) annual fee to even look at their grading charts. That is crazy...do they actually get someone to pay the charge? I know their slabs are sold at a reduced premium outside of the UK. Heritage won't sell a CGS slabbed coin. If you want to sell with them you have to break the coin out of the CGS slab and sell it as a raw coin, or get it re-slabbed by NGC, PCGS, etc. I bought the 1946 "Dot" coin from a London dealer, and it was already slabbed by CGS.
  7. You guys are going to love this! The "Dot" variety is a published variety by CGS, it is a 1946 Raised Dot, CGS Variety 03. ...
  8. This has been a interesting discussion about Dots, Apostrophe's, etc. I agree with Mike and Jerry, that once a variety is "published" it will be more of a accepted Variety, regardless of the number available to collectors.
  9. Good explanation, but still off the mark. The picture was taken through a slab and some shadowing may make it seem elliptical, but it is not, it is round. It is also far away (different location) from any part of the apostrophe on the coin that has a apostrophe. They are two different varieties. All the Best, Bob
  10. Wrong on that one Peck. I have a 1946 with a definite "Dot"...see my earlier pic. I also have one with the apostrophe.
  11. OK Dave, If we are doing Dots on the trident...here is my 1922 "Dot on Trident"
  12. I just checked my 1946 with the apostrophe, and it is just like Richard's picture.
  13. You are right Richard. The dot is even with the 3rd tooth, and the apostrophe is even with the 4th tooth.
  14. It is really hard to get a decent pic thru a slab, but here is the round dot on the 1946.....
  15. For you variety guys.....(dots & apostrophe's) I have two 1946 "Dots" for sale. One is a 1946 "apostrophe", it is NGC AU55BN, and a 1946 with a perfect round "dot", it is CGS F 20. Both are slabbed. Here is a chance to get both types. $230 for the pair +$15 shipping. I do not wish to sell separately.