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  1. I’ve no idea, I’ve never brought any through British customs as yet.
  2. My recent St James purchase just landed, pleased to say the import duty cost less than the import duty I paid on a £19 calendar at Christmas last year, that cost me €10 whereas the duty on a £400 coin cost €7.96
  3. Could it be that the coin was maybe used as a trial and the lines were from the mint looking at altering someting and the lines highlighting this? Just thinking out loud
  4. Didn't realise there was an updated version. What's new? P.s, NEVER sell your books again
  5. azda

    Please allow me to introduce myself

    Welcome to the forum, happy hunting....
  6. azda

    Grading has gone to shit

    Unfortunately only admin can edit it now as its been too long now for me to edit. Maybe @TomGoodheart has the possibility?
  7. A common 1913 half Sov
  8. azda

    Grading has gone to shit

    Not uploading the pic, so here's the link to this MS65 beauty. www.ngccoin.com/certlookup/6073138-005/65/ Now 7 graded at MS66, the market is about to be flooded with £1k Churchills
  9. azda

    Grading has gone to shit

    Might as well add this MS65 beauty by NGC, graded as VF by Spink. its that bad the picture doesn't't seem to be uploading
  10. azda

    Grading has gone to shit

    Here's my 1887 MS63
  11. Yes I know everything is subjective and I know a lot of people on here don't like TPGs as it is, but I'd like to really start a rogues gallery of some of the grading from TPGs that's doing the rounds. I've just spotted this and it pains me as I have a much nicer 1887 crown slabbed as MS63, this one is MS64 and I'm shaking my head at how people have become so reliant on them yet what they are giving grades to is utter sh*t. Standards have dumped a lot. Bring back LCGS So here's an MS64 1887 Crown slab number 6271095001
  12. I do want a birth year coin, but buying some bullion here and there is never a bad thing, especially with the economies the way they are just now, wish I bought earlier though
  13. No, it was just such a nice coin, nice fields, no nicks as is normal with bullion. It’s not something I’d normally buy, just liked the look of it all round.