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  1. I would assume you mean me as I started the post, I guess you need to read the whole content and in particularly the part where I said "I don't mind dealers making money" You also take my concerns for the hobby as some sort of attack, it's not, its opening eyes for those who might not be in tune with what I see and what others might not, so please keep the bullshit bitter and twisted talk to yourself, where does twisted even come from? What is twisted about me pointing out certain facts? Twisted in the fact that dealers are milking some people and it should be highlighted? You obviously feel some people should have their cash taken from them, pretty piss poor from you Colin I also offered one dealer on here a hammered Noble, Bristol mint, he offered a derisory £2500 said it was bent, to be fair it was but lightly, but the price was still 1k less than I paid, needless to say I sold through Baldwins for £5600
  2. Personally I don't think being a dealer should be an excuse for doubling a coin' price, it's their choice of occupation or they have too much money. As I pointed out in another post, retailers also have costs yet can cut their prices in sales and still don't make the same profits on one item sold
  3. Which has been my point, all I see now is some dealers (I'm not painting them all with the same brush) but what I'm seeing is basically dealers just doubling the price they've paid in auction and that is their retail price, but what I keep asking is why they think the coin is worth 100% of what they've paid because we don't need to hear that they are holding stock to justify some of their prices, even high street shops offer sales on unsold stock, ok, there is the odd bargain that can be found and even an extreme rarity in the case of VS. I guess some people just have too much money to throw away or simply just don't do research, or these dealers just believe that collectors are gullible enough that they'll trust them and their extortionate prices.....
  4. I’d agree entirely with that last sentence, my YouTube friend Numistacker certainly pumps all things Sovereign from the RM and never fails to mention that coin X is getting higher prices in a slabbed holder than raw, yet he always fails to describe the total costs involved with said grading. Just to put it into perspective, a friend of mine who buys the silver proof 50p that the royal mint churn out wanted the latest one graded, I hate doing it as I know it’s not worth the cost involved, the total fee for that was €36 plus his cost to send to me (I’ll take it back to him) but if it was an agent such as Numistacker then there is the return postage fee plus cost of the coin which was £65, so add all that up including eBay and PP fees if it was sold on, I concluded that the coin Numistacker was rambling on about in one of his videos (a 2018 snowman sold for £130) it came to a £5.55 loss.
  5. I doubt it’s in a catalogue, probably a shop sale, but I could be wrong
  6. The other thing I could point out is that we have a section on the forum called “eBay laughs” where we post about sellers there and their grading, so are we saying that for dealers it’s an exception to the rule?
  7. That’s because if they overgrade they can increase the price. Grading back in the day was consistent.
  8. Which again brings me back to my point, overgrading for more money. Yes of course no one has to buy, but its the consistency of dealers to overgrade which in turn could burn newbies. Lets be clear, I'm not against dealers making money (and to be honest, dealers shouldn't have a monopoly or think they have a monopoly of making a profit), I'm talking about integrity that's slowly being killed off for profits
  9. Can it be subjective if the coin has/had been graded consistently as AEF since 1943?
  10. It begs the question if modern grading has gone downhill from the previous 50 years, how and when did it change, sooner or later will our VF grading become UNC?, it seems its getting watered down, so why were the gradings of the last 50-60 years so wrong? I wonder what the Baldwins grade was in 1943 for this guinea was
  11. Very true Rob regarding your last sentence, but grading hammered is a whole different beast than milled
  12. It seems a common statement from some dealers these days that “they believe it’s undergraded” it’s an easy ploy to increase the price. His 1893 crown was UNC on MA and VF at Spink, although Spink was a little undergraded, but it didn’t merit a UNC tag what so ever. Half a grade here and a grade there all adds up to overpricing in the dealers favour if it sells, just the start a of a continual downward spiral. The integrity of this hobby is being slowly eradicated by greed.
  13. Begins with Martin and ends in Platt
  14. Spink have obviously graded it the same both times, why he thinks he can get away with upping the grade to full EF OR BETTER for a coin from a named collection is beyond me, I bet the seller who bought from Spink in 2015 is spitting feathers that it's dropped like that.