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  1. azda

    NGC Slabbing

    NGC seem to be stepping up a gear in Munich, just picked up my coins and the guy tells me they are doing on-site again in July and then September, previously it was 3 times a year. They graded nearly 10,000 this time around, their busiest so far
  2. I do wonder though how a window cleaner can afford a £10k reward, I may have to change jobs. Reading elsewhere it seems he got into lotteries, raffling bikes and cars and such likes, posting stuff on FB, it seems he was a little overly flashy
  3. The box is similar to the RM boxes they use on the proof Gold, it’s a heck of a size for the coin.
  4. I went and eventually picked up it from their headquarters, they still hadn't sent it into their Munich branch. Why oh why have they made a booklet though that doesn't even fit into the box?
  5. azda


    Looks like you now have a crack on the screen 😉
  6. azda


    Took this one from my brothers back garden in May last year in Scotland
  7. Saw this posted on Facebook 2-3 days ago 😔
  8. Bought this on Wednesday from a well known bullion dealer in Munich. 2009 double eagle high relief. Still waiting to be able to pick it up, so for now their picture.
  9. azda

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    She seems to have a lot of these, wasn’t she the one who sold another about 2 months back? Also has another listed https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/V5-1847-MDCCCXLVIl-RARE-SOLID-SILVER-VICTORIA-GOTHIC-CROWN-UNDECIMO-/123759242419?nav=SEARCH
  10. Ahhh thanks Paddy, seeing it a lot more from various other sites I visit, thought it was something to do with the site certificates.
  11. azda

    Hey guys

    Surely if bought at auction then that auction description would be a good place to start if you’re looking for details 🤓
  12. Funnily enough I’m seeing “not secure” in the web address bar, anyone else?
  13. I've no idea either Pete.