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  1. I’ve been for a beer with Rob and also met NRP at the Munich coin fair several times.
  2. azda

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Not a worst offering, more your worst nightmare https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7930931/Balaclava-clad-thugs-beat-rob-couple-travelled-190-miles-buy-Mercedes-Ebay.html
  3. I think you have to register for each auction you are going to participate in. I have the app and have used it, but each auction requires you to register, not you whole details but your intention to bid. I registered for this in Dec, but what you have to realise, registering 2hrs before the auction starts in NY and on a Sunday and it's going to get complicated straight off the bat.
  4. Asking for opinions for someone who just reads the forum and asked me to post this. My personal opinion is I don't like how it looks, the toning in the legends looks artificial, would like to hear others thoughst. REV picture to follow tomorrow, weight 28.2g
  5. azda

    1860 F13 without Ship Flag

    Fast forward 159 years and quality control is still not on their priority list 🥳
  6. 200 million more Americans than Brits and of those which are serious collectors, most will be millionaires, so they have the cash to splash
  7. azda

    MS 63 ?

    Speaking of accuracy and TPGs, these next 2 coins come from a well known dealer, both have technical grades yet both are ex mounts, I just wonder if these bigger dealers get some sort of preferential treatment, the mount marks are quite clearly visible but yet no details grades for being ex mounts. The mounts that holds the coin in place in the holder actually cover the fact these were ex mounts, only in the true view of PCGS are these visible
  8. azda


    Just did a little editing of the above photo on googles pixlr. I took the original at about 7:45am this morning and it was getting light
  9. azda


    Got a new camera, has a few bells and whistles on it, but it's no point and shoot and was getting pretty frustrated with the results that have been produced so far, until this morning. Youtube guides are quite helpful, but if you buy a bridge camera I suggest a little photography course if you have the time.
  10. I would assume you mean me as I started the post, I guess you need to read the whole content and in particularly the part where I said "I don't mind dealers making money" You also take my concerns for the hobby as some sort of attack, it's not, its opening eyes for those who might not be in tune with what I see and what others might not, so please keep the bullshit bitter and twisted talk to yourself, where does twisted even come from? What is twisted about me pointing out certain facts? Twisted in the fact that dealers are milking some people and it should be highlighted? You obviously feel some people should have their cash taken from them, pretty piss poor from you Colin I also offered one dealer on here a hammered Noble, Bristol mint, he offered a derisory £2500 said it was bent, to be fair it was but lightly, but the price was still 1k less than I paid, needless to say I sold through Baldwins for £5600
  11. Personally I don't think being a dealer should be an excuse for doubling a coin' price, it's their choice of occupation or they have too much money. As I pointed out in another post, retailers also have costs yet can cut their prices in sales and still don't make the same profits on one item sold