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  1. I think if you sent to Heritage for them to have graded then you’d get favourable grades if the coins were rare enough for them to lick their lips.
  2. Made an arse of the above post, this is the image
  3. I know an instance of Heritage influencing a grade, they had contacted a guy I know about a George IIII proof half sovereign he had, it was graded cameo and he said that it should have been an ultra cameo on the label, they said they would send to NGC and low and behold it came back Ultra cameo and was put through their auction and hammered for $24k
  4. azda

    NGC conservation problems

    Its no just bi-metallic, there was last year a problem where an NGC affiliate had sent in about 70 odd silver proof 3 graces and about 70% of them came back with some sort of black spotting on the coins.NCS couldn't explain why, they just seemed to brush off the problem and of course took no responsibility
  5. azda

    Little coins big prices

    Recession around the corner? I think recession is already here.
  6. azda

    Little coins big prices

    Just secured a 2023 5 coin Sovereign set, should be the first with Chas on the front.
  7. Not for the first time that their "conservation" has gone pear shaped
  8. azda

    Royal Mint 2022 Unc set

    Maybe sovereigns, but at a guess the RM will produce more sets and the likes for the demand, although a lot of it also hinges on design
  9. I would maybe drop Eric Eigner of drakesterling.com. He's an Aussie dealer in mostly sovereigns, he helped collate the latest Marsh book I believe, there is a foreword of thanks to people who helped with the updated version and I'm sure he's in there.
  10. Still need to find a decent one of my birth year.
  11. You’re not the only one, these Gillicks in higher end grades are fetching some serious money just now. A 1957 has sold for £1900 and there’s one in higher grade than 66
  12. Judging by some of the higher end realised prices I would say maybe more £3k plus these days
  13. I agree, finding these now in good grades are getting difficult and expensive, but its a marathon and not a sprint, we keep plugging away. This is MS64, one in MS66 but I know that one is in a long term collection. This is the 66 in question