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  1. Just bought this 1913 Half Sov with what looks like (to me anyway) a 3 over 8, i can see a faint line in the middle gap of the 3, not in hand yet, so just a guess right now. Any opinions or am i seeing things?
  2. azda

    50 Years of the 50p (Set)

    The rare Kew isn’t even the proof coin, it’s the circulation coin that the rare one 😆
  3. Love these, its a pity they aren't more popular considering their history, you can see the undetype to the left of the 1 in the date on the REV here Paul, doubt you'll need an upgrade on this one, lovely coin
  4. Avoid at all costs, hyper inflated prices
  5. azda

    50 Years of the 50p (Set)

    Don’t get caught up in this type of thing, people on YT hype these things to the hilt and you’re eventually left floundering when the hype wears off. remember, they are for sale at X price, they’ve not sold for X price. Even the gold proof set I wouldn’t bother with.
  6. I'd hate to hear what the people said when they lost a hoard 😂 Orffff with his head..................
  7. Nice few buys there Gaz, love a bit of Scottish, don’t see enough of it on here.
  8. I'll also add this here, and ask why the need for this coin and why no proofs were then made. This sold for $184k Jan 2012, 2-3rd Jan New York 3016 https://coins.ha.com/itm/south-africa/south-africa-george-v-bronze-pattern-sovereign-1928-sa-/a/3016-25093.s
  9. They are also illegal to sell as they belong to the mint. eBay auctions have been pulled previously at the request of the RM
  10. Krause is suggesting on 64 coins minted, i read elsewhere 584 or so.........Where's the figures coming from and who's right?
  11. Very nice......Little weak at the French shield, but overall a really nice coin.
  12. Hey Non, don’t forget to upload yours when you get a chance