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  1. On 3/2/2021 at 11:36 AM, Mr T said:

    Do you know if the 7 to head is known on circulating coins? I'm inclined to call it a pattern because it looks like an unrecorded obverse too - there are two lines on the bottom of the crown like obverse 1 but three pearls on the central arch like obverse 2.

    The main point with the obverse is the brooch has 20 pearls not 16 as is normal. So in fact a totally different obverse. Some of these were issued in the 1887 silver only sets. I have not seen a currency piece with 7 to a bead

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  2. 1 hour ago, JLS said:

    A good diagnostic for a proof of this issue is whether St. George's belt is sharp all the way across his chest. It's very rare to see a currency piece with this feature as they generally were not well struck enough. 

    Another test is to measure the distance from the top of the R in REG to the top of the T in VICTORIA. This is done with vernier callipers (for more reliable results take an average of 10 readings). Most of the proofs measure 33.6mm Other coins vary a good deal up to 34.6mm. This was a test introduced to me by Peter Davies of British Silver Coins. And no it is not a proof though the tone is rather pleasing on the obv.

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  3. I am trying to track down a shilling collector who might know where this coin is. ESC 1406 (3rd. ed.) BSC 1000 (1st. ed.) I know and have seen the Royal Mint example but where is the one sold  Spink & Son 11/7/2001  lot 1039 £1450 (£1668). I have the corresponding sixpence. The designer is said by Davies to be J E Boehm and the engraver said by Seaby & Rayner to be L.C. Wyon.

    1887 Shilling Pattern ONE SHILLING by JEB.jpg

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  4. The delay suited me perfectly as I managed to log on just a few lots ahead of the one I wanted. I should have missed it really. There was no sound though which was a pain. I can't get used to the extortionate charges though. Why do we put up with it. My local auction house do not charge ANY buyers premium. Which is fine if all you want is a few modern Royal Mint proof sets and a second hand fridge freezer.

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  5. Looks like a classic Rev. B unless you have other information. Of course it comes in proof as well......... or does it?

    When you say "we did the sixpences" what were your conclusions? I have worked on an analysis of over 2000 and I don't know of anyone who has come up with anything in the statistical form of pie charts, and statistics that I could talk to. The only other person that has heard it all is my grand daughter and since it sends her to sleep ................the floor is open.

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  6. Yes. The R/V is a variety of the R/I.  You will notice the serifs on all the Rs are long on the right of each foot. You will also have noticed the R/V on the R of Gratia which is not so strong. This is on all R/Vs.The R/B is not R/B it also is just a variety of the R/I . So there you have three R/I varieties already.

  7. OK . You have got my attention. It is good to see I am still remembered amongst the officionardos. How many varieties are there? Well I will give you a clue. When my daughter wants the children putting to sleep she says "Grandad tell them the story of the die varieties of the 1887 sixpences. It has become something of a joke in our family. Pekris has an odd one which was thought to be a pattern and may still be I have only seen 3. (2 are mine and one is his.) If you really are interested and can cope with the mind numbing minutiae it would be best to begin with the R/I of which there are more than a dozen. Then the various proofs:-  R/I ,matt, YH , normal JH short serifs rev withdrawn, rev 3 , filled crown, broad ribbon , narrow ribbon.  How anm I doing, have you dozed off yet?  Pattern with SIX PENCE only R6 so available;   Of course you could include the Spink & Son pattern sixpences in tin, copper, brass, silver, gold, aluminium.....................with or without Spink & Son on the reverse.......................with or without MADE IN BAVARIA on the rim....................and a few that have S&S on the trunk or JEB or are blank...............some of these are easily found there were a couple last month in DNW.........fast asleep yet. Come to Plymouth and we will have a chat. There are some easy ones you still have missing.

    Rob  I am up over 350 counting all the repro stuff on the market

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