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  1. i have an iom gold pound 1980 queen mothers 80th birthday only 1000 issued any ideas on the value?
  2. moleydee

    hi help grade 1901 "proof " penny

    do you think maybe the image is just wrong? how can you tell its not a proof? i suppose years of practice still hopeful regards dee xx
  3. moleydee

    hi help grade 1901 "proof " penny

    ah well so its not a proof after all so he was just being hopeful:) maybe they are all just worthless gutted is it worth scanning anymore? do have some real proof coins from 70s and 80s with certificates of authenticity ie. gold queen mother 880th birthday IOM coin and a platinum round pound etc. thanx for the bad news and again your speedy reply regards dee xx
  4. moleydee

    Another Coin Book

    hi that roman base metal coin book just ordered it this week from DVD.CO.UK ONLY £5.45 including delivery regards dee xx
  5. hi anyone wanting to buy this book krause and mischler standard coin thing i found it for £25.47 including postage on DVD.CO.UK ordered my this week regards dee xx
  6. moleydee

    hi help grade 1901 "proof " penny

    here is the second image regards dee xx
  7. moleydee

    hi help grade 1901 "proof " penny

    hi i have just used a new cotton sock couldnt find any cotton gloves:) i used my new scanner for the first time dont know how to get the best images yet i have hp image zone and corel paint shop i used paintshop to rotate the images a bit so they look straighter hope they are good enough regards dee xx
  8. moleydee

    hi help grade 1901 "proof " penny

    hi thanx for the speedy response when i take the coins out of the plastic what should i do? also got a bad stain of verdi gris on this one but there are others perfect (1896) can i remove the stain will it badily devalue the coin? also got half penny proof from1901 can i scan this coin as i have just bought a new camera but its got to come from the states so could be a week! also i am worried about handling big thanx dee xx
  9. hi my dad has left us(my brother and i) a few boxes of coins some have plastic pouches and state eg. 1901 1d proof how did he know this was proof how can we tell the difference was he just being hopeful? please advise regards new body moleydee xx