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  1. On 21 June 2018 at 8:32 AM, Paddy said:

    @Peckris what is the error message? It seems likely you have some problem with the set-up of your computer as there have been other things you couldn't get to when others could. Do you have a friendly neighbourhood computer person to have a look at it for you?

    BTW I have emailied the auctioneer raising my concerns - be interesting to see how/if they respond.


    Here are the relevant screenshots which show 

    1. Their site with me entering the lot number before clicking the magnifying glass

    2. After clicking

    3. Bringing up the relevant lot by browsing through the pages of lots 

    4. After clicking "More details"

    Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 17.20.52.jpg


    Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 17.21.10.jpg


    Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 17.22.02.jpg


    Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 17.22.26.jpg


    As you can see, in all cases their web page is clearly and visibly identified, so the 'error' is from their own system not my computer. Therefore it's pretty safe to assume that the problem is at their end, not mine.

  2. I'm confident that what you say about the bun penny ship is nautically correct and well observed. As a counter argument I'd cite the "ships" on the 1797 cartwheels and 1799 coppers - they are very clumsy and poor indeed, and could not have stayed afloat for even one minute.

  3. I would be happy to see the photographic evidence, together with your explanatory text with it.

    There is one thing though, that I have problems with, and it's a big one: why would they 'overlay' one design with another, when it was usual practice to not create the models / casts for preparing the master matrix, until the design was 100% settled? In other words, there would be nothing to overlay. Patterns might be created, but from entirely discrete dies that were not reused for the resulting currency.

  4. 5 hours ago, Paddy said:

    Yes - Lot number 754. Sorry - I thought the link would do it.


    I eventually found it by bringing up relevant pages until that lot number appeared. However clicking on ANY part of it just brings up that ole damn error. :( The picture I can see is too small to tell anything from.

  5. 3 hours ago, 1949threepence said:

    Although in that example above, the end of the nine does indeed point to a gap, or appears to.

    Just looked at my 1900, and the pointed end tip of the nine definitely points to a tooth 

    It's  quite a lairy issue. There apparently are - or were when examined minutely in 1970! - 4 different varieties of the 1957 calm sea halfpenny all depending on the PRECISE pointing of the 7, and how pointed its tail is. I've  not seen any discussion of it since then, and anyway things like this depend absolutely on the coin being a minimum EF, or else wear can cloud the issue.

  6. 5 hours ago, zookeeperz said:

    Well I withdraw from this conversation. Politics and religion are a banned subject matter so before someone says there is a God i'll just bid you all goodnight . Lets let a few more bombers in the country to kill our kids eh. See how far tolerance gets you . What a load of bollox. :angry:

    I agree with you on one thing - politics and religion have no place in a hobby forum such as this. 

    I'll sign off from this with one more comment : the bombers who killed "our kids" (and adults, of all backgrounds, religions, and nationalities) weren't immigrants. They were British-born terrorists. I'd check your facts before posting in future.

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  7. 11 hours ago, DrLarry said:

     I bring up the posting because I wanted to see if the room feels there is an academic reasoning behind the problem that balances the artist the circumstances , the technical difficulties and the personal history of the family and the RM.  

    There certainly seems scope to research (as you have done) the personal family background of the Wyons, and that would make for a fascinating study.

    7 minutes ago, DrLarry said:

    the other important thing to note is that there is a significant difference in the Britannias on the copper coinage, each of which allows for a naturalistic pose that is in balance the Britannia of William IIII is Ornate trident ish and the hand is lower on the shaft, and the shaft reaches the lap in front of the pleated area, it is noteworthy that the arm is showing the weight of the trident with a slight bulge in the bicep in this position the hand is rendered in a realistic pose. Britannia is looking forward and up. The foot shows the toes as because the heel is in perspective angled slightly back from the saltire. whereas in the Britannia of G IIII the profile shows her looking a little down as in picture 3. The Victoria early 40's ornate pic 4 the hand is lowered, pic 5 is a 43 , The plain trident has the hand higher with the arm thinner the weight of the trident is less obvious in the bicep but then again the trident is plain and thinner so it would make sense for it to show lighter in the modelling of the arm. The hand in the later years in the ornate is lower but the balance by the thumb behind can be seen once again allowing the trident to be gripped naturally.

    We'll have to differ in opinion of how significant the differences are, though they are certainly there. And one thing I do agree on - the copper Britannia does look more natural than her bronze counterpart. I've always thought that was down to her being more 2D than the copper (necessarily) but it could be that tiny anatomical differences are registering subconsciously too.

  8. I rented a cabinet in a Midlands antique centre some years ago. I could NEVER predict what was going to sell. Apart from one thing - I picked up a lot cheap from W&W which was basically a load of Sandhill year sets from 1920 to 1967 with very average to middling (occasionally nice) coins in them. I'd replace the worst with spares from stock where I could, and priced them at what I thought was reasonable prices. Punters really seemed to go for year sets (probably for significant birthdays and the like) and those sold very well. 

    Have you thought of doing a few year sets Paddy? You can use F coins in them as they're not bought by collectors.

  9. 8 minutes ago, DrLarry said:

    quite easily the  shaft of the trident passes through the elbow in the bronze the shaft the copper passes in front of the elbow.  the position of the naval insists on the Britannia being more upright on the copper.  and the left knee is forward of the Bronze. The extension of the shoulder joint creates in the bronze a lowering of the upper arm and the shoulder joint.  The upper arm in the bronze shows the shaft to pass in front of the arm much lower and hence when you attempt to bend the arm around at the wrist the wrist is twisted in such a way to make it extremely painful near impossible the trident is in the copper in balance and so it allows the fingers to provide the resting position and requires little or no force to keep it balanced .  In the bronze by thrusting the shoulder down and forcing the shaft over the lower arm arm acts to force the trident forward this is overcompensated for by the twisting of the fingers is a very tight pose .  THe model in the copper is more slender in copper as is the rendering of the peplos or chiton.  Oh and you have cheated a little and used one of the later bronzes which is significantly remodeled from the 1860 to 63 in which the shaft is very high on the forearm.  The head in the early pennies is looking down at a deeper angle I think .  In your example if you compare the 91 with the 63 as a common example the rendering of the many of the elements is much heavier and Britannia sinks down into the back slant in order to reach down for the shield aka.  "The wheel trim" as you gentlemen like to call it. 

    You are forgetting that the Mint had enormous problems with converting from copper to bronze. That's why there are so many varieties in the first few years. That's the biggest factor you need to take into account. Otherwise, the two poses are remarkably similar, and you'd have to study the two with a large magnifying glass to see the differences you've described. And also remember that when Britannia first appeared on the 1672 coins, she looked very unnatural, yet that design was persisted with for decades.

  10. 4 hours ago, zookeeperz said:

    Perhaps and seeing as those times you could be hung for just about anything that was against the monarchy the RM believed Mr LCW was making himself more important than what the coin was representing. 

    I don't think so! Have you not heard of Hogarth and Rawlinson? The mockery of every monarch from Anne onwards was robust and some of them - George IV comes to mind - came in for some (deserved) ridicule. 

  11. 5 minutes ago, zookeeperz said:

    Not exactly. It is in the french wording but not as we interpret it. FDC would be 100 in our grade  but we generally take FDC meaning MS65 or 88. As our coin grading house up until i last looked said there is no such thing as a 100 grade coin and hadn't graded one 100. I think I remember seeing a 99 but I think it was a commemorative . That's what I meant by only FDC MS65 as thats the grade on the coin if it was MS70 a True FDC then the price would prob be more :) 

    My misunderstanding - you meant that MS65 can't be FDC? Got you.

  12. Someone once posted this in a forum, it's worth posting here too! 

    Me. "Hello"
    Random Bloke (RB) "Good morning sir how are you today?"
    Me "Itchy"
    RB ".....Ok.....do you know your Windows computer has been sending out random messages for the last two weeks?"
    Me "Really?"
    RB "Yes sir, do you have a few minutes and I'll help you fix it?"
    Me "Thats rather splendid of you"
    RB "Will you turn your computer on, I'll give you a few minutes"
    Me "Its on"
    RB "Its on now?"
    Me "Yes it starts instantly"
    RB "Can you see your desktop with all the icons?"
    ME " I don't have any icons on my desktop, they make me feel itchy"
    RB ".....OK.....On the bottom left of your keyboard there a ctrl key, can you see it?"
    Me "Yes"
    RB "Can you tell me what key is to the right of it?"
    Me " alt"
    RB "And to the right of that?"
    Me "cmd"
    RB "No, no , no, sir at the bottom left of the keyboard is a ctrl key, what is to the right of it?"
    Me "alt"

    RB "And beside it?"

    Me "fn and alt"
    RB "You should be able to see a key with the Windows symbol on it"
    Me "Nope"
    RB "Its next to the ctrl Key"
    Me "Nope"
    RB "There's no Windows key?"
    Me "Nope, its a Mac and they don't have a Windows key"

    RB "Its a Mac?"

    Me "Yep"
    RB ".....Ok.....can you go onto Google for me?"
    Me "Nope"
    RB "You just need to go onto the internet with Safari and go to Google"
    Me "Can't"
    RB "Can I ask why?"
    Me "Yes"
    RB ".........You can't go on Google?"
    Me "Nope"
    RB "Why not?"
    Me "I'm not connected to the internet, it makes me feel itchy"

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  13. 13 hours ago, mrbadexample said:

    Sorry, but that's exactly how you come across. Where they are from is irrelevant - other dishonest Europeans are available. Do you think it's inconceivable that a British person could have done the same?

    Looks like they were never on it in the first place. :rolleyes:

    Hear hear. What I hear from many Brexiteers is absolutely and unforgiveably shameful. How is blatant xenophobia proving the moral superiority of Brits? "It's just 1 particular country are scummier than the rest of the world in general. I am sure there are some decent ones. I am yet to meet any and that doesn't make me a racist whatsoever." Maybe not, but it is xenophobic and that's just as bad.

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  14. 15 hours ago, zookeeperz said:

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1902-British-Edward-VII-Coronation-Silver-Matt-Proof-Crown-Coin-PCGS-PR65/182736767018  Bought 1 coin from this lot. Tarnished junk never again. Nice coin but it's only FDC and only £2000 overpriced. Honestly I cannot see how these so called businesses making a living. not unless Mr Magoo is buying their coins. :lol:

    I'm not sure what you mean by "only FDC" as it's the highest possible grade? (French "fleur de coin")

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  15. 22 hours ago, DrLarry said:


    Here are two clear examples (sorry about the size, they're original scans):

    1858 penny rev.jpg 1891 penny rev.jpg

    With the pictorial evidence in front of us, can you explain what you're getting at please? (I will accept the earlier design is more 3D but that's because the copper series had enough thickness to accommodate a bolder design compared with the thinner bronze series).

  16. 1 hour ago, 1949threepence said:

    Or the other favourite now imprinted indelibly in my memory "calls may be recorded for training or monitoring purposes"

    "may" be. Either they are or they aren't, Why not just say calls are recorded. Then it should be manifestly obvious that if needs be, your call be subsequently listened to unless they've messed up the recording.   

    My calls to HMRC or DWP invariably begin with me saying "This call is being recorded for quality and monitoring purposes". :lol:

    The calls that really infuriate me are when someone calls ME and then says "I'm going to take you through some security questions before proceeding with the main reason for the call." I always reply by saying "Hold on a moment - YOU called ME. You prove you are who who you say you are or I'm not answering any of your so-called security questions."

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  17. 23 hours ago, UPINSMOKE said:

    At last found a decent 1948 Brass Threepence for the collection at a fair price as well. Another gap filled.

    1948 George VI Threepence Rev 400.jpg1948 George VI Threepence Obv 400.jpg

    Yes, I was casually looking for ages for one of these, and got a BU example on eBay for - IIRC - £36. Bit pricy but they're hard to find.

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  18. 16 minutes ago, DrLarry said:

    I do not think that I have learnt a behaviour of looking for a triangular arrangement of |Lion to Lamb and the other design elements.

    True, but having 'seen' them once, it's not impossible that you start seeing them over and over again? In other words, retroactive scientific explanations for something that actually doesn't exist. 

    The biggest question you've got to answer in relation to this is "Why? What's the motivation behind hiding lions and lambs on coins?"