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  1. Peckris

    1860 washer F17?

    I'm not sure. There's considerably greater wear on C1 than on C2 which COULD account for all the minor differences you see. It's not conclusive of course, but I would estimate they are the same reverse.
  2. Peckris

    My Latest Acquisition

    I wonder if that's what it really is? I only ask because the 'curve back' (which is clearly there) is extremely thin, which could be a die crack between the strong downstrokes of the R. If you look carefully, there's a similar thin 'connecting rod' at the bottom of the adjacent A.
  3. Peckris


    I have a 1934 that's even better than that (sharper hair) - cost me a fiver from the Midland in the late 90s! At that rate I'd get £200 for it if entombed!!
  4. Peckris


    My God, you'd pay more to entomb a 1930 6d than the coin is worth!
  5. Peckris

    Victoria Halfpenny - Obverse 14 or 15?

    Couldn't determine by the bridge of the nose (scratch) so I went by the bulging forehead and shorter thicker nape hair.
  6. Peckris

    Peter Nichols cabinets

    Ever thought of being a salesman?
  7. Peckris

    Booklet on Edward VIII proposed Coinage

    You mean the brass 3d? The one in the illustration is the ultra rare proof that shows the same reverse design as used for George VI. The almost ultra rare one shows a different design (same motif of a thrift plant) and was the one they issued to shopkeepers etc for testing their machines. A few didn't make it back to the Mint and were the ones people scoured their change for ever since. The silver 3d, 6d and halfcrown designs only exist as extremely rare proofs, as do the other denominations though those are the same as used for George VI and shows the 'panic' station the Mint got into after the Abdication in late 1936, at which point they carried on minting George V coins dated 1936 (which is why they're so common) and meanwhile recycled most of the Edward VIII designs for George VI to get the 1937 issues out as soon as possible.
  8. Peckris

    Victoria Halfpenny - Obverse 14 or 15?

    For me, it's 15 but see what others say.
  9. Peckris

    NHS Thank you.

    That's very true, but it's a result of (1) NICE and their ludicrously delayed judgements on whether to licence a new drug, and it's so often "No", and (2) despite their - I would say criminal - assertions to the contrary, the government cuts in real terms to the NHS budgets. Far from failing, I think the staff who are there do a heroic job in the face of their greedy bungling paymasters. There will always be tragic failures, that's for sure. But if you look at how many people are treated by an understaffed, under-budget health service, you have to feel nothing but admiration. Add to that a population who are getting ever more like the States in matters of obesity, drink, drug abuse, lack of exercise, poor diets etc, and really we should give out medals to the health professionals.
  10. Peckris

    1860 washer F17?

    Wear would probably account for most of the differences (the left hand coin is even more worn than the right hand one). As for the convex vs concave, I would venture that it might be die wear rather than coin wear?
  11. Peckris

    NHS Thank you.

    As a frequent user (I have advanced MS) I can say that I have never had these experiences you speak of. In fact, the lamentable skills shortage will get much much worse after Brexit, and I've yet to meet an NHS professional who says different. We have QUALIFIED staff in the NHS from all over the world, but as soon as someone does an Enoch Powell (Nigel Farage, to name but one) look what we end up with.
  12. Peckris

    NHS Thank you.

    Don't believe everything (make that "anything") you read in The Daily Mail!
  13. Peckris

    My Latest Acquisition

    Was that a member of the same tribe that Spike Milligan reported on?
  14. Peckris

    NHS Thank you.

    Agreed. The LibDems proposed penny on income tax purely for the NHS seems like a bargain - especially now that personal allowances are £11k and rising.
  15. Peckris

    Am I wrong for liking this?

    "ka doka ma tui"? Sounds like Bill Bryson's rendering of someone speaking to him in Glasgow!
  16. Peckris

    One of my many dealing with the early CGS

    It may or may not have been for photographic purposes. Nevertheless, it was a specimen strike prior to its becoming the new obverse halfway through the 1921 issue, and being the only example of its kind dated 1920, went into the Museum. AFAIK it never went into circulation until the 1921 issue. However I take your point, and unique specimens have been identified in more recent times, for example the 1953 penny with George VI reverse, and the 1952 proof penny. Bun varieties are still being uncovered.
  17. Peckris

    One of my many dealing with the early CGS

    Not a minor variation - it's the new obverse and quite possibly unique for 1920. As the known example is in the (?British?) Museum, it has never been overlooked.
  18. Just for education purposes - the 1951 sixpence is in a high grade. That doesn't make it worth very much unfortunately (a couple of £?) but it's worth keeping to show the minimum condition that modern coins (certainly post-1937) should be in.
  19. Peckris

    One of my many dealing with the early CGS

    I'd agree. Mis-strikes are interesting but not worthy of cataloguing except perhaps in a very exclusive and specialist publication. They are unique but not valuable as other collectors can't acquire another example. The only ones I've seen that are noteworthy are brockages, though there are also those who regard strikes on a different metal / planchet as collectible.
  20. Peckris

    Grading a folder coin

    EF used to be defined as "very slight wear to the highest points only visible under magnification or close inspection" - the difference there being that VF was immediately visible while EF required some degree of peering. But one person's "slight wear" was another's "noticeable wear", so pictures - as in Derek's book - are everything.
  21. If the 1935 crown can be, anything can!
  22. You're Prince Philip?
  23. PROBABLY not worth anything much (if it's the average accumulation of predecimal coins). But any silver coin dated before 1947 is 50% real silver, and before 1920 is sterling silver. (Best to start a new thread than piggyback on an old one).
  24. Same with iCloud on Macs - though I do find Apple a tad less 'snoopy' than Google.