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  1. Peckris

    more FAKES

    Here are the relevant screenshots which show 1. Their site with me entering the lot number before clicking the magnifying glass 2. After clicking 3. Bringing up the relevant lot by browsing through the pages of lots 4. After clicking "More details" As you can see, in all cases their web page is clearly and visibly identified, so the 'error' is from their own system not my computer. Therefore it's pretty safe to assume that the problem is at their end, not mine.
  2. Peckris

    Several Ships are missing

    I'm confident that what you say about the bun penny ship is nautically correct and well observed. As a counter argument I'd cite the "ships" on the 1797 cartwheels and 1799 coppers - they are very clumsy and poor indeed, and could not have stayed afloat for even one minute.
  3. Peckris

    The JOY of forensic coining

    I would be happy to see the photographic evidence, together with your explanatory text with it. There is one thing though, that I have problems with, and it's a big one: why would they 'overlay' one design with another, when it was usual practice to not create the models / casts for preparing the master matrix, until the design was 100% settled? In other words, there would be nothing to overlay. Patterns might be created, but from entirely discrete dies that were not reused for the resulting currency.
  4. Peckris

    more FAKES

    I eventually found it by bringing up relevant pages until that lot number appeared. However clicking on ANY part of it just brings up that ole damn error. The picture I can see is too small to tell anything from.
  5. Peckris

    1900 penny 9 over gap

    It's quite a lairy issue. There apparently are - or were when examined minutely in 1970! - 4 different varieties of the 1957 calm sea halfpenny all depending on the PRECISE pointing of the 7, and how pointed its tail is. I've not seen any discussion of it since then, and anyway things like this depend absolutely on the coin being a minimum EF, or else wear can cloud the issue.
  6. Peckris

    more FAKES

    Do you have the lot number Paddy? The link just takes me to the front page and a search for '1818' brings up an error.
  7. Peckris

    1900 penny 9 over gap

    I suppose it all depends how you define the end of the 9 : the bottom of the 9 is definitely over a tooth, but the very end of the tip is nudging into a space.
  8. Peckris

    mail tampering

    I agree with you on one thing - politics and religion have no place in a hobby forum such as this. I'll sign off from this with one more comment : the bombers who killed "our kids" (and adults, of all backgrounds, religions, and nationalities) weren't immigrants. They were British-born terrorists. I'd check your facts before posting in future.
  9. Peckris

    OUCH! Holding this Trident is killing me.....

    There certainly seems scope to research (as you have done) the personal family background of the Wyons, and that would make for a fascinating study. We'll have to differ in opinion of how significant the differences are, though they are certainly there. And one thing I do agree on - the copper Britannia does look more natural than her bronze counterpart. I've always thought that was down to her being more 2D than the copper (necessarily) but it could be that tiny anatomical differences are registering subconsciously too.
  10. Peckris

    Market stall - Barnstaple and South Molton

    I rented a cabinet in a Midlands antique centre some years ago. I could NEVER predict what was going to sell. Apart from one thing - I picked up a lot cheap from W&W which was basically a load of Sandhill year sets from 1920 to 1967 with very average to middling (occasionally nice) coins in them. I'd replace the worst with spares from stock where I could, and priced them at what I thought was reasonable prices. Punters really seemed to go for year sets (probably for significant birthdays and the like) and those sold very well. Have you thought of doing a few year sets Paddy? You can use F coins in them as they're not bought by collectors.
  11. Peckris

    OUCH! Holding this Trident is killing me.....

    You are forgetting that the Mint had enormous problems with converting from copper to bronze. That's why there are so many varieties in the first few years. That's the biggest factor you need to take into account. Otherwise, the two poses are remarkably similar, and you'd have to study the two with a large magnifying glass to see the differences you've described. And also remember that when Britannia first appeared on the 1672 coins, she looked very unnatural, yet that design was persisted with for decades.
  12. Peckris

    1900 penny 9 over gap

    Your 9 ends on a tooth.
  13. Peckris

    1873/2 Penny has it been recorded?

    I don't think so! Have you not heard of Hogarth and Rawlinson? The mockery of every monarch from Anne onwards was robust and some of them - George IV comes to mind - came in for some (deserved) ridicule.
  14. Peckris

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    My misunderstanding - you meant that MS65 can't be FDC? Got you.
  15. Someone once posted this in a forum, it's worth posting here too! Me. "Hello" Random Bloke (RB) "Good morning sir how are you today?" Me "Itchy" RB ".....Ok.....do you know your Windows computer has been sending out random messages for the last two weeks?" Me "Really?" RB "Yes sir, do you have a few minutes and I'll help you fix it?" Me "Thats rather splendid of you" RB "Will you turn your computer on, I'll give you a few minutes" Me "Its on" RB "Its on now?" Me "Yes it starts instantly" RB "Can you see your desktop with all the icons?" ME " I don't have any icons on my desktop, they make me feel itchy" RB ".....OK.....On the bottom left of your keyboard there a ctrl key, can you see it?" Me "Yes" RB "Can you tell me what key is to the right of it?" Me " alt" RB "And to the right of that?" Me "cmd" RB "No, no , no, sir at the bottom left of the keyboard is a ctrl key, what is to the right of it?" Me "alt" RB "And beside it?" Me "fn and alt" RB "You should be able to see a key with the Windows symbol on it" Me "Nope" RB "Its next to the ctrl Key" Me "Nope" RB "There's no Windows key?" Me "Nope, its a Mac and they don't have a Windows key" RB "Its a Mac?" Me "Yep" RB ".....Ok.....can you go onto Google for me?" Me "Nope" RB "You just need to go onto the internet with Safari and go to Google" Me "Can't" RB "Can I ask why?" Me "Yes" RB ".........You can't go on Google?" Me "Nope" RB "Why not?" Me "I'm not connected to the internet, it makes me feel itchy"
  16. Peckris

    mail tampering

    Hear hear. What I hear from many Brexiteers is absolutely and unforgiveably shameful. How is blatant xenophobia proving the moral superiority of Brits? "It's just 1 particular country are scummier than the rest of the world in general. I am sure there are some decent ones. I am yet to meet any and that doesn't make me a racist whatsoever." Maybe not, but it is xenophobic and that's just as bad.
  17. Peckris

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I'm not sure what you mean by "only FDC" as it's the highest possible grade? (French "fleur de coin")
  18. Peckris

    OUCH! Holding this Trident is killing me.....

    Here are two clear examples (sorry about the size, they're original scans): With the pictorial evidence in front of us, can you explain what you're getting at please? (I will accept the earlier design is more 3D but that's because the copper series had enough thickness to accommodate a bolder design compared with the thinner bronze series).
  19. My calls to HMRC or DWP invariably begin with me saying "This call is being recorded for quality and monitoring purposes". The calls that really infuriate me are when someone calls ME and then says "I'm going to take you through some security questions before proceeding with the main reason for the call." I always reply by saying "Hold on a moment - YOU called ME. You prove you are who who you say you are or I'm not answering any of your so-called security questions."
  20. Peckris

    OUCH! Holding this Trident is killing me.....

    Well, I've got a picture of the 1858 penny reverse (supposedly good) and the 1864 penny reverse (supposedly wrong) in front of me, and though the design has subtle differences, it appears to be exactly the same pose. So this is one person who hasn't a clue what's being argued here!
  21. Peckris

    1847 gothic crown

    An "edge dump"? Euwww.
  22. The local NatWest joined all the others and closed down. On a happier note, they kept their ATM and a small portion of the building to service it, so as ATMs do pretty much everything you want from a bank, I'm happy enough.
  23. Peckris

    My Latest Acquisition

    Yes, I was casually looking for ages for one of these, and got a BU example on eBay for - IIRC - £36. Bit pricy but they're hard to find.