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  1. I don't believe there is any conspiracy or similar sinister thing going on. Plenty of people here - as Rob points out - post details of unusual details on their coins. I think many of us though distinguish between human intervention (= item of interest) and accidental die damage (= less interesting, at least to some of us). I'd posit that the two examples you've shown - the triple dot colon and the lighthouse splodge - are both examples of the latter. Some collectors might get excited by these and collect them, or even compile listings. Others like myself would not. It's all a matter of personal taste. (I'd just add that, on closer inspection, the triple dot phenomenon may be a case where the first attempt was badly misaligned and repunched, but because it was 'only a colon' there wasn't a great effort to eliminate traces of the first attempt. However there are so many instances of filled dots and all the gradations in between, that even if it was a correction, I personally wouldn't get excited by it.)
  2. Peckris

    Look for a reference for this Roman Coin

    OF II on the reverse + CONST = the Arles Mint. This appears to have the same obverse: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LAC-Valentinian-I-364-375-E-Follis-Siscia-364-367-V497-/292348246153 Here's your reverse (different mint): https://www.ebay.com/itm/Valentinian-I-364-375-AD-AE3-SECURITAS-REIPUBLICAE-Thessalonica/113109889702?hash=item1a55dff2a6:g:augAAOSwLS5bNAeS
  3. Ah, the mega rare "super fuzzy" 1906. At least, I THINK that's what it is...
  4. Peckris


    The spotty nature of the toning on the obverse of the 1929, and the effect of that on the hair, make it seem as though there's some wear. However it's quite clear from the ear, eyebrow, and reverse, that there isn't any. I'd recommend a 10 second dip, but the reverse is AOK so maybe just a wash would do the trick?
  5. Peckris

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    "I'll have what he's having..."
  6. Peckris

    Look for a reference for this Roman Coin

    Maybe it's my imagination, but I feel I can make out part of '..ALENTIN..' so you may be right.
  7. Said heavy rain is preventing me from making my planned trip to mum's for lunch. I'd be glad if it went to Saddleworth instead.
  8. Peckris

    Come on ENGLAND

    Messi and Ronaldo knocked out on the same day... What are the chances?
  9. Peckris

    Come on ENGLAND

    Looks like we won't have to worry about Messi, Aguero, di Maria and Higuain - but Mbappé and Pogba look rather a handful!
  10. Peckris

    Come on ENGLAND

    I'm not so sure. I think Columbia will be a stern test, perhaps sterner than Sweden or Switzerland. (Is Sven Ibrahimovic-sson still playing for the Swedes?) After that though, the semis are our limit - after all, Brazil, Argentina, and full strength Belgium will no doubt still be there, and I find it hard to think of our defence coping with Messi, Neymar, Coutinho, Aguero, Lukaku, Hazard, de Bruyne, di Maria, Higuain, Firmino, and co.
  11. Peckris

    Come on ENGLAND

    All it really proved is that Belgium's reserves are a bit better than ours.
  12. Peckris

    Market stall - Barnstaple and South Molton

    My dad was Colchester born and bred, and it was quite a trek from Liverpool in the days before the M6 to visit the grandparents! But yes, Great Dunmow, Walton, Marks Tey, Wivenhoe - more like Holland than London.
  13. Peckris

    Market stall - Barnstaple and South Molton

    Yes, you're right. And it's inaccurate too, as the ridicule is only directed at "London Essex" (Romford, Basildon, and the like) - the wider county is as different as it could possibly be.
  14. Peckris

    Come on ENGLAND

    You don't understand - Gareth Southgate has a cunning plan: already qualified? send out your reserve side to get some practice and experience lose the match 1-0 to a brilliant goal but otherwise play well (here's the crunch) avoid Brazil in the quarter finals! Having said that, we may well not beat Columbia...
  15. Peckris

    Market stall - Barnstaple and South Molton

    Sharon and Tracy both say they miss you big time. They've been consoling themselves with 9 carat ankle bracelets and big furry dice for their cars.
  16. Peckris

    My Latest Acquisition

    I think it's because the 46 and 49 were struck for the West Indies, and eventually brought back in large numbers for collectors. By the time the coin world cottoned on, the 46s had already circulated for a while which is why - though a larger strike than the 49 - they're harder to find in decent nick. The 48 was a relatively small mintage for British use, and effectively the only issue between 1945 and the scarce issues of 50 and 51. So although not hard to find in ordinary condition, they're the devil's own job to get in top grade.
  17. Peckris

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    "The coin pictured is only for illustration purposes...". Presumably to conceal the fact that the coin for sale is genuine but in ghastly condition.
  18. Peckris

    1944 Brass Threepence What Happened

    Yes, it looks like a classic acid attack. Here's a 1929 shilling: Acid corrosion typically makes the coin thinner, but the detail is kind of still there, though spidery in appearance - it doesn't show the normal wear patterns you'd expect through circulation. That shilling is as thin as a wafer.
  19. Peckris

    Come on ENGLAND

    Don't mention ze VAR !
  20. Peckris

    What is your opinion of HS2?

    Since railways consume less land than motorways (50% less or even more?), then I can't say it's a bad thing.
  21. Peckris

    What is this coin?

    The legend is in the Cyrillic script as used in Russia etc. I can just about read the last two words which I'm pretty sure translate to "Archangel Michael".
  22. "Worth" for coins is only relevant to collectors, unless the coins have bullion value, e.g. silver, gold, or large coppers. The only valuable 2p with NEW PENCE is 1983, when the legend had been changed to TWO PENCE apart from a few in sets. Otherwise, you're looking at collectors' coins only, for example coins from proof sets (especially where there was no normal currency coins with that date), or specimen sets after 1982. These would be worth up to a few £ each for examples in absolutely mint condition, but ordinary currency decimal coins are worth only face value, perhaps a fraction more in mint condition but finding a buyer for them would be difficult. Ignore price guides - yes they may give a value of 20p for e.g. a 1977 uncirculated BU 2p, but getting that? Not a hope, really.
  23. Peckris

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Don't forget a peter - I mean Peter - too