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  1. OMG !! Mine are all fakes then - they clearly show the Queen on horseback ... and ... SHE HAS A HEAD !
  2. That set of links was useful 1949 - despite the infuriating newspaper archives not letting you view the full article (god that sends me demented - do they really think they can outrun free data as encapsulated by the likes of Google and Wikipedia? They will go under soon enough if they don't allow people to access stuff.) Mind you it doesn't give the start date though it does imply that in 1974 the 1971 set was a new product. And it could well be true also that 1972 saw work begin on the 1970 sets, there being little else to do! However, I'm 90% sure that the 1971 proofs were the first, and the 1970 sets followed (and they were definitely the first two sets - ESC 1974 confirms that). Here's a suggested timeline : 1972 - 1974 : 1971 sets produced, maybe not offered for sale until 1974? 1972? - ??? : 1970 sets produced 1974/5 - 1976 : 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976 sets produced, then sold from 1976
  3. Try this Enough research. I'll shut up now No, that's excellent 1949 - thanks. That parliamentary Q&A is exactly the sort of authoritative source I was looking for. Yes I'm pretty sure that's the case - the Welsh Mint opened specifically to do the massive decimal recoinage, so Tower Mint would have handled the 1967 jobs. Though bear in mind that the halfcrown and halfpenny ceased production by 1969, no shillings were issued for 1967, florins ceased after 1967 with the issue of the 1968 10p, and the sixpence was scheduled for demonetisation before its reprieve, so my guess is that the only job they had to do from 1969 was churn out some pennies and 3d bits. I suppose all those 1967 pennies weren't actually needed, they just gave the Mint workers something to do ! Dark, I don't think you can be right about the 1970 sets - but I suppose it might be possible that the 1971 set actually did first appear in 1971, though it was minted continuously after that for a while. But equally I wouldn't be surprised if the Mint was so busy through 1971 that they deferred creating the 1971 proofs until 1972, when they had no regular issues to produce. And it now seems that 1972 - 1975 sets may not have been created until 1976!
  4. Peckris


    I'm not sure this would stand up legally? It would be the equivalent of saying that all X's jewellery is "a single item" and therefore the lost engagement ring isn't covered as the combined jewellery value exceeds the single item limit? I'm afraid it works just like that. If you are under insured although the item being claimed for is within the limit you will only get a proportion of the value No, that's not what I meant. I'm not talking about under-insuring, I'm talking about treating a collection of items as a single item - I'm not sure it would hold up in court.
  5. Peckris


    I'm not sure this would stand up legally? It would be the equivalent of saying that all X's jewellery is "a single item" and therefore the lost engagement ring isn't covered as the combined jewellery value exceeds the single item limit?
  6. It's certainly in top grade - book price is about £25 but you could probably pick them up for less. Not a rare coin, but collectable - anyone who can't afford any other Geo V crown will target those. And the reverse design, though much mocked in its day ("the rocking horse crown") has come to acquire a certain Art Deco charm.
  7. I have an absolutely identical 1937 3d, and I have always assumed it was chromed. I've never been that excited about it - I got it at an auction where other dealers were peering close at everything.
  8. Nice coin you have there Gary. Interesting that with both our coins the reverse is a lot weaker than the observe. Thanks.... Yes, even after the modification, the reverse was still left 'high and dry' and it took the 1927 reverse modification, and then the smaller head, to finally make the reverses as strong as the obverses.
  9. I had the last coin I received from eBay (Recorded Del) pushed through the letter box, no attempt to ask for a signature. The PO must be changing their rules "unofficially".
  10. Peckris


    I changed to Norwich Union to get the cheapest "valuables cover" I could, and the single item limit is £1500, and none of my individual coins is worth that, so I'm ok with it.
  11. Hi I'm just pricing up some coins for sale, but the latest copy of CCGB I have is 2007. In the bronze farthing listings I see ...: 1884 F £1 VF £2 EF £4 UNC £15 BU £30 1885 F £1 VF £2 EF £4 UNC £15 BU £30 but .. 1886 F £1 VF £10 EF £30 UNC £75 BU £90 I feel this must be a typo, as 1886 farthings are equally common as 1885 in high grade, and possibly even commoner than 1884. Would someone be kind enough to check CCGB 2009 for me please, and check these prices?
  12. I expect many of you will already have noticed that the lustre on pennies between 1921 to 1926 is often very streaky, and can be a much paler colour too. Instead of wearing from the high points and then gradually disappearing until it lingers only in the legend, these pennies often show the lustre disappearing in streaks, totally unrelated to wear. The remaining lustre looks as though it's been applied with a paintbrush, with the streaks running in the same direction. Anyone ever heard an explanation of why this should be so? (It may be true of halfpennies too, but I don't see many with good lustre and those I do see don't seem to have this problem). This penny is fairly typical I think.
  13. Peckris

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I think that's the point Gary is making. Not all pictures give you the option - when you right click there are only about two options available, neither of them Save As. I know something is wrong when I can't click and drag the picture onto my desktop, which in Safari I can do with any normal pictures. Interesting - you're judging on the colour? In other respects it looks pretty good to me.
  14. Some lovely MEs there, I'm quite jealous. My only consolation is how inexpensive mine was.
  15. Hi thanks for the heads up Dave. It's good to know that it is so comprehensive. I will have to think about whether to add it to my shopping list, after I've bought Red's Grading Guide. I was being slightly satirical about the ship halfpennies - the pointlessness of that particular exercise is that each 'variety' is a single year variety - as soon as the date changes, the ship changes slightly, so I'm less than excited about them. The exception of course is those oh-so-rare 1956 varieties, and I have to confess that I've never even seen one of the rare variants of those. I don't count the varieties of the 1957 calm sea as significant, where the only difference is a minute positioning of the downstroke of the 7. The 1956 variants 'feel' radically different : teeth, rim, pointings, etc.
  16. And here's mine, given to me in change on the Downend to Bristol bus in 1968 - oh happy day, and it cost me less than 1/2p (only it was the best part of a year before I realised it was the modified effigy, having no other 1926 to compare it to!). I bought a better one off Cookie some years back, but I won't part with this one. There's actually more hair detail than this 'orrible scanner has picked up.
  17. I do hope that your book includes the 1946 die flaw O N E ' penny? I managed to get Spink to include it in the Standard Catalogue, but I'm still working on the less-convinced Chris Perkins to get it put in CCGB ! I also bought a 1966 penny a few years back that has an 'extra wave' crashing against the lighthouse, while at the same time I managed to get a 1915 'recessed ear' penny in high grade. I'm told there are two 1937 reverses, but as they both look exactly the same at first glance, and are both very common, I find them totally unsexy As are all the minuscule variations on Elizabeth II ship halfpenny reverses. ("Oooh there's a tiny difference in the size of the ship, but you should be able to spot the difference - one has 1958 on the reverse, the other has 1959" )
  18. Peckris


    Welcome david! I was the same with banks and my 5/- ... My only bits of luck were getting a 1926ME penny in change as my first ever 1926, and then when i decided to have a go at 3d bits after months of checking bronze, finding a 1949 in the first bag I looked through. Never found a 1950 or 1951 penny, but let's be honest, they never quite escaped their hype, did they? Good luck with your present collecting.
  19. Peckris

    Sequential £1 Notes...

    Not more than book price really - sequential notes are nice to have, but only worth a (small) premium if the series prefix in question is a collectable one, and there's nothing special about those ones sadly. But they look collectable condition all the same.
  20. Peckris

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Pfft, the seller is not much of a detective. It couldn't be "1926,7,8 or 9" now could it? If it's the small mod effigy then it must be 1928 or 9, if it's the large mod effigy then it is most likely 1927 unless you're an optimist, and if it's the unmod effigy - break out the champagne !
  21. Oh yes. I saw a nice GVF at an auction some years ago - possibly nearer EF but it was a weak strike. I decided it was worth going to £100 for, but it went for over £350 in the end!
  22. Anyone who doesn't agree that the British NHS - for all its shortcomings - is an absolutely fantastic component of our society needs their head examining (on the NHS of course!) We can so easily take it for granted - after all, it's been there longer than most of us - but we forget just what an awful situation there was before it came into being. The poor didn't get anything but rock bottom treatment, and generally avoided going to the doctor as they couldn't afford it. The NHS has not only brought "free" medicine to everyone, they have sponsored research into all kinds of revolutionary new treatments and operations for all kinds of illnesses. Yes, can pay to go "private", but for all your BUPA subscriptions, you will be treated for serious operations by NHS consultants, using NHS equipment, as the private operatorS simply couldn't afford to set up on their own. Just don't get me started on dentists, postcode lotteries, or N.I.C.E. however...
  23. No doubt in my mind that it would fetch in excess of any catalogued amount. 5,000 quid or more, perhaps? Quite possibly would, actually. At any rate, at least £3k. I'm not even sure one exists at that standard ? The Coin Year Book has it at significantly lower in value than a 1919KN in the top 2 grades. I feel that is nonsense - I've never even seen one and I believe Colin Cooke once said (about 10 years ago) that if someone found a roll of 100 BU 1926ME pennies, he would still pay £2000 a piece for all 100.
  24. Yes - I've contacted them too, pointing out the difference in values (Spink 2009) between each type - £800 vs £30 - and adding "I shudder to think what might happen to your good name and reputation in the law courts if you sold the penny as currently described". Hopefully that might make them revisit it.