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  1. https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/display-my-computer-icon-on-the-desktop-in-windows-vista/ It's now called "This PC " apparently in W10 but that article explains how you can add the icon to your desktop.
  2. For some ludicrous and unknown reason, sets of the current year go for insane prices, only to drop like a stone when the next set is issued. Twas ever thus with Maundy.
  3. It's called Chrome. It's a good browser if you don't mind Google spying on your every move. Firefox is not quite as good, but far less intrusive. There's also a very competent browser called Opera but probably not for the digitally challenged. Of course, you should stay away from Internet Explorer..
  4. You don't have a regular backup like Apple's Time Machine, or automatically backup your stuff like browser settings to Dropbox or iCloud? The advantage with all those is you don't have to do anything yourself once set up, as any change or addition will be detected and backed up. If not, then hopefully one or other of the suggestions made above will help.
  5. One Penny 1882

    Not mine, though I'd love to own it!
  6. Olympic 50ps

  7. One Penny 1882

    The best one I've seen is Victoria on her potty!
  8. Olympic 50ps

    Oy - there's a Champions League final before then! I'll either be happy or sad tomorrow night...
  9. A few newbie questions

    Though I have noticed some Americans using the "pissed off" form. One of the biggest laughs was when Phil Collins made a guest appearance in Miami Vice, and as a typical Brit one of his lines included calling someone a "wanker". "I can't say that!" protested our Phil, and explained to the producers what it meant. "That's ok" they replied. "Americans don't know the word so we'll leave it in." Phil decided not to remind them that the show was also syndicated for UK television...
  10. A few newbie questions

    Underpants are indecent? Who knew.
  11. A few newbie questions

    And there's another one! Subway is a seller of rather poor sandwiches in the UK, while the Tube is America's Metro.
  12. A few newbie questions

    Apparently everyone knew a certain element as "aluminum" until the mid-19th Century when Brits added the extra "i" to bring it line with magnesium etc.
  13. Ok, I inferred from your post above that he was HD&Q for forging halfpennies. You've cleared that up now.
  14. A few newbie questions

    Ok! You found one idiom where it survives! However that wasn't the usage above, I'll say no more. All counties have their own dialect (except possibly the Home Counties where they all speak Smuggish )
  15. Guy Fawkes was just hung - he was savvy enough to leap forward and die from hanging before they could do all the other stuff. No coin forgers were hung drawn and quartered - that was a punishment reserved for treason. Those who forged silver and gold were 'simply' hung. Those who forged base metal coins were usually deported if the crime was serious enough.