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  1. Very pleased to have obtained this problem free William IV 1837 penny in about EF. Scarcest date of the few William IV pennies, and very difficult to get in high grade.
  2. 1949threepence

    The united states , in a state?

    I think he may be cognitively challenged. Personally I wish Obama was still president.
  3. 1949threepence

    Roger Bickford-Smith

    Would this be him, Paddy. Referred to in this article?
  4. What a superb find. Well done Paddy ! First thing I noticed was that all the beads were intact, which is often not the case with an ordinary F6, so no surprise when Jerry pointed out it might well be a F763 pattern.
  5. 1949threepence


    Indeed, hope both he and Peter are OK.
  6. 1949threepence


    Totally agree Jerry. I've also noticed that his website is littered with errors of fact.
  7. 1949threepence


    I thought Scott once said he was from Stoke on Trent (nearby) I might be wrong though.
  8. 1949threepence


    Royal Mail
  9. 1949threepence


    Yes, it's odd when long standing members abruptly stop posting. Is it sudden loss of interest or has something happened to them? Hopefully the former.
  10. 1949threepence

    Rare coin lost in post

    Any further developments Richard?
  11. 1949threepence

    More Pennies

    Possibly. In relation to the differences between reverse D and Reverse E, Freeman said: "the rock above Britannia's foot has a different outline" Of the three pics you provided, discount for comparison purposes the reverse E shown on the F169, which is worn, and merely concentrate on the other two non worn specimens showing reverses D & E respectively. Then compare the rock above Britannia's foot on the 1909 rev D, F168, with the same rock on the 1910 rev E, you'll notice that the downwards gradient from left to right on the F168 rock is gentler than the left to right gradient on the 1910 rev E, which shows a sudden abrupt sharp drop after a short distance. I think that may be what Freeman was alluding to when he said the two rocks had a different outline. At any rate to am impartial observer the upper outline of the two respective rocks does indeed show a variance.
  12. 1949threepence

    More Pennies

    As far as the 169 is concerned, even several years prior to 1971, I reckon you'd have been lucky to find one, given that Court found just 1 in 846 of the 1909 pennies to be F169 (0.12%). So even if you'd changed £100 into pennies (240 x 100 = 24,000), the chances of you finding a F169 amongst them, would still have been slim, given that there probably wouldn't have been more than what.......100 pennies dated 1909 amongst the 24,000. Incidentally, Freeman was correct, the rock above Britannia's foot is a different shape to reverse D, although personally I can't see any obvious differences with the waves and the exergue. However, on mine at least, the sea to the left of Britannia, under high magnification, doesn't appear to reach the linear circle. But it does on my 1910, which is also reverse E. So maybe an optical illusion or wear.
  13. 1949threepence

    More Pennies

    Great minds think alike, Richard ! Do you remember that list of penny articles I made up from the Coin Monthlies? Well I actually overlooked that one at the time (now added), and yesterday was the first time I read it. It's a really good article and like all Freeman's work, very well written. Anyway, hope you found the new larger versions useful, and apologies for not getting it right in the first instance.
  14. 1949threepence

    More Pennies

    Here's the other page also size adjusted. Obviously you always have to keep in mind the size limits of 500kb on the forum, and I deliberately chose a small version yesterday so as to fit both pics onto one post. But obviously the text came out ridiculously small. This should represent an improvement. The page is split, upper part of page on this post, lower part of page on next post:-
  15. 1949threepence

    More Pennies

    Hopefully this is a better pic (size adjusted) and more honed in on that area.
  16. 1949threepence

    More Pennies

    That's how it was printed. It does end abruptly though, and looking again at the article in the magazine itself, there is no full stop after the word "specimen". So I do think something has been inadvertently omitted from Freeman's article, even if just, perhaps, the word "nonetheless".
  17. 1949threepence

    More Pennies

    I've got it, Pete. Here's the article in its entirety. Again, apologies for the quality, but magazine pages are not the easiest things to get a photo of, as the pages tend to corrugate with age, and the glossy finish glares in light. I photographed these in natural daylight a few minutes ago.
  18. 1949threepence


    Interesting, thanks.
  19. 1949threepence

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    ....and nearly all at the bargain basement price of just 99p. Another interesting thing I've just noticed is that the negatives have reduced from 51 to 50, and the first one, which I noticed earlier as it was quite animated, and referred to a fake, has vanished. The "coin" fetched £326.57.
  20. 1949threepence


    I think there may be a problem with CGS. I'm a member from some years ago (even though I never had any slabbing done). When I go to the link it comes up with the message "you need to be logged in to use this feature". When I log in using the auto remembered username and password, it comes up with the same message.
  21. 1949threepence

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    He's got 51 negatives, some of which also allude to fakes. Many of the negatives, somewhat curiously, have no comment at all. Not sure what that's all about.
  22. 1949threepence


    Hopefully the dentist will acquire wisdom in due course. Otherwise might be looking at a huge cavity of depression. The scale of the problem is immense, but with dedication they will develop the polish that is needed to succeed. Sorry, sorry.....