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  1. Cheap rubbish. They should be able to withstand a bit of Sun without falling to pieces.
  2. Thanks - useful info, but although that was obviously going to be the case, I'm just surprised it wasn't actively mentioned anywhere. Maybe she thinks it's so obvious it doesn't need referring to. She may be right. Of course, no in room competition and no real time internet bidding does alter the dynamics somewhat.
  3. 1949threepence

    Proof there is no god

    Very good
  4. About 10 days to go, and the auction is still (apparently) going ahead as normal at the Grange Hotel, with the public in attendance - link Extraordinary that not one word has been said about the lockdown, and what other arrangements are in place, so close to the event.
  5. 1949threepence

    NGC London - Are they still operational??

    They may be short staffed due to the pandemic and lockdown, but if they can't even be arsed to leave a recorded message for callers, with further signposting, they really aren't worth bothering with. That is strongly suggestive of contempt for customers. A message saying the inbox is full is meaningless.
  6. 1949threepence

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Nothing new there. By the way "think"? that's almost as bad as "could" lol
  7. 1949threepence

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Couldn't agree more (no reverse pun intended). All guidance, especially any with legal ramifications, needs to be crystal clear and set out in terms which normal people can comprehend. That means not using odd terminology, at variance with conventional use of the English language, which can be open to misinterpretation. erm, what do you mean by "could"? - dunno really, might do, if we feel like it on the day, depends what mood the agent's in, if we can be arsed to bother, if the agent is properly trained. Depends on a range of options which we won't worry your little heads with by bothering to list here, etc etc (along with the words "might" and "may") "Will" - it happens regardless. You know where you stand.
  8. 1949threepence

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    But then you dig a little deeper and you find this which explains the real position. Although no date is given (unless it's in invisible ink), so logically, one must assume it's current policy, not one prospective to an unknown (precise) date in 2021. Although the bit I've emboldened doesn't make sense (to me anyway) if it applies to photos of coins in e bay approved company slabs.
  9. Your place will look a dream when it's all done. Looks pretty good now.
  10. I love seeing cats in the garden. My own cat normally sees them off though.
  11. 1949threepence

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I once stopped at the Denewood Hotel Bournemouth, which is on Sea Road. Undercliff Road runs off Sea Road as you go down the hill towards the beach. Can't beat Bournemouth for looks and atmosphere in my opinion. Holidayed there quite a few times and always enjoyed it.
  12. 1949threepence


    Quite obviously been cleaned. The marks are clearly visible. Might be acceptable to some, but definitely not to me. Poor TP Grading.
  13. I reckon I can live with the very superficial marks. But thanks for the advice anyway.
  14. Thanks. Yeah...ish...To be fair, I wouldn't dispute GVF for the reverse, but I'm sticking with EF for the obverse. I don't think my pic brings out the hair detail as well as it could do. Here's a larger shot:- ETA: meant to add. I've found it surprisingly difficult to get a higher grade example (above NVF). Not (necessarily) for the want of affordability, but rather, availability. Started on the George V collection in November 2018, and it's taken 18 months to come across even this. I had imagined, perhaps naively, that a decent ME would be easier to obtain, albeit at an expensive price.
  15. Bramah certainly was an interesting and unusual character, in the best possible senses of those words. Rare too, in that he wrote both fiction and non fiction. Not a combination you find very often in a writer. The literary equivalent of ambidexterity. I must catch up on Kai Lung and Max Carrados at some point........
  16. Thanks Blake. Neither: it was a buy direct from a dealer's own website - our old friend, The Coin King, Nathan Smith.
  17. Finally managed to get a 1926ME - one of the last missing pieces of the jigsaw in my 20th century pennies (just the F169 & F192A to go) Not the most scintillating specimen, but about EF/NEF and problem free. A bit of wear to Britannia's right arm, especially the upper arm, and the right of the breastplate. Overall pleased.
  18. It might be an idea to try and obtain a common cheap coin in similar condition to your F21, and experiment on that. See what results you get on that first.
  19. 1949threepence

    1897 dot penny. Advice needed.

    For the 1909 and 1946, not as far as I know. For the 1875, we have to remember that die cracks were very common in that era, and usually left unattended - or apparently so given their frequency. Although I don't know specifically of one in that area on any 1875. Maybe others could assist on that score.
  20. 1949threepence

    1897 dot penny. Advice needed.

    It's as plausible a theory as any other, Bob. I must admit, I've changed my view of the F147 sllghtly, since my above post of 1.1.18. The dot is so perfectly symmetrical, and virtually the same size as the colon stops on the obverse (perhaps very fractionally larger), that I'm now inclined to believe it was put there deliberately. Quite possibly in the manner you suggest.
  21. 1949threepence

    1908 F164

    He's now reduced the price of the same coin on his website to £107.50 - here
  22. Indeed, very well done. Obverse 3 is quite difficult to spot sometimes. You could perhaps try an overnight soak in balsamic vinegar to remove the verd. It'll leave a dark patch, but that is obviously better than the way it looks at present. Alternatively a several month soak in olive oil.
  23. 1949threepence

    More Pennies

    Did you get it?
  24. On my outlook (which probably won't help you, as experience has taught me that every single solitary example, seems to be slightly different) there is a line in green which says "new folder". You click on it and it reveals an empty box. You then type in what you want to call it, and it stays there. Obviously the intended target won't drop in there. You have to manually put it there.