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  1. It's lot No 2082, but it's got a dash against it in the realised prices?
  2. 1949threepence

    Stuff to Make Us Laugh

    OK, it's not that funny, but was worth buying.......
  3. Absolutely. You only have to listen to an online auction to realise that auctions have expanded from room only, to buyers from all over the world in a relatively short time.
  4. ..........Would be very high.........
  5. Just on the subject of the 169. Given what the ordinary ones go for, imagine what a high grade example would fetch.
  6. That is conjecture rather than conclusive evidence - OK to a greater or lesser extent it's all conjecture to be fair, but I don't think you can definitely say there are more than 20 as a statement of fact, especially as the thread starter you quoted said he read on a PDF somewhere that there were fifteen 169s. That's the cyber equivalent of some bloke down the pub told me. Although good for him finding one for 20p. The hammer prices I listed earlier, are a fact. To me that's an indication of true rarity.
  7. ......and your evidence to support this assertion is what, precisely? Maybe more will be found to bring the numbers up, but at present it appears there are fewer. Not that many have turned up in getting on for 10 years. In some cases the numbers visiby extant remain very low, such as the F76 and F90. In others they increase. The F169 is in that first category.
  8. I thought you might have gone for that, Richard.
  9. I wouldn't be put off too much, Blake. The point being made here is that coins like the Gouby X, 164A, and 1903 open 3, are scarce, but not rare. Hence they aren't going to command that much of a premium in low grade. That was pretty obvious anyway. Conversely, the F169, which is rare at all grades, and I understand >20 in existence, will always secure a high price. Obviously the price will vary somewhat, due to how strongly a given example is sought after on the day, but consider these hammer prices:- Workman Nov 2010 - £1200 VG LCA 3.3.13 - £1600 NF LCA 1.9.13 - £1400 VG+ LCA 1.6.14 - £800 NF LCA 7.6.15 - £820 VG LCA 6.3.16 - £1700 VG LCA 5.6.16 - £500 VG LCA 3.6.18 - £1100 VG Baldwin of St James 12.6.19 - £420 VG
  10. Indeed so, and yet again a previously non existent Freeman type has been invented to suit. There is no such thing as a F168A. In fact in the absence of the author's permission, which one presumes they've not got, I'd question the legality of ascribing the type to him.
  11. For such a large concern as Spink, that's unbelievably careless.
  12. Hallelujah !!! - although there's nothing of interest to me personally. Mostly gold and foreign. 1934 Crown in there though, with a £2 to £3k estimate.
  13. Well, slight progress. It's no longer greyed out but the message when you click on it is this:- There are no lots available at this time. Please check back later.
  14. Reading between the lines, they obviously can't get their act together and are having technical issues which should have been resolved weeks ago. This kid of thing truly irritates customers, especially when there's no attempt at an explanation and/or apology.