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  1. I had to laugh at an example listing in Bull: ESC(Bull) 2736 - 1853 Proof Halfcrown. R3 ESC(Bull) 2738 - 1862 Proof Halfcrown, Plain edge. R2 That is pure craziness as the latter coin is likely an R4 and the former an R2. I pointed out the example as there are some listings where he has me a bit irritated.....His 20th century listings are IMHO a bit off as well and will just leave it at that.
  2. VickySilver

    Proof Halfcrown

    Will look this up on getting home. Do you have Bull (ESC)? How about the 2000 COincraft?
  3. Ah, very good. I have both type of 1839 proof groats for reference.
  4. Well, regardless, I love these Britannia groats. Sad to say I missed the 1837 that sold a while ago..... How late was the last run of 1839 sets? Yikes, I seem to have recalled they did some in the 1880s or so......
  5. I got this the other week - must day the picture doesn’t do it justice - lustre top notch with a better obverse I will try to send to Richard for help.
  6. Only thing is that save for the 1888 "Colonial" issue, the last de facto circulating Britannia groat was 1855!
  7. I don' t think we will be able to conclude who "dunnit". Wow, 65, seems a bit strong especially given what appears a bit of a rub to the central reverse device (Britannia) and the scoring. If I could post I would put up my 1853, 1857 and 1862s but none have scoring of this nature.
  8. Yes, I would even though mine was cheap.
  9. VickySilver

    More Pennies

    The USD 3k + commission seems a bit rich? Maybe not and just for me...
  10. I don't either and the provenance section was possibly the very best part. Allegedly there is a pricing schema in the Cromwell full edition that is not in the Gothic one.
  11. No idea but why the "superior" specimens were called just that, specimen and many were reluctant for many years to use the term "proof"
  12. Yes, these in true proof are much scarcer than you might gather from sales such as this one or others with or without TPG-graded status. I actually started my later-decimal collection with Wreaths, including proofs, in the 1990s with the help of Mr. Steve Hill and Mark. R. I remember about 1994 spending quite a bit getting the 1932 and 1934 proofs off of Spink, and I assure you they DO NOT LOOK like these or many others offered for sale. At one junction I got an entire 1936 proof set with all coins of the same provenance. I have seen some graded "64" and higher that are not. IMHO, but backed by the two mentioned mentors will note that the proof Wreath crowns in the 1927-36 are really not of optimal proof quality but def. better than these.
  13. Aha. It appears there are TWO types of 7th edition. One with Cromwell on the cover has supposedly 672 pages and a provenance section that either has or lists sources of pictures for scarcer types. The other (that I got) and more generally available has the Gothic Crown on the cover and has only 597 pages with no provenances. Crap, I wanted the more complete edition; I have NOT been able to find a different Library of Congress number...
  14. BTW, an 1980 Bahamas $2 uncirculated in the "Birds" holder from the FM World Birds Collection (or some such name) just sold on ebay for USD 57 plus shipping and tax. That was IMHO a very good buy for a coin of mintage 75 pcs. Mine is not in a holder....