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  1. Yes, I believe for whatever reason that the VIP type proof dies were used on coins not struck to that standard. I have mine locked in SDB at bank, but will see if I can steal a peek before long.
  2. Craigy, nicely preserved set there. Too bad about the box, but its the coins that count!
  3. Another factor is that the different proof coins are released in different formats: singly, in sets of different sizes (e.g. three coin sets, five, with other denominations, in different packaging). So while there may only be 350 released singly, there may be another 250 released in different combinations.
  4. 1902 half crown

    Paulus has a decent one there! The OP coin likely has little wear but sadly has had that wipe and some differential toning that, horror of horrors, IMO would dip lightly for about 5 seconds with the mandatory light detergent and then water rinse & tamp with cotton cloth.....Prob not quite as bad as its appearance as far as wear, and the toning detracts certainly.
  5. cleaned coin

    May have been BOTH with the original mint wipe somewhat obscured by later rub. The obverse is much more obvious than reverse but plenty none the less.
  6. How Are US TPGs with English Coins?

    Craigy, these were in previous postings, and the reason I say that is I just never seem to be able to post pictures without help. If you email me I can send them to you & you may either look and/or repost them. The '51 still has the material they use for blasting the matte finish adhering to the devices on reverse...
  7. How Are US TPGs with English Coins?

    I have shown a few coin previously that I have severe doubts on the grading - see the 1920 specimen half crown previously posted (at 61) & a matte 1951 also at MS61. Can't see how they are within even 3 points conservatively of grade after seeing them in all lights and magnification up to 30x. I have seen '02 matte crowns at 64 and 5 with wipes clearly visible and 62s that had none under any light or magnification.
  8. How Are US TPGs with English Coins?

    Although I am one of those somewhat on middle ground with regard to TPGs and their function in the market as well as personally in a collection, I find the grading of these mattes by the major TPGs nearly laughable as it seems depending on their mood of the day, or perhaps other factors (LOL), grading seems to be all over the map. To some extant, I have also seen this with the currency half crowns and especially the currency crowns of this date - well, also the gold...
  9. How Are US TPGs with English Coins?

    Yes, classical wipe appearance on the shilling.
  10. How Are US TPGs with English Coins?

    Yes. The proof gold of this year is even more problematic....Not that it matters but I like the shilling, half crown, and crowns of this set if nicely preserved & yours pleasant enough. The lion on rev. a bit regal (if perplexed) & Eddie looks the wise old dignified man (not the partier/bon vivant).

    Rob, I have several 20th C. common coins from Norweb in the Salmon coloured envelopes, but also a 1940 proof set in the blue.
  12. How Are US TPGs with English Coins?

    Rehash: half crown a Pf63, the shilling more a Pf62 IMO. The problem is that both major TPGs in USA appear to be a bit spread on these; how much to deduct for the wipe? I have seen them really ding a coin and others to not. It does not mean a coin is not attractive just because it is at the lower end of the scale however, and the buyer would be advised to look closely under good lighting. Those wipes did in most cases seem to affect more than just toning and have seen some very light abrasion with them under magnification.
  13. Very different grading of 1746 LIMA HC by (L)CGS

    Yes, similar to my experience as well - I think the conversions are a bit optimistic in favor of the CGS by a couple of points, sometimes more. I think I trotted out the 1935 specimen Jub crown graded CGS85 that was vastly inferior to the PCGS65 specimen. Others as well....
  14. 1845 Farthing one dot

    OK, I'll take the last one Rob. LOL.
  15. Yes, good buy there! Haven't seen another.