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  1. Thanks for that maestro. I strongly suspect such and only wished that when it came time to sell that I "knew somebody"...
  2. VickySilver

    NGC conservation problems

    Yes that appears so, although a series of one makes it hard to generalize. You may be on to something however.
  3. The thing is, we have now all seen here and elsewhere (can you say "Heritage"?) where the TPG grade becomes all important, adding multiples and zeroes to the price fetched. In my series (late pre-decimal silver and to some extent copper) I have seen many cases with grades assigned, both high and low. Some are spot on, but the ones to either side of the curve are concerning. The other thing is that although I am not completely upset with them, I have really come to wonder if the submitter, despite all of their protests, can influence grades to some extent - at least on occasion.
  4. I thought the same thing about the Churchill - a "66" ought to be a superior coin, and although better than most agree this one not better than a couple of the MS65 coins I have seen. There were a couple of other questionably graded coins IMHO.
  5. YEs, was shocked at the Wiener prices and knowing they are not Royal Mint products - I wish they would announce that prior to each Wiener lot. I love Vicky silver (surprise) but NOT these...
  6. I watched most of this and was a bit surprised by some of the price fetched in the later penny series for what I would call "grading prices" (ie, slabbed grades high with cameo, etc.) and also the value estimates given to later 20th C. crown proofs, varieties etc. They appeared IMHO unrealistic and as far as the crowns appear that a number did not sell. I did get the 1965 OMS brass (Jamaican penny flans?) as I have a pet collection of 1960s OMS strikes... Thoughts, anyone?
  7. VickySilver

    More Pennies

    No edge issues. AU58 grade. This of course was from an era of great mint sport, so presume it also as such. I did buy a 1970 two-sided reverse penny that was an extremely well done fake however, and bought it bidding at major UK auction.
  8. VickySilver

    More Pennies

    Ok, probably not exciting but here is a 1964 penny. Notice anything?
  9. This is the type of crazy coin market that we now have on our hands. Lunacy to us? Yes indeed!
  10. VickySilver

    R.I.P. Queen Elizabeth

    And don't forget the really hard times which she saw us through in the 20 years after the war and the doldrums of the 80s when it seemed the whole place was headed for the dumpster. Quiet strength and dignity meant a lot and still do. God Rest Her Soul!
  11. VickySilver

    R.I.P. Queen Elizabeth

    I can not really fathom her being gone. I came to school in Cyprus at the Nicosia Middle School and remember that ubiquitous portrait that I (and probably others ) found so fetching. A young and healthy vivacious queen who has been in my heart ever since. God Rest The Queen! We send our Prayers and Love.
  12. I would have mentioned it but Ugh! So little....
  13. VickySilver

    2015 britannia £2 rarity

    Always glad for happy collectors. I am not sure of value anymore, but hopefully they gain. I am of similar opinion about the currency 1981 10P....
  14. Not sure I'd pop for 1900 on such a coin but have always loved the simple elegance of the Gillick sovereign and of course have an unslabbed of my birthdate. Nice coin there Peck.