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  1. Would it bother you if the US Mint were to begin trading in the classics, buying and selling in competition with other dealers? I guess we could make all the National Mints participate in the primary and secondary markets, manipulate it as they please with the backing of their governments. I would rather them stick to their own business of minting coins, and go ahead and make their monies from that enterprise.
  2. GTG = Guess the Grade The 1923 6d looks AUish, 53-55 on the Sheldon scale. This one comes weakly struck most often, but looks to have a bit of rub on the curls. Maybe better lighting would help just a bit.
  3. Paulus, I think CGS dinged grade for soft strike and concur that wear appears quite minor. I would GTG at 63 on the Sheldon scale...
  4. VickySilver

    NGS Grader Had a Bad Day ?

    Interestingly, even with the poor pictures, I think I can see an EF40 on this coin - HOWEVER it was very poorly struck. Please look at the rims and denticles as well as the fields (as best you can see). That would be a technical grade. I certainly would skip on it, that having been said.
  5. VickySilver

    Farthing pickup at brum

    Or E over R, wow, that is a nice catch there! I'm not a farthing nut but rather like this one; again, excellent spot there.
  6. The PCGS one is die #88, have to find the NGC which is not with the rest??
  7. Sorry, mine are in SDB but one each has been graded by NGC and PCG at AU55. Mine is pictured on the PCGS site when you look under population census; I got them so long ago I don't remember where they came from....
  8. Hazard a guess as to price reached? I would have to guess that despite the results of the 1952 penny that this may go 200k??
  9. Nice work Ashtonian. I have two 1879 London half sovs so will check on them later tonight for die numbers. What is the best you have seen, mine are both gEF...
  10. 1997 Baldwin 125th Anniv Sale: Price before commission 1952 Penny - 21k quid 1952 Halfcrown - 22k quid So how much would the proof 1952 2/6 go for?
  11. LOL, Colin, good points. I don't see there being a new infusion either. I think the thing that got me about the 1952 penny is that there is only one, and I would have thought there would have been at least two old codgers that would go swing for that. Is the 1933 twice as valuable? Yikes! I had great hopes that someday my best pennies might be worth something, but not so much methinks.....
  12. VickySilver

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Gary that would be the 0.925. Lousy picture as it is slabbed as "cameo", which it appears not to be from picture.
  13. Yikes, bit of a distraction there & here's to her bottom staying UP! I think supporting the original topic that it was interesting that the 1952 penny went only for 80k. I really thought that would be a 100k coin. What say you all?
  14. Paulus, lovely medal there. I like many that came from this exposition. I believe the designer is McMillan who was at the RM and did a series including the ""Peace" crown for the 1927 new coinage of silver...Yikes, it is late here so no doubt Rob can correct me.LOL
  15. I agree with all of the nonsense above, but at last had a look.... Lot 195 is an 1839 Half Crown, evidently currency & a bit mishandled to be sure - but quite a rare bit. Wonder what it will fetch?I already have a decent specimen so not for me. They have it wrong in that the finest specimen we are aware of is the ex-Glens 2000 auction specimen now slabbed as the PCGS 64 example on their census..