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  1. VickySilver

    Matte sovereign

    I agree with above: on first reading of it, I thought this might be a nice matte like the 1902 (sans the wiping) but instead they parade out a pink monstrosity. Also, is it just me, or do the features of George look a bit different, and uglier and cruder?
  2. VickySilver

    1947 proof florin

    Yes, very good information and the basis for my own collecting. LOL on the 1927 Lion 6d as we had a auction shootout a couple of years ago - I lost on the silver version but won the copper-nickel "pattern". I can maybe do the 1979 article but it is not as good; the original 1983 article had some decent pictures that I couldn't get through so many generations of copying.
  3. VickySilver

    NGC Slabbing

    Yes, one time I waited SIX MONTHS! And they got it wrong!!!! After I had tried to steer them in the right direction!! I think that was on one of those 1920 "duck tailed" milling specimens....
  4. VickySilver

    1947 proof florin

    The citations are as follows: The Numismatist, December 1983 Harry E. Spencer is the author. Pages: 2504-2519 There is a lesser leadup article: The Numismatist, August 1979, pp. 1662-1668. I can try to photograph these and send from my iPhone if interested I believe Mr. Spencer has likely passed away at this point as he would be 92 years old.
  5. Sales tax is State by State. Virginia has none, Maryland 5%. So I use a Virginia address and don't pay shipping or tax - 2019 Britannia platinum was 872 USD as an example.
  6. Yes, my point as well. I get the silver two pounds, the silver 10 oz, the gold one oz. and the platinum 1 oz. Very low premiums when bought on pre-sale, occasionally less than 20 USD per gold or pt. coin....
  7. VickySilver

    1947 proof florin

    I will look it up on the weekend. Many years ago I was given a copy and it is really EXCELLENT reading, even mandatory for the collector or others interested in proof 20th C. issues of the Royal Mint (predecimal).
  8. VickySilver

    1947 proof florin

    Yes, the 1945 year seems particularly elusive and in 25 years of collecting have seen only the 6d offered (and I think it is the same piece shunted around). The 1942-44 years are difficult with some denominations as the specimen format with a slightly satin appearance is much more common - see the Spencer article in the J. of the ANA from 1982 which remains one of the best ever written regarding this subject IMO.
  9. Yikes, nada for me & seems not as many offerings there. Iannich - do you mean the 1854?
  10. VickySilver

    1947 proof florin

    Could be, but suspect it to be a "real" picture that shows a coin similar to my own. BTW, Craigy, have you ever seen any 1945 specimen or proof issues than the 6d?
  11. VickySilver

    1947 proof florin

    Wow, that is an impressive result as the original is not all that spectacular. On a related note: I hope we can at some time get an idea of mintages. I am not sure that the TPG population reports are that accurate as there are many resubmissions on the hope that upgrades be achieved. Also, as I have said before, in the case of Wreath crowns that there are many that IMO are not actually proofs (another example would be the 1942-1946 issues wherein many are specimen and not proof).
  12. Actually, here in the States, Britannia bullion issue such as the gold or platinum are quite near to bullion value so not much out really.
  13. Nice overall appearance, very pleasant. The field toward 5 o'clock has some friction as do the high points. I am more in the 58 camp.
  14. VickySilver

    1860 pattern penny by moore

    LOL, yes you are right there; I have gone after RM proofs and patterns where I could afford them & OMS circulation strikes (ie 20th C.) which have in many cases rather increased in value also.
  15. VickySilver

    1860 pattern penny by moore

    I just haven't been able to love these private patterns, but more power to those that do.