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  1. Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Wow, that second 3 looks pretty bad there, even under the encrustation.
  2. Oh, ok, then you meant the earlier sale. I nearly went for a bid at your piece but let it go as I wanted the higher grade. Hard to believe disappointment at the prices, these are after all only lowly groats. I had mentally predicted them at 5k and 2-2.5k. Love 'em anyway. I wonder what such a price would mean for coins such as a truly uncirculated 1854 florin or the currency 1839 half crown in MS64? Or the 1893 Jubilee 6d in like grade?
  3. That seems a reasonable price in today's market. Not a lot of these floating around. I bought a "version" of this in 2006 as the RM sold one to honour the Queen's 80th B-day on a necklace or key chain that was evidently a struck piece that recomprised this pattern. Was about 20-25 quid! LOL
  4. What did the DW florin go for? IMO, second best of the series after the wonderful PEACE crown.
  5. I had thought there might be some issues so did a trial run to see if I could get into auction 8, even though I did not actually bid. Evidently the electronics remembered that I had bid with them before so experienced no grief. I guess you will have powder dry for tomorrow? No Love in the Brit section, but I bid on a couple of lesser bits in the British Honduras section - proofs there from Vick through G5 all basically went for 4k+ & left them alone. I had always wanted the 1913, but after winning the currency 12H did not have the steam to go 1500 plus the juice for what is a nice piece but not exceptional. Had to go high for a couple of the late date currency bits (esp the 1960 25c currency which is a BEAR) to find fully uncirculated.
  6. Was that the sale just past? Good, as I would have been bidding on the '37 for sure...PM me if you like as I am interested as to what it went for? I am starting to think rarity for proof Vicky Groats is something like from most to least rare and based on the last 20 years or so: 1857>1837>1838>1862>1853>1842>>1839
  7. Rob, not quite following you on why DNW will be a "project" this year and next. Can you clue me in?
  8. Cleaning Proof coins

    When actual oxidation sets in, copper nickel is VERY hard to "adjust" with cleaning. I have a very valuable half crown that has what appears to be a couple of spots that look to be secondary to fingerprints many years ago. Previously I had some luck (and even a little on this one) by diluting ammonia 1:1 with water and lightly tamping the surface with softened/soaked cotton buds. Very problematic
  9. TG - that appears a very pleasant 1866 penny. I see so many essentially uncirculated specimens of this date with obverse flan issues....This? None! I am sure lustre better in hand.
  10. 1837 Sixpence with 7 over ?

    IMO, I don't like either of those and the "3" in date with even more corruption. I just can't get my eye to follow the truncated curve of whatever is descending from the crossbar of the 7, and come to either a 6 or broken 8. I could almost make the unlikely case of a broken 0 as well. I don't know, I think the null hypothesis is that it isn't anything [but a diebreak(s)] with bits of loss and loss of defined edges to the datals.
  11. A £600 Churchill Crown

    OK, I'll take a stab at 1500-2k quid. And I like this in matte, IMO quite a nicely done depiction of a man not necessarily handsome...
  12. Good work on that, I'm still waiting to hear on the one as I had a dealer to bid for me... Spink has not yet posted their Coinex auctions & what else might be in store?
  13. the royal mint

    Uggh, well then you may have to stick to the classics like all the other dinosaurs on here. I sometimes feel wet behind the ears in only collecting Vicky and up....