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  1. Wow, a bit early for me but a very nice coin there Jag! Beautiful obverse especially...
  2. I hope that doesn't include me as I did send pictures if my satin specimen.
  3. Which Coin

    JMHO, but the second coin in the OP is the better by a bit because of strike on reverse as was said but also on the obverse. The second coin may have some minor edge dings, or so it appears. In cases of soft or incomplete striking, the discoloration on "high" points may not always be wear, so be careful (beware, LOL). Newer NGC holders are of the tine type so that most of the edge can in fact be observed.
  4. OK, I looked and think mine might be a small date, proof like. Even though I don't generally collect silver Vick proofs, I know I have a proof '81 6d laying around somewhere and will look for it.
  5. I love Vicky 6ds and have a fair collection (I think) but this is a varietal that just does nothing for me - I dearly hope the silver Vicks do not go the way of the penny, or heaven help us BY DIE STATE like a certain collector of sovs used to collect.
  6. Yikes, I thought this one was put to bed already. There is a range from PL to more satiny finish that all came from normal dies, depending on die and die state, and different than the specimen satin strikes.
  7. Bull also has some proposed issues for which numbers are given with no actual coins known. Also a small point but some of the later (George V through George VI) "VIP Record Proof" and "Matte Proof" bits are incorrect. PM if further info might be required.
  8. Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Not far off the price for a real coin in decent preservation!
  9. Cameo or not ? Be wary !

    Without seeing the items, I believe these to be the PCGS and NGC designations for enhanced cameo and describe the same presentation.
  10. 37 cameo 2/6

    I quite agree & like it so much that I got a Cameo66 not long ago as the price was decent IMO for what you got (well, mine was). I also like the crown in cameo but graded cameo '37 crowns have been going up quite a bit lately if 65 or above.
  11. My Latest Acquisition

    I think, but don't know based on other (uncited) readings that this "pure" silver was the result of acid pickling that enriched the surface by leaching out the lesser metals. I have the Nicholson 1920 specimen halfpenny in nickel that was one of the early attempts after the war to possibly move the standard away from silver all together. This was repeated with 3d and shilling in 1923 and the shilling in 1924 with examples of the latter recorded as struck to 5.0 and 5.7 gm standards. It would be possibly interesting to check the alloy of the Bull coins listed as "Duck tailed" specimens of the silver coins as these may have been experimental alloys, not to mention many others. The BM have quite a collection of different alloy specimens from this period as I recall.
  12. Very different grading of 1746 LIMA HC by (L)CGS

    My, my, that's strong stuff. I agree with you that they are not so very "clean", and amazed that they deal in coins that they themselves grade. Just too much profit incentive (well, that was a pleasant way of putting it). On the other hand, if you could by the specimen at a VF price then that would be good. Not to bore, but I have an very rare Vicky halfcrown in my collection that I bought at a Glens sale about 15 years ago that they had as gVF that graded out as MS64. And of course its my coin, but I tend to agree (as I would).
  13. IMO not even a proof. Also, there is a die flaw on G6 cheek, nice reverse although out of focus could be hiding many hairlines, etc.
  14. LCA December

    Nick, I quite agree. That coin appears to be uncirculated, but unfortunately quite softly struck as is seen for this date. I have an extremely well struck example that took some effort to find, so they are out there. IMO that coin obviously dipped however....
  15. Which IMO deserve SOME premium but not 2k worth...Even if specimens were struck at different times and with slightly different techniques, if they can not be readily separated by experts side to side, or even by the very people that struck them, then perhaps many of our separations are arteficial at best. Spencer,who wrote the article in the 1982 Journal of the ANA about VIP Record proofs - and who did an excellent job IMO - struggled to differentiate specimen vs. proof, etc.