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  1. Not in Bull as I am sure you checked already. I don' t know what I did with my 2000 Coincraft Catalogue.
  2. I think more of what I was getting at is the coins that may have been 500 to 1000 pounds 10 years ago may go for 5, 10 or 20x that amount now. And so maybe that is the new reality, but leaving many of old-time collectors out possibly. On the other hand, let us not be surprised if there is a setting in the market either. Also I saw with several lots an alarming trend to give more value to the slabbed coins and that even amongst slabbed coins there would be a large jump - USA style - in the price gap for a one point TPG grade difference (or so it seemed).
  3. I wonder if we are getting priced out of our own areas? Did you see the 1685 plumes shilling went for 60k?
  4. Reverse very nice indeed and the King's hair is near medallic in appearance.
  5. I was shocked to see some of the Pywell-Phillips coins going for double estimate - not all but MANY had been cleaned, and not too pleasantly. One example was the cleaned 1905 Halfcrown, and I believe the 1893 Jub. sixpence (can't remember for sure on that one). Also, the Churchill specimen crown went for 9500 - how on Earth did that rate a "66"? Also the prices these pieces went for really seemed to mirror the American situation - that top coins are now basically out of reach for the "commoner".
  6. Yikes, check the prices! Just shocking IMO, and not just Gold proofs, etc. but includes silver coins. Will be interested to see what the 1850 shilling goes for in the next 5-10 minutes...
  7. Wow, I will take a look, but don't recall this one....
  8. Ah, hopefully to those that browse this. I have TWO already and really need to relax on the buying doubles and TRIPLES..... Please do PM me immediately if you get wind of either the Franklin Mint 1984 specimen (not proof) set of Jamaica, and for that matter 1984 specimen sets of Barbados and Trinidad
  9. Yes, this is the duck tailed milling, mentioned by Bull. I don't think it was his though. Called a proof (61??) by PCGS. The coin appears flawless in hand and got the florin at the same time with the shilling some time later.... I believe it was struck with the milling and not applied later. The lower border of the garter belt has a raised edge to it, which makes it (??) Rev A maybe?? But the gap between the edges of garter adjacent to "C" of "CROWN" makes it look more like Rev. B....It might well be its own die.
  10. Here is a nice one, courtesy some years ago of Mark Rasmussen:
  11. Looks PMD, possible liquid contact and then increased oxidation there - maybe the coin was in or had something spilled on the obverse.
  12. VickySilver

    More Pennies

    I suppose olive oil with cotton bud GENTLE application would be relatively safe, with the residual oil removed with liberal rinse and soft detergent with more water irrigation and tamp dry with the high nap white cotton towel.... Don't blame you for being a bit nervous. Good score on that coin, and one I'd be happy to own.
  13. VickySilver

    Edward VIII penny for sale

    I don't think a lot of spares out there!
  14. Nice Paddy, the 1882 by repute is a scarcer date in the later Young Head Halfcrowns......
  15. I believe that the Baldwin cited March 2020 is NOT the one you have listed under die 88 as that used to be pictured on PCGS is my own PCGS55 specimen. The other pictured above is an NGC55 graded specimen.