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  1. Ok, I confess that I still like the 1970 set - perhaps a bit sentimental!
  2. 1926 Change of Effigy

    Yikes, that would be your coin? Pictures please, kind Sir! Have you posted it before? Can't remember!
  3. Paulus, you are braver than I although it does look good. Such a notorious coin for faking!
  4. Can't answer the first bits, as to the value that would be IMO no added & perhaps a tenner or so. You'd need a better level of preservation and even a mint specimen would not be much if any added value to the 100-150 in that better grade.
  5. "I" over "I". This is how they appear. There are many more lettering variants on earlier Victorian small silver inc. 3ds and Maundy sets...
  6. Yes, I agree in general although a few issues thought scarce have since proved not and vice versa. Glad to have that as a reference.
  7. 1841 Queen Victoria halfpennies.

    I love a nice Vick obverse, regardless of the date. The second-to-last of Non-mort looks to have been hit with fingerprint IMO with subsequent attempt at cleaning or light dip. Parts of the obverse fields have some proof like qualities.
  8. Goldberg Auction Up

    Yes, and the centers of the flowers (stamen). The details in G5's hair just is not there on any of the three and as you say they've been knocked about. If you compare them to the 1936 I posted up here, you may see the differences.
  9. I just had a look at the upcoming Goldberg's catalogue, and was quite disappointed by the overall offerings, but more than this really have to question the three "VIP Record Proof" Wreaths dated 1928, 1932, and 1936. The latter looks perhaps the best, but the obverse of KG5 is very poorly struck in all three, the rims/edges just not there for proofs, and the reverse wreath details (i.e. stamens and flower details esp.) quite poor, at least to the accepted proofs that I have seen. I vote against all three, what say you dear readers? You may want to look at the Proof 65 1927 just prior in this auction or the 1936 I had posted [with help] earlier on these boards.
  10. Beware the Slabs, Today's Story of the 1845 1/2 Crown

    I don't have anything in for Atlas, and doubtlessly there are some pieces in his stock that are relative bargains (and good for you Jaggy in finding one). However, a decent price here or there does not really buck the basics, and that is they are grossly priced upwards by IMO 100% in most cases. In my series, I find that I am able to get pieces MUCH cheaper by going the auction route even though I likely am competing with him - and he does seem to go full retail plus for coins, then to boost them as I've mentioned. What I do find interesting is that his stock at least seems to be increasing with time - not totally unexpected with such high prices. I wonder how this works in the long run, though suspect he is able to balance this by being in the right place at the right time with plenty of cash. Thank God I got much of my collection prior to the market being pulled.
  11. Beware the Slabs, Today's Story of the 1845 1/2 Crown

    Yes, this is Atlas - he at least doubles the price he pays & then lets buyers "offer" him down a couple percentages. My goodness, he is "creative" on the pricing schema but does take offers. Never bought anything from him. He does seem to have a very high budget for auction purchases and is running up many of the non-gold items both in USA and UK. Evidently it is the Japanese that are collectively running up the 19th C. proof sets and gold, esp. 19th C.
  12. Peter Nichols cabinets

    Peter, LOL on that commentary. However, before lobbing a stone too far in the glass house, please check in with those infernal "hypervarietal" penny boys in goode olde UK! I like these cabinets as well, but don't know where I'd put one....
  13. Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Interesting, I bought an Isle of Man 1974 sov last week and just noticed that eBay reports it "sold at 280 pounds". Truth is that I submitted an offer of 248 that was taken. So what actually are REAL sale prices?
  14. 49er - Can you please post pictures of the 1905 shilling once in hand? Thanks
  15. Is "Cameo" a recognised grade/variety ?

    Oops, that was a late night ERROR. Don't know what I was thinking of, as those are the designations for Prooflke and Deep Mirror Prooflike. I think light cameo is Cam[eo] and more heavily frosted is Deep Cam[eo]. Sorry!