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  1. VickySilver

    Ebay's BEST Offerings

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  2. VickySilver

    Ebay's BEST Offerings

    OK, I know I should find a picture for best effect (or be able to post it): Just bought a two coin Br. Honduras lot for USD13.20. In it was a 1954 50c that was usual crappy. The prize was a 1960 25c which is quite scarce to rare in higher (unc.) grades - it was really ugly with what could have been early verd. HOWEVER, the thing that struck me in pictures was that the rims were sharp (no, not a proof) and representative of what could be a nice unc. specimen. Not to mention a bunch of muck in the devices and lettering. Long story short, I cleaned it with ammonia - NO friction, just tamping with cotton buds - and then rinsed it well. Voila! I had what is likely an MS63 or 64 coin. As I had bought the Richard Stuart MS63 example for USD120 or so, this was quite a find. Really more about the difficulty of finding such more than the money. Perhaps I can email a reader and they can post pictures?? Sold Ebay item: 303634274564
  3. Yes, there are a few false alarms here and there. A seller the other day had a set listed as 1984FM Jamaica specimen set and thought I had one of my "white whales"! Nope, it was a 1983 set....Scarce, but I have three already. LOL
  4. Hi Tom,

    A bit forward I know, but if you don't mind my asking, how much did that '94 proof set go for?


    1. Mr T

      Mr T

      Don't mind at all - it was an uncirculated set and it was $5 (Australian dollars in 2016) - absolute bargain in my opinion.

    2. VickySilver


      Oh, my! That is a steal there. Haven't seen those listed in Krause (probably won't be - LOL).


    3. Mr T

      Mr T

      Haha - and yes I think Krause lists them as a circulation coins but I'm pretty sure the 1994-dated coins are set only.

  5. VickySilver

    Cleaned or not?

    I think they may not like the "halo" in the fields around KG5. Also, poor lustre - but as we know this is not the vintage for fabulous colour. I looked at the blowup on their site and think I might even have gone 61 or 2 with it. Nice coin. Please look up my specimen of this date on their site which got a ????61???? That was crazy and this for an "only known" specimen.
  6. VickySilver

    More Pennies

    Yikes, micro-varietals on the rampage in this column! The good thing is something for everybody & don't have to be exhaustive....
  7. PS - that on ebay is actually a year 2000, not the track and field (athletics) coin with a portly female sprinter on it...LOL
  8. Good spot. Not sure what these are worth & have two of them. A portly runner there !
  9. Ah thanks! Sadly, these are quite common compared to those I listed. Good Looking Out!!!
  10. VickySilver

    More Pennies

    LOL, that is my take on many "types" - when is enough clear variance enough to make it a type? IMO many of the "dot" varietals are somewhat in the category of this one.
  11. I see it listed at 200 sets. Are they like the RM, where often we see reported maximums as oppose to actual number sold - modern mints have an issue with this? The OP set 2002 Jamaica is listed as are all the other Jamaica sets from 1988-2001 at 500. These must be maximums because some are much scarcer than others. I suspect an original set limit is the first number, the number released another, the net number out to actual collectors (net after returns, losses, etc.) possibly entirely another.
  12. VickySilver

    Florin 1849

    Although good practice to calculate SG (and a minor pain in the ass). This coin fails on more important grounds, including those I have broached.
  13. Ha, Tom. Good looking out! Have you found others since, and was that a set as released by a mint (which?). I am so glad to see others in similar hunts to myself and the search is quite entertaining, if sometimes without fruit for periods of time.
  14. Good research, fellows! John Ford was able to put together very comprehensive collections in a time when it was a bit more possible on a "normal" person's budget....As opposed to that (IMHO) infernal Hansen fellow in the USA putting together a virtually complete collection of US coins on an unlimited budget as a BILIONAIRE. Easy come, easy go... I am not selling either of my 1882 (no H) Jamaica pennies as they were hard won.
  15. VickySilver

    Florin 1849

    I am not particularly concerned about SG on this coin as IMO it fails on other merits. I think it might actually be die struck but the counterfeit dies created by something similar to spark discharge - might be possible by computer guided laser?? There are many other details that are all wrong that I left out. If you enlarge the photo at all, you can see the roughness to the fields and devices and as mentioned the loss of critical detail in many areas.... In any case, although I love my Gothic florins would sadly have to reject this one. I was trying to be polite, so please excuse if I am not quite so.