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  1. Happy Easter! A very nice example
  2. VickySilver

    More Pennies

    Uh, I will confess to getting the Adams 1860/59....And 1550 was the price on that as well.
  3. VickySilver

    More Pennies

    I love this date nearly as much as the 1849 when truly mint state. What I waited for was an example that had the breast to left on Britannia struck up. I too wonder how many were struck and survive; in the era of internet they come up rather more frequently than in previous times...
  4. Yea, not sure about that price! Love the Halfcrown series but not sure about that as a value. But with the prices that have been reached by other coins, maybe that is the new value/price! I think it might be like Nick that now is the time to sell....
  5. VickySilver

    Steep slabbing premiums

    I had no idea they had gone as high. I like the date so much that I have several that are likely "65ish" in RB with nice strikes. I just like the date and was trying to match the ME (which has sadly lost a bit of the mint red lustre after 20 years!!). Not to derail, but the coins in TPGs that simply must be seen are the 1918 & 1919 H (especially) and KN issues as the actual coins will vary greatly in colour, strike and overall appearance...
  6. VickySilver

    1917 Sixpences Grading

    Yikes, strike issues as per normal on these two with the first much better in AUish IMO grade a 55/58. The second soft with wear and tone and rim ding that might merit a "details" grade but net VF35 or gVF....
  7. Obverse surfaces a bit granular but unfortunately even the real items are in similar states of "softness" or wear....
  8. Tony do you have an update on mintages, and how did you manage to get these figures? Nice job.
  9. However even if granted the 67, and I don't think it is for what it's worth, the coin is not scarce and not of such a value. There is an American firm, the proprietor of which gets mad when I bust him out that does much worse than Jon. He knows who he is, but likely cares not and laughs all the way to the bank as he takes coins at 1-5k USD range at auction and then trebles or better their price after slabbing. He is willing to hold for however long and takes "offers" on occasion.
  10. Wow, as you say it must be a mistake - MS67 just can not give that sort of value!
  11. Maybe 12 years or so; thankfully much better in hand with those lines that are die prep.
  12. I believe the price differential if what I am reading is correct is 6k USD versus 20+ k. USD! The Baldwin discussion on YouTube alluded to that phenomenon and thought it well balanced.
  13. If interested I can send mine to post, it's alright.
  14. What about the 1893 Jub? The coin with no respect, LOL,,,,,
  15. 63 Deep Cameo. I was in shock as in all lights and angles and with even 30x mag it is virtually flawless with no marks other than in relief as the die was not perfect. I looked at another graded 67DCAM and of course I was biased but felt this one gave up none to it and has a most unusual original surface with a beautiful sort of toning. I probably never would have slabbed it but the years are passing by and who knows (bit morbid). One example of a die flaw is the longitudinal line about 2/3 of the way toward the back of the neck and the several spots seen on Vick and scattered in the field.