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  1. I tend to be in agreement, even though this is near to the core of my collection. Also, there seems to be very little demand, even for superior specimens. I have a couple of 3ds of this vintage that also are superior mint state examples, not far in quality from the proofs that I have. That having been said, there are some very, very nice proofs out there that are unmistakably of that quality. I think my main issue is rather with the Wreath crowns wherein the TPGs have certified FAR too many coins as proofs that are not.
  2. VickySilver

    Morgan Dollar.

    My thoughts are that as well, likely 63ish, 64 on a good day. 1881 S as you've surmised is not a rarity and well struck often. However, these coins if not all that attractive do at least to me have a bit of a feel of the Olde Weste (LOL).
  3. VickySilver

    Twenty dollar

    Looks legit - maybe MS63 which if so and graded means about 1850-1875 USD.
  4. Site was acting a bit funny today, and only bid on one coin as finances a bit tight. Won that one: Jamaica 5 pence overstrike on 1/2 real.
  5. VickySilver

    NGC Again

    AU58ish in my opinion, not altogether unattractive but not just quite "there". Interesting how the reverse fared better which seems so often the case. I don't think it particularly well struck but there does appear abrasions across the devices (George) on obverse.
  6. Yes, and especially in view of the truly special coins they had. Colonial as well as GB
  7. Recall is about 1993-4 when all these coins, many unknown previously started making their appearance. What in the world? It was a bit of a surprise. I haven't really had conversation with Steve about this but think Bob I. would be the person to ask - is he still alive or about?
  8. I've lost my notes from the time, but may have been minor bust/hair details. Please note that the (in)famous Bob Illsley "sourced" much of the South African Pretoria material. He at one time has ALL of the post-1902 matte proof sets, and one each (at least) of the gold patterns from the 1920s including 3d, 6d, florin, ??halfcrown. I managed to get the matte 1927 set, and then also the 1929 Wreath in proof, and several other pattern pieces. No provenances were provided. So Dolphin Coins at one time had massive connections to South Africa, but I have no independent knowledge of their knowledge as it were.
  9. OK, I bought it from Steve Hill whilst he was as Spink at the time and may not have made the SNC then. It was a two coin lot with the new type (for 1927) shilling in proof and also a variant, though minor.
  10. Related to this, was wondering if anybody had access to the April, 1997 SNC. That was the month I bought the 1927 shilling and crown, but it may have been a pre-sale. As an addendum, I am unaware of any publishing of the contents of the Pretoria Mint before it was deaquisitioned - does anybody know of source material?
  11. Ridiculous there...
  12. OK, don't get excited as it is only and primarily an edge variety with bevelled edges although there are some other differences. I got this from Spink in 1997 along with a pattern shilling that came from the Pretoria mint collection (did they retain anything?).