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  1. GVF as there is still some lustre hidden under the lettering and on reverse, wear to the devices and possibly a bit of field polish, esp. on the obverse.
  2. 1977 Proof Crown?

    Nice way of saying the OP coin is NOT a proof, I would think. Better struck, yes. Proof standard, no Details still not sharp enough, field not right, rim just not close..
  3. Although not strictly British coins in topic, there is of course a bit of a link: - What has become ultimately of them? I seem to recall them being ?absorbed by ICI or some such... - Are their minting records, such as of the specimen trials they struck for foreign governments (presumable with the Royal Mint's blessing) available? The reason I ask is that I was not only generally curious, but saw that the recent DNW lot of the 1977 Seychelles 1 Rupee and 50c appear to be very similar to "specimen strikes" that are being slabbed by PCGS (evidently by the ebay vendor and well known American foreign coin seller Margulies). I think that perhaps these were marketing pieces possibly related to them attempting to ramp up business between the 30s/40s and later 1990s. In the Seychelles case cited, these are of interest because I am not sure that currency 1977 with the defunct obverse portrait of Mancham are unknown - or at least to the best of my knowledge & so those at DNW appear as what I would term "specimen" strike, and not quite proof. Just how rare or common are these?
  4. Note that just this last week, DNW sold a Seychelles pattern/trial informal set of two coins with 1977 date and J. Mancham obverse. These were never thought to have been issued as he was overthrown as PM and coins all switched to an obverse that features the Republic coat of arms. Relatively common is a collector silver crown in the 25R denomination that was contracted out evidently before the overthrow, but these are relatively unknown with the only internet searchable results are similar two coin lots sold by DNW in 2014 and 2015 - all six coins are different specimens so not the same lot being re-offerred. These coins appear much as the KN specimen pieces that have come on market in the last several years but have not yet been able to locate the minting source of these coins.
  5. More Pennies

    I still say RIDICULOUS and still post minting damage no matter how it is couched. For that money, there should at least be a DNA traceable bit of Victoria spittle on the coin!
  6. Lovely mark-free bust there! A bit softly struck, but an excellent representative!
  7. I think the Vick Old Head crowns can be "cherry picked" for nice strike and there are thankfully many ungraded specimens about. Other than hyper graded proofs, nobody seems to care - there are some very scarce to rare Regnal years in the higher grades. I think the crown that Sword shares with us might be better priced at about 1/3 what was advertised at perhaps 350. Their (L/CGS) 82 grade is not all that wonderful in this series IMO.
  8. Nice though with pleasant strike to the reverse devices - hey, no flat chest on George!. Funny thing is that I find myself buying redundant bits at times if the newer bits especially nice in their own way. That '26 3d is quite nice also, almost specimen like with precious few marks....
  9. Is the crown a Regnal LVI or LVII? Nice coins, there! I wish I was a bit more gifted in posting as anxious to share the 1842 3d as well as a couple of others from DNW.
  10. Hey, I love those Vicky (surprise!) 3ds!!! there were really nice bits in DNW today.
  11. Yes, I finally got in also and got several of the currency Vick 3ds I've been trying for. The 1853 3d was listed as a proof, but looked rather like a currency to me - but let it go at 850 plus the juice...
  12. Wow, I can only barely get on DNW site,but not to live bidding - anybody else with that problem this morning (afternoon in London)?
  13. CROWNS

    Soon (hopefully) to follow courtesy of Dave are a few of the proofs. The 1936 which shows modest cameo is the best Wreath proof of any date I have seen, but I threw in the mattes of 1926, 1927 and even 1937 - well, only got the obverse on that one as I was in a rush at the bank. I do not recall ever seeing the crowns to come in boxes; I got the REP 1935 in cello that came with the other proofs of that year but was not in a package. The 1926 Wood Pattern did come in a box quite similar to that the cardboard case that 1927 sets were issued in along with the other patterns that were given to the widow of the designer, Wood, evidently by Paget.
  14. CROWNS

    Thanks, Brad...That one is above my pay grade. I actually had the money many years ago, but none were on offer, so I don't think I'll ever get that one.