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  1. VickySilver

    Slabbing - Learnt my lesson

    I think that a written note from them would do worlds if it could be directly tied to a specific coin. Their opinion would be near the top I would imagine and especially for milled predecimal coinage.
  2. VickySilver

    Royal Mint Proof Coins and Cleaning Signs

    Rob, I totally agree. I think it is "caveat emptor" when it comes to proofs (or for that matter most coins).
  3. VickySilver

    Royal Mint Proof Coins and Cleaning Signs

    And I think that proof strikes are not always optimal, as well as recognising that the blanks prior to striking are not always polished and there can be areas of the coin (admittedly usually the devices) that may not be fully struck. When there are areas of poor strike/weak strike, details of the original blank including scratches, etc. may not be obliterated... So we may be talking proof coins that are not prepped or struck in the "completed" fashion, and this may be what occurred in the examples shown.
  4. VickySilver

    Slabbing - Learnt my lesson

    Yes, these were my coins that I sent in to be graded/slabbed. Actually included the "duck tailed milling" proof specimen shilling, florin, half crown of 1920. I think they may have also sent my 1937 silver farthing model reverse as well. I think also a couple of pattern Vicky half sovs.
  5. VickySilver

    Slabbing - Learnt my lesson

    I can tell you for a fact that on three of my coins they were sent to UK and then back again - they were out for > 3 months. PM if you want details...
  6. VickySilver

    Slabbing - Learnt my lesson

    Well, I can say they for sure make mistakes, BUT on major rarities or patterns, they will send the coin out (eg I know some of mine have been sent to Steve Hill and also Mark Rasmussen - I can' t think of better predecimal milled silver references as they trump [don't use that word, I'm sorry] Bull, etc.).
  7. VickySilver

    copy or real

    OK, I vote for real deal but cleaned with subsequent oxidation and "cameo" wear. Wish I could post mine, sorry though.
  8. I am always glad for those that like coins, but just can't say this is one for me. The RM is going absolutely hog wild with all of their releases, and even if limited mintage, I somewhat have the feeling that these will be bundled up eventually as some sort of "Early 21st Century Royal Mint Type Material", and then sold by weight or some similar method...perhaps much as the US Mint issues of $5 gold commems have gone. So I do hope each and every love the designs, but don't think they are much of an investment. That having been said, I dutifully collect the Britannia silvers each year up to the 5 oz size. Smart? Nope, not at all....
  9. Not at all, like your coin as Coinery had it right. I think it is hard to find both sides struck up to where they "should" be - however, pleasant coins with great lustre are pleasing as well. Again, nice coin and sorry for misunderstandings from my end as well.
  10. IMO very little wear on that OZ, softer strike though. Craigy, that is an amazing ground find and much better than almost any I have seen!!
  11. VickySilver

    Atlas Numismatics

    Hey, keep us posted Jag! I am with you, it is only if I am going to trade for something that I get up off even the doubles.... I think, dear Peter, that there might just be such a thing as moderation and sometimes it just plain exceeds that [by a LOT].
  12. VickySilver

    Atlas Numismatics

    The example mentioned is exactly what I DO NOT LIKE ABOUT THEM. I guess it is the American Business Model at its (IMHO) worst. They buy a coin and maybe even a bit higher than it has been going for and then bounce the price by 400, 500% and more to see what they might get away with. So it is also IMO no concession that they put that OBO business at the end of the sale, some consolation. I certainly appreciate where Jaggy is and that he has gotten a piece or two, but I really don't like the bulldoze "GreedMo' " approach as it in the end despoils the market. I am most glad that I got many of the very best coins that I have before this sort of thing got into the market. I can see how this may fragment the market eventually if this approach is expanded on by others - and I see it occurring (eg the prices on proof Victoria gold and now "hyper grades" bringing hyper prices). This is not sour grapes either, so should not be dismissed as such; there certainly are times that I could have secured another piece or two and pinched the market but just don't believe in that approach as this is a hobby for many of us, and nice to have fellow collectors out there. This is the sort of thing that is now applied to more classic Brit issues that we have seen first with the flippers that purchase the "limited edition" issues (and now has seemingly spread to the RM and the Garufulos (sp?) and other tat they now issue that has extended the "GreedMo' " mentality. Well, sorry to run on.
  13. Yes, an interesting contrast, that. Don't forget to add in the mentioned strike. This on the florins, but even moreso the half crowns. The exceptional ones blend all three. and these are, when found, to me are to be kept. I have some nice pieces from this era, but few that are exceptional. In any case, a nice coin there!
  14. VickySilver

    1905 Halfcrown

    LOL, yea true is that. I try to like it an managed to get all the silver but quite stale in appearance. Even the florin - if you look closely Brit looks a bit, hmmm, "alternative lifestyle"
  15. VickySilver

    Atlas Numismatics

    Please don't let me get started on them. Nice coins is as nice as I can say.