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  1. Thanks for the assists all! I am waiting to see the others as I bought a couple of USA coins including what may be a 1918/7 D buffalo nickel a bit beaten but for I think it was 22 USD, and a couple of other cheapies.
  2. Here goes gents (& ladies): PS : not my fingers checking
  3. Will send that tonight.
  4. Hi all, looks to be....I bought this from an eBay vendor on a lark as I was actually buying a couple other small items:
  5. Yes, good point and would not be selling either the OP set or this Belize set. Buyer would not like the price tag to separate me from either!
  6. VickySilver

    More Pennies

    Of course this brings us back to a perennial argument of strike and grade. IMO, a coin that is just as it left the dies with NO contact marks or handling would theoretically be a mint state 70 regardless of the crispness or softness of strike or whether there are die breaks, etc. The problem arises when some wear is introduced to the equation, and the qualities of strike and wear become inextricably mixed. Interestingly (or maybe not) with regards to this coin, I do appreciate a better strike for aesthetics. Not all 1860/59 pennies are equal in presentation or value. I have seen some slabbed MS62s that are superior if not technically then overall to 63s or maybe 64s. The above coin has a better strike but shows some wear signs, esp. the obverse that along with the grime would, if pressed, get a grade of 55 for me. OK, forgive me for the Sheldon grading...
  7. Of parenthetical interest: About 3 years ago or so I bought a 1984 Belize specimen set from the Franklin Mint at ORIGINAL release price of USD 29.95. This set is probably even more rare than this 2002 Jamaica proof set. People have often spoken of the FM in rather derogatory terms, but the quality of their coins in terms of designs, strike and presentation was quite good. Anyway, I was just offered USD 1500 for it - which I turned down as I am a collector only. This begs the question: if you have a coin that is part of a series you collect, what offers would separate you from that coin or coins? With regards to this Belize set, I would not let it go for 5k, but maybe 10k.
  8. Ah, yes, quite common. Some of the coins pleasant enough appearing. These were struck at the Franklin Mint to a fairly high standard.
  9. Yes, that is so much the case, and you are so correct. The pictures showed, and I almost have to laugh at the portly runner on the crown. I suppose that sometimes George V and VI coins are not always that pleasant to look at and I almost feel that way about them, including proofs and all the Records and patterns, OMS, etc. They just cost a lot more...
  10. Still somewhat difficult to navigate. Not the best for organisation, or clear as to what is newest and a bit of a struggle to get through. Still, Mark has gotten me some reMARKable coins over the years - truly spectacular on occasion. I suspect his interests these last few years have broadened/shifted a bit. Now if only he can find me the missing specimen 1920 3d and 6d! And resurrect my long-lost 1863 florin!
  11. The first, from the obverse WOULD have gotten uncirculated - no marks, or issues. However, the reverse lets it down so that even with somewhat soft strike appears to have cabinet or other friction on the high points. The second looks to have uncirculated quality without a lot of "red" lustre.
  12. Thanks! The only problem is that the joy of the hunt is now off. Oh well! And I certainly appreciate all who have supported me and this particular search. Unfortunately, coins in my area of specialty - late milled copper and silver are way to expensive. Therefore because I am an addicted collector have had to find other things to chase.
  13. Ten years later, I got this White Whale! DIdn't at first even know it existed but here it is. Now if I can only find the stablemate 1984 FM Specimen Set!
  14. Isn't that the Pointer Sisters' song starting to play: "I'm So Excited"? I believe my Jammy 2002 proof set should be delivered tomorrow or at latest Wednesday. One heck of a White Whale I have been trying to get for TEN YEARS!
  15. VickySilver

    More Pennies

    Yes, I quite agree. I wonder if he can work with Chris on such a book, replete with as many illustrations as possible. I know just from this forum there would be quite a few sales. In fact I will speculatively reserve mine right now! LOL