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  1. I purchased both silver bullion versions this year. I prefer the oriental border one over the standard one.
  2. The coins that you have are a Washington quarter and a Franklin half dollar. The JRS on the Franklin half dollar stands for John R. Sinnock. He was the designer of the coin. The Liberty Bell is on the reverse of the half dollar. The Washington quarter series started in 1932 with the last circulation strikes in silver being 1964. 1998 was the last year with the eagle on the reverse of the quarter. Franklin half dollars were made from 1948 to 1963.
  3. Nice pair of Indian Head pennies. An 1876 for £3 was a very good purchase.
  4. The coin is well beyond my budget and if I could afford it, I would need to do alot of double checking.
  5. I am not an expert but I have read that some people have concerns about coins slabbed by SGS. Reports that if the same coin would be sent to either PCGS or NGC they coins would come back grades lower. From the pics, these don't look like an high end slabbed coin. Here is a picture of a PCGS slabbed buffalo nickel. Ken
  6. All, I know many people here are not really interested in modern UK decimal coins but I still enjoy the challenge of trying to find new releases in circulation than resorting to buying sets from the mint. I am aware that these coins will probably never be worth much but the cost of such a collection is just face value of the coin and my time. I moved from the US to the UK back in 1998. Maybe if I would have been arond when the previous non-decimal coins circulated, I would be more interested in them. I would have expected that the modern UK decimal coins would be in much better condition than what I tend to find (especially the 1 pound coins....so many of them look so beat up). When I lived in the US, you could go to the bank is obtain rolls of anything and since many of the coins from cents to halves have circulated for so long, you could find old stuff which sometimes was in good shape. I have only seen the small plastic bags of change that the banks give our and surely that does not help the condition of the coins. How are larger amounts of coins stored by banks? Comments? Ken
  7. Really a shame that this coin has scratch in it. 39,208,000 of them were minted. Really not point in trying to assign a grade to a coin which such a scratch in it. Makes you wonder when it got scratched like that and why. Mind sharing how you came about this coin and the other coins from the states you have been posting? Ken
  8. Chris, Hmmm....interesting question. Which ones are you questioning? So we can work on getting better images. Ken
  9. Here are the ZAR coins that I have: 1982 2 1/2 Shillings 1892 2 Shillings Pair of 1984 1 Shilling Three Different 6 Pences 1896 3 Pence 1898 1 Pence Enjoy. Ken
  10. One of my favorite seres of coins from "South Africa" are the South African Republic - Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek (ZAR coins). Front of these coins look like the Krugerrand. Series was made from 1892 to 1898. There was a single coin made in 1899. The front of the coin is my avatar. I would put up some images but I can't figure out how to add a photo to a post. Ken
  11. kena

    Is this coin AMERICAN?

    I will give my usual response to this. Don't throw them out as being worthless, just find an eight year old and give the whole pile to them. They love that sort of thing and you might just start a lifelong interest. I would not say it is worthless or scrap. Mintage of this 1901 Liberty Head Nickel (sometimes called a V Nickel) is 26,478,228. Series was minted from 1883 to 1913. As someone else stated, the 1913 is the rarest. Normal issues which are worth a bit are the 1912-S, 1885, 1886. Another interesting coin in this series are the two versions of the 1883. One with the word cents on it and first release of it which did not have the word cents on it. Some people gold plated these and passed them off as 5 dollars. If you decide you don't want the coin, let me know. Ken
  12. I split the coins out by country listed on the coin. Since then you can show the history of the country under different governments.
  13. Hi, Okay...now how does one go about finding dealers and coin fairs (shows) in the UK. When I lived in the US, finding a dealer and information about shows was easier. So far, the only place that I found that is close to me that sells coins is a guy who primary business is selling metal detectors. Purchased online (non-ebay) from two dealers and one of them I probably would not deal with again. Ken
  14. 2009 1 Pence from Waitrose
  15. Has anyone seen any 2009 coins in circulation? There are still coins from 2008 that I have not seen yet. Ken