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  1. its there, Its worn, I have the Jamaican 1882 as well, worn but nothing where the H should be, but other details of similar depth are there.
  2. what about the 1967 halfpenny with the obverse used on 1961s?
  3. the 2008 Ironside 2p 10,600,000 minted and 2017 10,900,000 according to the royal mint site
  4. scott

    Antiques Roadshow - Coins

    they rarely show coins on there, only seen 1 collection of coins on there that was going a few years back
  5. 1992 dot to dot, the 2008 old design 10p... couple of scarce 2ps as well
  6. 1861 halfpennies have plenty of broken letters as well
  7. scott

    Come on ENGLAND

    its coming home... and the royal mint will make 50ps of all the players and manager probably... :/
  8. scott

    What is this coin?

    National bank Ukraine 1 Hryvnia Bullion coin, worth far more then face value
  9. scott

    Several Ships are missing

    obverse 5 is an odd one, I got a 5+g 1861 penny, noted stuff in the place, not letters but what looks like border teeth. hard to explain.
  10. in a bulk buy I got the other day, in the new coins thread £2 for this, an 1879 narrow, a decent 1937 and average 1874 i havn't checked yet
  11. scott

    what will they think of next???

    ideas for post brexit currency
  12. you still can't I dug out an old halfpenny from William III which i bought a few years ago as 1696... I saw it as 6 recut with a 5.. others saw just 1696, others saw 1695, if i angle it I can see either 95 or 96... then someone said 5 over 4.. which also possible. the subliminal recognition I know best is the George V modified Effigy... give me a coin with that head on head side I can see it right away, however give me a 1926 reverse side, takes me a few minutes to recognize it. I got some token in Bulgaria a few years back, with the Pentacle of Soloman on one side, the other side re carved to have the P with the X through the tail.. but with 2 X, no idea what that is... and only found 1 example of the token in the first place.... on a polish forum :/, wonder what this is for.
  13. I have been about, just been busy, did find one of my older 1862 Halfpennies I have had for ages also is B/R though whats the reverse of my 1861 penny?
  14. got these 4 for a £2 quid. the 1861 is Obverse 5