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  1. Chris... were you addressing me regarding the pics?????

    Also, I'm not bothering with recut lettering on the 1860 and 1861 coins... though I can send you some to include as example in your book.... certainly not worth an entry for pricing purposes........

    Let me know and I will email you........

    Not sure what else I have, but I'll check... I knew I had these handy though....

  2. I've had it happen a few times with me....

    The MOST BLATANT being an 1862 shilling, that was at best an EF by US grading standards AND CLEANED!!!!!!! It would probably be factored out as a VF (US)....

    It was sold by me for about $65 and within a weeks time, it was listed by a British seller as UNC, using MY PICTURES, and ended up selling for over 175 POUNDS (about $325 at that time......)

    I don't know who I was more annoyed at.. the seller for his boldfaced misgrading, or the foolishness (I'm being nice) of the bidders, who took the word of the seller, and not the truthfullness of the images themselves, where the wear was quite evident, although the coin was "bright and shiny".......

    P.T. Barnum was right, "there's a fool born every minute; and two to take him"

    I still buy (and occasionally sell my duplicates) on ebay, but I try to know who I am buying from, and when I do buy, it is because of something particular that has caught my atttention........