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  1. Bronze & Copper Collector

    More Pennies

    IMHO, Absolutely correct. NOT an open 3
  2. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Halfpenny ID check

    From the posted images I would concur with your identification and assessment.
  3. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Ebay's BEST Offerings

    You're correct Pete, inasmuch as it was the N in ONE... Reverse D both uprights point to teeth Reverse E the uprights point to a gap Unfortunately, as I indicated in my original post, if the border is so worn that the position of the 1 cannot be determined, the same problem will probably exist regarding the uprights of the N.
  4. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Ebay's BEST Offerings

    Unless I am misremembering, I vaguely recall reading something about an alternative method of identifying an F-169. Regretfully I do not have any way of determining my original source of that information. I believe that it might have had something to do with the position of one of the N's in PENNY. Unfortunately, in many instances, if the date was too worn to determine the position of the 1, the same situation existed for the lettering in PENNY. As I stated in the beginning, I might be merely misremembering, simply incorrect, or just delusional...
  5. Bronze & Copper Collector

    1737 Shilling - 3 over ?

  6. Is it wishful thinking on my part or does the C in VICTORIA look like a G?? Your opinions humbly requested... Thank you (1862 penny)
  7. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Opinions requested.... VIGTORIA

    Just uploaded obverse and reverse images
  8. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Opinions requested.... VIGTORIA

  9. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Opinions requested.... VIGTORIA

  10. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Opinions requested.... VIGTORIA

    Thank you for your feedback.... That was my opinion too... Too low grade to be sure, however looking more like a G than a C.. and Unable to rule the possibility out.. For the moment it will fill the box, at least until I can find an affordable definite specimen...
  11. Bronze & Copper Collector

    On the topic of beer

    The bottom line is, however it is served, it is good for what "ALES" you.........
  12. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Penny Acquisition of the week

    Message sent on ebay.... Am unable to bid....
  13. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Experts are those that help substantiate your opinions or claims.... Otherwise they don't know what they are talking about....
  14. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Stuff to Make Us Laugh

    For those that remember Groucho and his show 'You Bet Your Life', where if you said the secret word you got $100 ($50 each contestant). Let us not forget the contestant who tried to collect the bonus by saying "THE SECRET WORD". I don't know if they ever collected the $100 or even if the segment ever aired, but it does make for interesting conversation and is somewhat apropos...
  15. Bronze & Copper Collector

    1860 penny Freeman 14. LCW below foot.

    This is an intriguing thread, which makes me want to bring up two issues. 1) My personal pet peeve is regarding those that say “I COULD care less”. I have always said “I COULDN’T care less” inasmuch as it, to me, is more logical. If you could care less, then it has at least some modicum of importance to you. If you couldn’t care less, then it is of the absolute least possible importance to you. Yet, for some reason, both are used interchangeably, and accepted as meaning the same thing. 2) Being neither a student nor scholar in either languages in general or specifically in Latin, I would ask whether the fact that the various Latin words in question are used in a sentence written in English would have any bearing on the issue. Would the Latin words that have entered the English language be subject to the rules of Latin Grammar or the rules of English grammar, or would a combination of correct Latin grammar and common English usage be the ultimate determinant of acceptable use? Would this be considered to be within the guidelines for the accepted evolution of a language?
  16. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Halfpenny ID check

    Indeed.... And reinforces the difficulty of working from images...
  17. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Halfpenny ID check

    MEA CULPA, NOTHING ELIMINATES IT.. Upon further close examination, I'll recant my opinion and state that I now consider and believe YOUR original assessment of it being an obverse 2 to be the correct one. It only serves to reinforce my belief that NOTHING substitutes for DIRECT EXAMINATION OF THE COIN IN HAND!!!
  18. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Halfpenny ID check

    From the image, I don't think it is a 2, 3, 5, or 7.... (1 is automatically eliminated inasmuch as the coin does not have a beaded border..) Leaving either 4 or 6. If you don't think it's a 4, then it is most likely an obverse 6. Again, nothing substitutes for direct examination....
  19. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Halfpenny ID check

    My personal assessment and attributions are to categorize them as F-274a variants. Inasmuch as the F-274a is considered to actually be a 6 over higher 6, unlike the F-282a which is clearly a 6 over 8, I consider all the various incarnations of 6 over 6 to be F-274a variants. Again, these are only my thoughts and how I have classified them in my collection..
  20. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Halfpenny ID check

    If I did this correctly, it should link to different variants of the F-274a that I posted a while back... http://www.predecimal.com/forum/topic/3664-coin-aquisition-of-the-week/?page=30&tab=comments#comment-39212
  21. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Halfpenny ID check

    Can't tell for sure, but I am leaning towards an Obverse 4 or 6.....
  22. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Halfpenny ID check

    Obverse 5
  23. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Pound coin alloy?

    That's essentially the NORTH & SOUTH of it....
  24. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Pound coin alloy?

    Apparently you are POLES apart....
  25. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Stuff to Make Us Laugh

    Apropos to the above: A man travels to Spain and goes to a restaurant near the bull arena for a late dinner. He orders the house special and he is brought a plate with potatoes, corn, and two large meaty objects. "What's this?" he asks? "The Matador Special, Senor," the waiter replies. "What meat is it?" the man asks. "Cojones," the waiter explains, "They, are the testicles of the bull who lost at the arena this afternoon." At first the man is disgusted; but being the adventurous type, he decides to try this local delicacy. To his amazement, it is quite delicious. In fact, it is so good that he decides to come back again the next night and order it again. This time, the waiter brings out the plate, but the meaty objects are much smaller. "What's this?" he asks the waiter. "The Matador Special, senor," the waiter replies. "No, no," the man objects, "I had the Matador Special yesterday and it was much bigger than this." "Senor," the waiter explains, "the bull does not always lose."