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  1. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Goubys The British bronze penny .

    Of course another interpretation could be that the person is WEARING the barrel and shooting the fish in a stream, ocean, river, lake (any body of water containing said fish)... he/she might need to be concerned about getting a splinter though...
  2. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Daily Challenges

    That's what I came up with.... Powers of 2.....
  3. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Coin aquisition of the week.......

    Stacks had a foreign coin division called Coin Galleries... perhaps it was sold by them and not Stacks directly...
  4. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Stuff to Make Us Laugh

    Hasn't that always been part of the problem?? The length of it, that is......
  5. A tantalizingly mouth watering assortment of coins imaged on that plate....
  6. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Will we ever become a cashless society?

    A well articulated and well thought response.
  7. I think we all understood your point though... Interestingly enough, I don't think he went fully insane until circa 1810
  8. I doubt Victoria would have had much influence in 1797, having not been born till 1819....
  9. Bronze & Copper Collector


    The issue in instances as this, would be more with the TPG than with the seller. Especially when the seller says to buy the coin and not the slab. I would NOT put it in Ebays Worst. I believe it was PROPERLY placed in the TPG section by the original poster. Just my tuppence worth....
  10. Another thought, look in the deleted folder to see if your spam folder was accidentally deleted. I sometimes hit delete instead of rename, or paste instead of copy.. and then go bonkers trying to find the file...
  11. A long shot, but take a look and see if the spam/junk folder has been dragged to the inbox and is now a subfolder of the inbox. In that instance, you would probably (hopefully) be able to reverse the process and just drag the folder to where you want it to be. Or, alternatively, try searching for the missing folder and see if appears elsewhere among your other folders... It happens to me occasionally too...
  12. Bronze & Copper Collector

    1895 Penny variation? 5 further apart

    If anything, that's an understatement....
  13. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Coin aquisition of the week.......

    Added some wrinkles too....
  14. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Daily Challenges

    Without using "y", the only one I came up with, albeit accidentally, was "catchphrase".
  15. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Daily Challenges

    That's how I did it.....