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  1. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Ernest Bramah - English Regal Copper Coins

    It might be in contention for Best Line of the Year...
  2. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Help With Denarius Identification

    Being an Emperor would trump Trump being only a President... Maybe the the etymological root of 'trample' is actually 'trump'. As in the following. "The Emperor exhorted the populace to 'trumple' over the Senate."
  3. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Coin aquisition of the week.......

    That was my impression... Otherwise it would be impossible to keep even semi-accurate population records. There will always be an overlap of coins which were broken out of the slabs and resubmitted as new submissions. These resubmissions, as opposed to submitting a coin for re-evaluation, will tend to skew the accuracy of the total numbers.
  4. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Anyone not able to upload pictures, like Azda and me?

    I had a problem last time I had to upload images. Secret Santa posted them for me....
  5. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Coin aquisition of the week.......

     They deserve everything they get  I'm sure if it continues to be submitted, it will increase to its previous grade or higher eventually. At least until another entity with stars in their eyes thinks the grade can be improved upon once again. And the vicious cycle repeats itself ad infinitum (perhaps ad nauseum would be more apropos).
  6. Bronze & Copper Collector

    More Pennies

    As I'm still looking for an example, I would be content if I had found it. More convincing than the superpoor possible VIGTORIA that I found a while back..
  7. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Coin aquisition of the week.......

    Upon further thought, the slabbing would encompass MANY KEYS.....
  8. Bronze & Copper Collector


    Just so long as that they don't go a bridge to far...
  9. Bronze & Copper Collector


    Any Crowns???
  10. Bronze & Copper Collector


    The end of civilization as we knew it...
  11. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Coin aquisition of the week.......

    You would need a very large slab to encapsulate that....
  12. Bronze & Copper Collector


    Thank you Richard......
  13. Bronze & Copper Collector


    For some reason I am unable to upload the images.... I'll keep trying...
  14. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Ebay fees???!!?!?!

    As a regular seller, I am sure you are aware of the following, but I restate it for the record.. There are a many added fees for additional services which, IF you use them can add up very rapidly (ie: bold, picture paks, highlighted, additional country site, etc.). On a lower priced item, these fees can vastly increase your cost percentage. These fees are less likely to be as obvious nor skew your percentages on a higher priced sale. Another factor to consider is the cost of listing and relisting items that do not sell the first time around. It's very easy to jack your costs up with little or no appreciative added value to your gross sale. The fees only serve to cut into your net profit and/or increase your expenses.
  15. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Halfpenny ID check

    I got PLNNY of nothing......