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  1. Bronze & Copper Collector

    1908 Sovereign

    If my memory serves me correctly the following would probably provide the most plausible explanation. I seem to recall reading about copies of coins made for jewelry purposes that were of the proper gold content. They were adequate for the purpose of the wearer but would not fool a collector or dealer. If you placed them side by side and examined them you could and would see the difference. However, if you simply did a gold content test they would match. Oftentimes they would be bought alongside genuine coins for melt. I have seen bracelets and necklaces with these type copies. They included British sovereigns, US $20 & $10 (necklaces), and $5 & $2 1/2 (bracelets, cufflinks & rings. Also Austrian 20 (not sure of the denomination) Ducats,, French 20 Francs, and Mexican 50 Pesos.
  2. Bronze & Copper Collector

    F38 having 2 different obverse dies

    Don't necessarily blame yourself Richard. I was using what I believe to be the 3rd and final edition from 2003. I don't know what edition that you have. I don't think that particular information was in the earlier editions from 1999 and 2001. At least I looked fast in the 2001 edition but couldn't find it. Of course it was late and I was tired, so I could have missed it.
  3. Bronze & Copper Collector

    F38 having 2 different obverse dies

    I forgot I had a scan of Satin on my phone.
  4. Bronze & Copper Collector

    F38 having 2 different obverse dies

    I don't have the book with me right now, but I'm referring to the S-38 (F-38) obverse 2, reverse g. Throughout the book, he lists (current information at the time it was published), known specimens, known die pairings, finest known, estimated values, etc. When I get home I'll try to post an image.
  5. Bronze & Copper Collector

    F38 having 2 different obverse dies

    Just for the record, Satin (John Jerrams), in his reference guide, acknowledges 2 die pairings for the S-38 (F-38).
  6. Bronze & Copper Collector

    More Pennies

    Thanks for pointing out where to find it...
  7. Bronze & Copper Collector

    More Pennies

    The article in question...
  8. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Coin aquisition of the week.......

    NICE FIND!! I paid for mine......
  9. Bronze & Copper Collector

    More Pennies

    I'll defer to those better acquainted with the series and its intricacies. However, although it defies conventional wisdom and logic, to me at least, it looks most like a 8/9. Much as Bramah states (in extrapolation), the most likely source of the line to the right between the upper and lower loops of the 8 would be an underlying 9. The knob within the lower loop on the left side, although potentially from either a 3 or a 5, could also be from a 9. The slight curved line within the upper loop lower right side, could be from a 3, but also and to me, more likely a 9. A strange conundrum to have an earlier year recut over a later year, yet not impossible. “When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”
  10. Bronze & Copper Collector


    So long as no one is barking up the wrong tree.....
  11. Bronze & Copper Collector

    F-10 penny Repunched R & I in Victoria?

    Agreed. The only reason I mentioned the A was because, if I did not, someone else would almost be sure to mention the weak/missing crossbar, perhaps thinking that I had missed it. My primary enquiry was regarding whether or not the repunched R & I were previously known.
  12. Bronze & Copper Collector

    F-10 penny Repunched R & I in Victoria?

    Hi Richard, Is yours also on an F-10? Asking because I don't see the repunched R or I.
  13. Bronze & Copper Collector

    F-10 penny Repunched R & I in Victoria?

    Close-up inverted image
  14. Bronze & Copper Collector

    F-10 penny Repunched R & I in Victoria?

    Close-up 02