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  1. Hi Mark Was interested to read about the two versions of the two pound coin. I've checked the ones i have and they seem to be the standard circulated versions with the correct obverse. However they do not have the initials DG on the reverse. I also checked my silver proof version and that DOES have the DG initials on it. Reading the accompanying COA the designer of the reverse was a DAVID GENTLEMAN so i guess they would be his initials, much like the IRB on the obverse for IAN RANK BROADLEY. Hope this sheds some light on the DG initials.
  2. Hi all I'm fairly new to coin and note collecting, see my previous post in "Beginners Area", but am gradually building up a collection and am learning more all the time. My question today is about "Specimen" coins. I can't seem to find much information on these, as in what they are, or why they are called specimens. I have recently bought two specimen coin sets, a 1953 QE II Coronation Specimen set and a 1960 QE II Specimen set. These sets are both in maroon cases with gold writing on the lid. I was just wondering if anyone had any information on these sets, as in why they were issued and if they were made for any particular reason?
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    Specimen Coins

    Many thanks for the information Chris. Guess there must be a few of these sets around. I didn't pay a lot for the sets but all the coins are nice uncirculated examples so i'm happy with those. The 1953 set actually has 10 coins, so i'm guessing the official coins in the plastic wallet didn't include the Crown. Anyway, many thanks for the information and, as i said, i'm happy with the coins and they will make a nice addition to my small collection.
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    Thanks for the welcome guys, happy to be here! Wasn't sure i put my introduction in the right category on here but it seems to be ok! Yes, guess you would like my choice of books. I actually bought them from a shop on E-Bay called "Andy's Antiquities". He's a nice guy, prices are good and is very quick with posting stuff, bought a few coins and notes from him as well as the books! I mainly collect more up to date coins rather than old ones. Guess i started with the circulating "commemorative" two pound coins and went from there to the "proof" coins, and then to the silver "proof" coins. Obvously "Check Your Change" was very useful for that. Not sure with some of it though as some of the coins are very hard to find and are expensive when i do find them. The hardest two pound silver coins to get were the 2002 Commonwealth Games set of four and the 2005 "Gunpowdwer Plot".
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    Hi, just joined this Forum and thought i'd say "Hello"! I do collect coins and banknotes but am far from an expert, so hopefully i'll pick up a few tips on here! I have bought the three books, "Collectors Banknotes 2008", "Collectors Coins GB 2008" and "Check Your Change 2008" and have found them very useful. Anyway, nice to be here and look forward to some answers to my many questions and queries soon!