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  1. Thanks for your help lads, none of the coins have Britannia on the back. I guess the coins will go back into the box for another 20 years! I go around most of the car boot sales up here most weekends looking to add to my old bottle collection, quite often I see boxes stuffed with old coins but I have always overlooked them, I'll see what I can find next time! I dare say I'll be back in here in the near future with more pictures! Cheers,Kev.
  2. Thanks for your speedy reply Chris, I like your phrase 'Christmas pudding grade' made me laugh! What is a "Groat" btw, I'm sure I seperated all the same coins into seperate groups?
  3. Hmmm... only allowed to post Two pictures at a time I see!
  4. Hi folks, a newbie here! Firstly like to say what a great looking forum this is, now saved to my favourite's list! I have over 100 small silver coins dating 1870 onwards but I know nothing about coins, Victorian bottles is my area! Can someone tell me if they're worth anything? A few pictures, I can take better ones if needed. Thanks