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  1. Richard2

    On the way back to the car

    Thanks Dave, I was going on the fact that it ends ANGLIE , I can clearly see the E. Withers only shows Henry IV types 3a and 4 ending so . All Henry vi halfpennys in withers end ANGL.. What do you think?
  2. Richard2

    On the way back to the car

    Couple of hours out detecting this morning until it started to rain really heavy, on the way back to the car a quiet signal had me digging my last hole. Out pops a little hammered covered in sticky mud. Thought I should just put it in my tin and wait till I’m home to see who it was. Henry IV halfpenny I’m pretty sure, withers type 4. Can anyone confirm, many thanks
  3. Richard2

    Henry VI penny

    Coin sold for £160, I think my mate, who’s coin it was, is well pleased. The other coin I had in the sale,a Edward IV halfgroat Dublin mint sold for a very healthy £1600
  4. Richard2

    Henry VI penny

    Afternoon all, just an update on the Henry VI penny . its up for auction in this months DNW sale on 15th Nov . Lot 934. No picture of it in the printed catalogue but think its on line. As davetmoneyer said an unknown die pairing. "the exact variety apparently unpublished and presumably extremely rare" is their words. £80-£100 Fingers crossed
  5. Some months back I bought a stamp album from my local coin and collectors club on one of their bring and buy nights, I’m not into stamps anymore but it was what was inside that persuaded me to part with £3 to buy it . Somebody in the past had used it to collect together a load of newspaper cuttings and stick them inside. Many were about coins or hoards found by farmers ,workmen and joe public. The one I like most is the farmer who found the Mildenhall treasure
  6. Richard2

    Edward IV York mint penny

    Just googled it and yes your right , thanks mate. Don’t know how I missed it
  7. Richard2

    Edward IV York mint penny

    Thanks Stu , haven’t got my book handy at the mo but did they mint penny’s at York with rose on breast? I seem to recall when looking yesterday I couldnt find one, could be totally wrong though
  8. Richard2

    Edward IV York mint penny

    Afternoon guys, can anyone throw some light on this penny I dug at the weekend. I think I can make out a rose on the Kings breast, does anyone else see a rose or something else? The obverse at the crown area seems to be double struck and there appears to be something to the right of his head, which I suppose could be a result of the double strike. Also the mm looks vaugley like a rose. With these marks I can’t pin it down to a specific type. Can you help. Thanks Richard
  9. Richard2

    John short cross penny

  10. Richard2

    John short cross penny

    Very nice and rare coin, doesn’t look to have much wavy ness but personally I wouldn’t attempt to flatten it
  11. Richard2

    John short cross penny

    No way would I attempt to straighten an Offa penny if I ever lucky enough to find one. These early broad flan Saxon coins are renowned to be very brittle . And just heating it is liable to crack it or shatter it. I have two Cnut penny’s that are bent but have so far resisted the urge to try and straighten them. It would be good to see a picture of your Offa
  12. Richard2

    John short cross penny

    Thanks Stuart, I went up to DNW on Friday to drop a coin off to them, and showed Chris Finch the John coin, told him what I had done to it and he was well impressed, lots of eye appeal ,which is selling well at the moment. Its gone from a bent coin worth a few quid to something well over a hundred he reckons. Result.
  13. Richard2

    John short cross penny

    Yes ,thanks for reminding me. I should have mentioned that.Heating to cherry red again and allowing to cool naturally leaves the coin in the same metallurgical state it was before you started annealing it. The other thing of course is the coin can/will discolour during the process of annealing. So after you have flattened it to your liking it’s then time to retone to a desirable state. At the moment I’m none too sure of why it discolours , probably due to impurities in the metal or on the surface, mud etc. At the moment, the method I used on the two coins shown in this thread is very simply to put the coin in a small amount of household bleach, just enough to cover it and wait till the coin darkens to a desired colour, usually a minute or two. Wash thoroughly in water and pat dry. Have a look at the coin and decide if your happy with it . Next I wet the coin again and put between two small pieces of flattened tin foil.( shiny side on coin). Hold between finger and thumb for a bit, you should smell rotten eggs(sulphur). Then gently rub the coin, in between the foil still ,in a circular motion. Check the coin to see if the desired effect has been reached and stop. I then put coin in distilled water and using a cotton bud , gently go over the coin to further clean it. Then dry. Now I know a lot of you may be cringing at my method of straightening and re-toning coins this way and I don’t blame you. The bleach and tin foil method is very basic, and I’ve read it can be/ is very damaging to the coin. There are other methods out there ,and I’m willing to learn. So if you know of another method let me know. PLEASE DONT DO THIS ON COINS THAT MAY BE RARE OR VALUABLE TO YOU. please read the disclaimer in the terms and conditions 😉 Here endeth the second lesson. Richard
  14. Richard2

    help identifying half cut short cross

    I find it difficult identifying stuff when I’m half cut😂