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  1. Either a bad infection, or something to treat it.
  2. Check the shareholder/director lists for the various companies and you might find out something relevant. You can go back in time too when it comes to limited company filings.
  3. Two years ago we had a wasps' nest where the hedgehog resided. Didn't seem to worry them.
  4. Rob

    Aethelred II stycas

    You need all references because there is always something in one that isn't in the next etc.
  5. Rob

    1904 coins

    Hi. I have to make up a 1904 set for a customer. Looking for coins in around VF. If anyone has anything please PM me.
  6. Rob

    Aethelred II stycas

    Elizabeth Pirie did a lot of work on these and suggested a chronology using die links, but any interpretation is open to amendment based on subsequent evidence or alternative views. I think it more a case of best fit, with the moneyers associated with the higher silver content coins coming at the beginning of the sequence and then take it from there. I know I have found a couple of pairs not listed in her book which made me question the chronological assignment, but generally speaking, most of what is written holds true. I can recommend her 1996 book published by Galata as it covers over 2000 die pairs. There is also another covering the coins in Newcastle published in 1982. The 1996 book costs £80 from Galata, so not prohibitively expensive. The inner circle is found on both early and later coins, but Wulfred as a moneyer is skewed towards the later period.
  7. Assuming it refers to THE and not a Brian Dawson, then it should be relatively recent. Bear in mind Brian came from Bolton, so a home town interest.
  8. Further to the recent discussion regarding coin tickets and their attribution, the idea of having a stand-alone thread was mooted. Ideally this will be a list of attributed tickets alphabetically arranged by name with a different post for each person. It would also be useful if examples of handwriting attributed to distinguished past collectors could be added as this may assist in the future when confronted with an unknown ticket. There is a useful article in the 2001 BNJ entitled 'Coin Tickets in the British Hammered Series' by Robin Eaglen, but nothing directed towards milled coinage. A link to the BNJ article is http://www.britnumsoc.org/publications/Digital%20BNJ/pdfs/2001_BNJ_71_13.pdf It would help if the thread was a reference tool rather than a discussion board as this would keep the list clean and thus assist when searching. It would also help if admin were to contribute suggestions of what is and what is not possible when it comes to presenting the information in a workable form. I'm hoping (possibly unrealistically) that the ability of Admin to shunt files around can be extended to arranging the entries, or if not, at least an index at the head of the thread with the post number/name to aid searching. The ability to append information to an existing post would also be good.
  9. Rob

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Your taps must be made of pretty hard metal!
  10. Rob

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Apparently a grade of Poor-1 is sought after, as a two kills the novelty value. However, in this instance I suspect it might be body-bagged and given a details grade for graffiti - this having more relief than the remaining original detail whilst at the same time highlighting the only attractive design feature.
  11. Get her enthused about pennies. Mine likes Saxon pennies - which is a bonus, extending to Brownie points when it is particularly aesthetically pleasing. Things of a more numismatic interest often result in a furrowed brow.
  12. My car radio doesn't have long wave & Medium only goes down to 530ish. Best not talk about tellies. I was going to throw ours out on the grounds that Pink Floyd's '13 channels of shit on the TV to choose from' accurately described the situation, but was overruled by the wife. Don't have Sky.
  13. Rob

    York Archiepiscopal Mint

    no picture
  14. This shilling was sealed in the bottom of a Georgian drinking vessel until 10 years ago. No sign of toning here after 250+ years. The same would apply to anything sealed in anaerobic conditions such as hoard coins or any other metal detector find.
  15. With 7 jewels on the crown, apostrophe stops and 6 harp strings, I'm going to stick my neck out and say Richmond 1g. P204 with mm double rose on the obverse only
  16. I don't think we can say anything about W3 halfpenny dates (or legends) that could be considered abnormal given the variety of fonts and character sizes used. Look at the size of the 0 used on some 1701s, or the Roman vs Italic 1s. It isn't limited to farthing and halfpenny size characters either, because there is a 1699 (Nicholson 120) with a ludicrously large inverted V for A. If anything is abnormal, it is a coin without inconsistencies.
  17. I think you might be right. I went for 8 based on no visible top to the 6 and its position relative to the exergue line, but having spent half an hour looking, the limited number of 1698s I can find all have a smaller top loop to the 8 than seen on the 9 and it is quite a thin line when compared to the 6/9 loop. Given the limited striking period in 1698, the low output and by extension the limited number of dies employed, it would therefore seem more likely to be 1696.
  18. Rob


    I've got 3 2019 sovereigns listed on the website if anyone is interested. Today's price for members here is £300 each. £8 P&P. Payment by bank transfer only though, as the card transaction fees would be too high for automated checkout.
  19. The introduction of 20 over cricket has completely messed up a lot of players' ability to discipline themselves to the 5 day game. Admittedly England's first innings was crap on steroids, but when you see a seasoned professional batsman standing virtually still, yet waving his bat almost to a wide position in order to touch the ball, then you know their mind is set is 20 over cricket - i.e. get at least a single off every ball because every dot ball is a waste, we only have 20 overs per innings and a full 10 wickets to lose - should get there with a wicket or two remaining. I suspect the differences between the 5 day match versus the limited over run chase is probably affecting all batsmen because the bowlers have essentially the same task whatever the length of the game. Smith and Labuschagne aside, the Aussie batting has hardly excelled itself.
  20. I left Wakefield just after they were 9 down and needing a miracle. Commentary was on digital Sports Extra, so didn't know what was going on whilst driving home as the car has a steam powered radio. Got back home and they needed 9 to win. Wow. I don't care what they do now as long as it involves some major surgery to the top order. Bowling isn't a problem. Batting is a disgrace if you ignore this one-off innings.
  21. Never seen one, but the temptation for someone to make both double obverse and reverse is quite high. A practically unlimited supply of raw material at essentially zero cost to experiment with can only provide an added incentive given the prices seen for the Satin and signed versions of the normal coin.
  22. Polishing silver with cleaner leaves a deposit on the surface which from my experience results in fairly rapid retoning. Untouched silver takes much longer.
  23. The first failing can be used to advantage as I've had a few bargain die polishing 'details' coins in the past. The second point is high on their list of inconsistencies. Vast numbers seen in plastic have been dipped, but graded nonetheless. Graffiti is another bugbear as a scratched cross on a hammered coins is a problem sometimes, but not others.