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  1. Is that an offer or a have done?
  2. I'd love the opportunity to stick that in an electron microscope.
  3. Rob

    1844 6 over 8 in date.

    If a 6 is involved, it is more likely to be as a result of an attempted repair to a blocked character, as from the 1816 coinage until around the time of the mint refurbishment in the early 1880s, the last two digits only were added by hand, 18 only being on the master. This point is mentioned with reference to shillings in ESC 5th ed. p.135, footnote 1. Examples of unfinished dies are known elsewhere, e.g. the 18 copper penny in Baldwin's sale 44, lot 417.
  4. Rob

    Car boot sales/markets in West Wales

    I get plenty of people buying cheap or lower grade items, from washers to things that are practically as struck, so you shouldn't let that put you off. Aim for as early as possible though for the reasons outlined before. I would guess there would be 25-30 dealers with appropriate stock based on what you wrote. Whatever, nothing ventured, nothing gained. FWIW, I'm on table 43, on the left hand end of the island facing as you go in.
  5. Rob

    Car boot sales/markets in West Wales

    It is easy to find as the Motor-Cycle Museum is accessed off the roundabout at the motorway junction. Be there on time as dealers drift away after 2 o'clock because most of the buyers have finished looking. If you had a shopping list, it might be possible to find some things in advance and take them along. Doors open at 9:30, but with 40-50 tables, there won't be enough time to thoroughly examine what is on offer on every table.
  6. Rob

    Useful links (members posts)

    Independently verified
  7. Rob

    NGS Grader Had a Bad Day ?

    Thankfully, description says 'may not ship to UK'.
  8. Rob

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I wonder if he'll do a like for like swap plus a quid? I'll offer a bag of sh*t.
  9. That's all wrong. It looks like someone has tried to make a copy respectable.
  10. Firstly, the fact that an argument was recorded by a supposedly uninterested third party immediately leads one to question the motive. Neither I nor anyone I know is in the habit of taping next door's conversations/discussions/arguments. Maybe the chattering classes, or 'Angry of Islington' are concerned about what goes on in private, but the majority surely aren't. Secondly, given the political leanings of most newspapers, the reasons for publishing are always circumspect and invariably require the neutral observer to question anything at face value. The content is designed to attract a certain viewpoint and the letters or material offered for inclusion will be similarly aligned. The Grauniad isn't alone in this matter as the right wing section of the press is similarly supplied with news not worthy of the name. Social media, newspapers or your circle of friends are all biased towards the human preference for living in an echo chamber.
  11. Rob

    1981 10p

    They could have been held back and subsequently melted. So anyone with mint reports for subsequent years? I don't have any evidence, but would suggest that with the silver price up tenfold in the prior year or two, every man and his dog was sifting 5p and 10p bags from the banks for silver. As far as the mint and banks were concerned there was every reason to expect demand would be reasonably stable, so the collapse of the silver price was a real spanner in the works. The demand would have melted away virtually overnight, and the unanticipated return of large numbers of shillings and florins would probably not have been foreseen by the mint which was essentially striking in anticipation, but was crucially one stage removed from the banking front line. It would have been compounded by an apparently strong demand for the two denominations as the silver price rose leading to an effective glut dated 1980 and to a lesser extent, 1979.
  12. Rob

    1981 10p

    I wonder if the cessation of striking the currency 10p had anything to do with the continued use of the old florins? 1981 was just after the silver bubble, and although the silver price was still above face value, the collapse of prices in 1981 must have freed up a quantity of Cu-Ni pieces initially retained in the belief they were silver, not to mention bags of deposited florins previously obtained from the bank to sort through for silver. You still get predecimal Cu-Ni saved in the belief it is silver today, so not a lot has changed as far as the man in the street is concerned. The same pattern exists for the 5p, with the next currency issue being in 1987. The 50p by contrast was issued approx every other year
  13. Rob

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    The guy is selling for a charity, so a quick message might be all that is required to get it removed.
  14. The letter profile is too similar for it to be a repunched/repaired die. If double struck I would expect to see the same on the border teeth, or anywhere else for that matter. The lighting is a bit misleading, so do the teeth show the same displacement? If not, then it suggests it was on the die as made.
  15. I think coins were collected fairly soon after the concept of a coinage was introduced. The evidence is certainly there for numismatic hoarding by the Roman period, because the Bolsena hoard, sold as part of the Sarti sale in 1906, contained practically as struck sestertii covering a period of 200 years or so. There is no way that high grade sestertii would survive in circulation for so long, leaving a numismatic collection as the only sensible alternative. The artistry employed in engraving coins would be as recognisable as that seen on jewellery or other artefacts, so there is no obvious reason for not collecting them.
  16. Pretty poor show there. Where are the missing possessive apostrophe's (sic)
  17. Given my list is 1975 and no. 44 and yours are 57 & 58, the latter should be early 80s at the latest, o/w list 1 would have been by appointment to Queen Victoria.
  18. I initially thought early 1975 given he was talking holiday bookings, but with consumer prices up 16.4 in 1974, 23.6 in 1975 and 11.5 in 1976, it would suggest later in the year as inflation figures take a bit of time to compile.
  19. There you go. Can anyone put a definitive date to this issue?
  20. Rob

    Coin ticket, Jan collection?

    Not a clue. Sorry.
  21. You might be surprised. Coin porn has been mentioned on occasion, so googling porn could result in some unexpected readers!
  22. In which case, cut your losses and sell. I'll take a Minton, Lavrillier and a KN - then I'm done with bronze pennies. You can also throw in a Derwent Wood pattern anything and a Victorian decimal penny to save the hassle of selling separately. All options considered.
  23. Rob

    CGS slabbed coin

    No, it's ok. He's from Leigh. Quite normal for anything down the East Lancs.