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  1. The only one I have had in recent times is this, which I think came from LCA. I had one 15 years ago, but wasn't good enough grade to keep the picture.
  2. Looking at Gouby's site, the only obvious things to me at first glance is the top bar of the 5 which is thicker on the end, and the 8 is sharper, from a different punch. The 8/6 looks to be using the same 5.
  3. Is it absolutely clear whether small/large date refers specifically to date with or numeral size, as the definition appears to vary from issue to issue? i.e small date might imply the numerals are used on a smaller denomination, but you also have situations where the date width determines the attribution. A third possibility would be a slightly different font resulting in numeral height/width differences.
  4. The problem is yours and yours alone. As we all accept, there is no right or wrong way to collect because we are collecting for pleasure. If you can't live with it then get rid and upgrade as funds allow. If you bought it because you were happy at the time, then it is your decision if you are no longer happy, but you have to decide why it is no longer satisfactory. It wouldn't be a problem to upgrade as the coin is hardly rare, so it boils down to your priorities - and on that, the ball is firmly in your court.
  5. Rob

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Why do you think it is a fake? Looks ok to me.
  6. Just found this. Breakfast at Zurich Hbf a few years ago.
  7. Rob

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Free postage. Offer a quid. Fair value.
  8. Rob

    Seaby Std Catalogue 1969

    It is both parts hardbound in the original binding (blue this year). Celtic to 1968, and then the pleasant sight of only a single page of decimals
  9. Collect Civil War pounds and half-pounds and you will have a ready supply of ammunition to hand
  10. I've got a Seaby 8th ed Std Catalogue (1969) available if anyone wants old pricing data. £5 delivered. Please PM if interested.
  11. That's a large pot of gold cunningly hidden on the gate post.
  12. I'm in Manchester, but could get things shipped to a London address in time. The only other option would be if I was in Bracknell for the LCA auction, presumably the Sunday, but I haven't had a catalogue yet to determine whether it is worth going down.
  13. Ultimately I am in business and not a charity. Whilst I am not averse to helping out with the odd enquiry, the number of catalogues you would need to compile a comprehensive list is large. Even if you took all of my spares you would still need to find more. Plus, the cost of shipping 100s of kgs half way around the world would be not insignificant. It's the age old problem of everyone wanting the information, but nobody is willing to spend money on acquiring the knowledge.
  14. Rob

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Given the lack of wear evident, the AU55 is probably about right for US grading. I guess they try to be consistent. What they struggle with is eye appeal, which is a major component of hammered coins. It isn't clipped, or at least is unlikely to be so given the weight of 5.97g. The problem with hammered is that you can get a coin that is mint state, flat, but as struck. This isn't an issue for people who collect by numbers.