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  1. Correct. Since the hedgehogs returned three years ago we haven't seen more than the occasional slug. Just need to retrain them to get rid of the cats.
  2. Rob

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Good to see his id highrating_lowprice is accurate re-description and coin value - or should it be lowrating_highprice re the coin and asking price?
  3. Rob

    2009 Blue Peter Olympic 50p

    There's a lot of money sloshing around at the moment. Even furloughed people are getting 80% of wages with nothing to spend it on, including petrol/travel to work which must account for a major spend in most houses. Coupled with an interest rate that's effectively zero, and people are looking for places to park their money, whether researched or not. The down side is the difficulty in getting stock at prices which leave you a margin because online auctions are booming in the current climate, so sometime soon we need to move onto some form of mobility.
  4. Rob

    Commonwealth 'Overdates'

    I'd say it was based on the deformation of the bottom of the 2 in the angle area, with the marked widening on the side of the character directly above the angle where you can see two lighter spots where it reaches the field which would correspond to the sides of the 1. You have two options. Either fill the 1 on the die, or polish it out.
  5. Why, when I try to open a pdf document does mozilla open a minimum of 500 new tabs in rapid succession, but at no point show the document I am trying to download. The only way to stop it is to keep closing Mozilla until it gives up the ghost trying to open new tabs. I don't know the maximum number it opens before stopping of its own free will, but have noticed it seems to get a bit constipated after 500 new tabs (memory issue?). This is actually a serious inconvenience as I used to print off shipping labels for parcels shipped using a courier which were sent using pdf. Solution anybody, or even better an alternative that works. If it isn't possible to use pdfs any more so be it, then I will just have to move on and find something else. Thanks.
  6. Yes, it must have been struck at least twice, because the stop after GRATIA can be seen under the T upright. The other strike(s) might have been out of collar given the position of the detail around IUS which best approximates to somewhere in the tie area. And in daylight it is 1797, not 1792.
  7. It's the underlying 8 reales detail. The original was dated 1792 and the wavy line is the base of the cuirasse. 1794 attached for comparison.
  8. Panic over. It has miraculously reappeared - presumably generated by 1&1 as more messages have been dumped there as of 10 minutes ago. Thanks everyone.
  9. I'm a bit reluctant to remove the spam filter and recreate it in case it doesn't, at which point my mail could be directed anywhere without me knowing. At least with the spam box intact when I log into 1&1 I know I can find it. I'd be amazed if 1&1 would allow me to reconfigure their mailbox structure in any case, so I suspect removing the spam box isn't an option.
  10. Thanks all. The spam filter is applied in 1&1 and I received a message which was put in it an hour ago, so that side works. It doesn't appear in my mail though, so iIt has to be the outlook side of things that needs to be reinstated, but whether they will let me create one now I have no idea. I've had a spam box as long as I can remember - long before using Windows 10.
  11. The spam folder contains things that 1&1 (which hosts my website email address) identifies as spam. How it got there in the first place will probably be known to my son, but there isn't a very good mobile signal in the middle of the North Sea, so will have to wait until he is back in contact. I've no idea how to create a new folder in outlook (right click doesn't do it), nor create rules for what goes into a particular folder. I do know that there is something new in the spam folder if I log into 1&1 and that hasn't appeared in the junk folder of outlook, so must have been sent somewhere else - which is what I was fearing.
  12. Tried the first which is a no. Nor is it in any other folders. Searching for spam in the search box just brings up Bing and web search results. I used to have a spam folder and a junk email folder. How they were assigned to one or the other I don't know. Whatever, spam isn't in junk. If it happens to you, how do you get it back again?
  13. I've screwed up my Microsoft Office inbox and have lost the spam folder. Tried to move a useful message to my inbox by dragging the spam folder to it and now the spam folder has disappeared. I'd like to reinstate it if possible due to the large number of useful things that end up in spam, otherwise I don't know where they will end up. I tried turning off and restarting but doesn't solve it. Ideas anyone on how to recreate a spam folder? Thanks.
  14. I'm wondering how it does a data dump? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/technology-52619568/coronavirus-robot-dog-enforces-social-distancing-in-singapore-park
  15. To give people something to do whilst life is on hold, I have attached a short quiz of 20 questions for people to answer. Closing time and date is 23:59 this coming Sunday (10/5/20). PM me the answers and the winner will be either the one with the most correct answers or in the event of a tie, drawn from a hat. The winner can choose from a choice of items as follows: A copy of the BNJ (date to be decided when I've worked out what I've got spare) Davies British Silver Coins since 1816 Spink Coins of England 2020 Decimal Section I'll see what else I've got if the winner has these already. 200508-Forum Quiz.docx
  16. Rob

    Did the CGS numbers reconfigure?

    Yep. That's why I use a two point system - acceptable or not. The number on the slab might attract your attention, but ultimately you look at the coin and say yes or no.
  17. In that case it appears many members have exceeded their daily allowance.
  18. I'm not sure why everyone is getting so exercised. If you aren't happy, don't bid and move on, just as everybody does on ebay. It isn't as if the world is short of online auctions. Whether there is online bidding or not, it is always more reassuring to view any lot in hand prior to bidding, or get someone to view on your behalf. As Jaggy says, when the catalogue appears it will be reviewed and bids placed as appropriate. It's only in the past 15 years or so that people have had the luxury of on-line catalogues with real-time bidding facilities. Before that you either had to view beforehand or place a blind commission bid based on the catalogue description.
  19. https://metro.co.uk/video/american-woman-cuts-hole-face-mask-make-easier-breathe-2164644/
  20. Rob

    How can I sell 10Kg of old pennies?

    Scrap man it is then. Added bonus is that he doesn't complain he hasn't received them or leave negative feedback, and it's solved the problem in the minimum time.
  21. Rob

    How can I sell 10Kg of old pennies?

    If Paddy got £3.30/kg and you have 10kg, that's £33 by my reckoning, which is £30 more than the few quid indicated in the previous post. The (time consuming) alternative is to go through them all, and pick out the ones you think might realistically sell for more than the nominal 3p per coin after costs and put them on ebay. They will be in good company there as they will blend in quite nicely with the mountains of crap already listed. Dealers would happily take them if there was a good premium to be made over scrap - but usually there isn't.
  22. Given CO2 levels only really started taking off since WW1 and the world population in 1928 was 2 billion, it would not be unreasonable to set a target at 25% of the current global population, and probably lower, just to stabilise global warming. Nobody is willing to talk about that though. Unfortunately coronavirus is not sufficient. If you want to specifically reduce the human population whilst maintaining and supporting other life forms, you are pretty much restricted to the tried and tested policies of war and genocide, however unpalatable that might be.
  23. It's probably not helped by the fact that the big supermarkets are no longer open 24 hours. The middle of the night is always a good time to avoid the crowds, virus or no virus. On the one occasion I have been shopping recently, it was virtually empty at 08:30.
  24. Rob

    After lockdown

    Do it yourself or get the wife to do it. 20 or 30 quid up front and 10 minutes using a no.1 or 2 as required. The storage box is always open and no appointment is required.
  25. Yep. Working at Harvard in the mid 80s I was struggling for a couple days to improve the sensitivity of a test I was doing and getting nowhere. I retired to the bar, had a skinful and woke up at 3 in the morning with the answer. Promptly went into the lab to put the solution to the test (before morning came and I had forgotten) and...................... bingo. Happy man.