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  1. Probably one of three London second reign pennies in lot 141, but the lot not illustrated.
  2. Agreed. I picked up a few kgs of scrap Vicky pennies a week ago and the person I bought from was expecting to get about £3/kg for them. 10p either way won't affect the fundamentals.
  3. Rob

    Toned hammered,

    Examples? Are they recently dug or from old collections?
  4. Thanks, all. I didn't think I had a problem, but when the statistics came back with a score of 3/100, I assumed there might be issues not visible at this end. When Google said they were the main 3rd party offender slowing down access times, I did wonder if it was April 1st or just an attempt to blackmail me into paying them to advertise - or something? I think it is best ignored.
  5. Why, when I try to open a pdf document does mozilla open a minimum of 500 new tabs in rapid succession, but at no point show the document I am trying to download. The only way to stop it is to keep closing Mozilla until it gives up the ghost trying to open new tabs. I don't know the maximum number it opens before stopping of its own free will, but have noticed it seems to get a bit constipated after 500 new tabs (memory issue?). This is actually a serious inconvenience as I used to print off shipping labels for parcels shipped using a courier which were sent using pdf. Solution anybody, or even better an alternative that works. If it isn't possible to use pdfs any more so be it, then I will just have to move on and find something else. Thanks.
  6. Possible problem with the website and somewhat confused, so if anyone can shed any light on the subject it would be appreciated. For a long time, something called Google Analytics has sent me a monthly report on how the site is apparently performing. Page loading speeds seemed to be reasonable and haven't changed appreciably over the past year, but this month Google's 'Lighthouse' report provided PageSpeed Insights which informed me that the site was scoring 23 out of 100 for mobile use and a depth plumbing 3 out of 100 for desktops. The former has more than halved in a couple of months and I have no idea what the other figure was as I've only just discovered it. Helpfully it breaks down the information into areas, one of which was 'Reduce the impact of third-party code - Third-party code blocked the main thread for 3,810 ms'. In an example of superb irony, it also informs me that the bulk of the impediment to speed and a good score is Google, with a contribution of 3346ms or almost 88% of the problem. Has anyone had any difficulty accessing pages? Or given the low traffic in the past couple of weeks has anyone actually looked? Does anyone look on a regular basis? So, the question is what to do? Obviously Google thinks the site is crap, but I can't block Google as it crawls the net at will and if it doesn't find my site, then it can't tell anyone else about it. Is there any way to partially block Google? Is it important, or just a red herring? Is it giving me a low ranking because I don't spend any money with them? i.e. blackmailing me? Anyone understand how these things work?
  7. Rob

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I'm not convinced it is genuine. The shape of the truncation is more akin to the penny, the weight is 0.4g below the 8g spec of the halfpenny, the tie ribbon area behind the bust doesn't match either penny or halfpenny very well, with the bottom curl detail as for a penny and the bit above reaching almost to the G, whereas on all the pictures I have available both are quite wispy. Compare with my halfpenny. Apologies for the scan and crap on the scanner.
  8. Rob

    1896 sovereign

    Spot plus £10 delivered if anyone is interested.
  9. Rob

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I like the broccoli and bilberry toned ones best.
  10. Rob

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Maybe it is a woman in that case. Not sure it would stretch to 16 or 18 - it's managing all of 2 at the moment.
  11. Rob

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Why would anyone who claims to know nothing about coins find one in a slab lying around the house? You might find a loose coin here and there, even if the coin in question is stretching things a bit, but not a slab. I suspect he genuinely knows nothing about coins, or would have realised the incongruity of what he is saying.
  12. That's quite pleasing. No flaws or marks and even wear.
  13. The back end of 1983, I installed a piece of kit at the Bulgarian doping control labs in Sofia. Drugs in sport were already an issue, so needless to say opinions this end were given that they were looking for chemicals that didn't give a good response, or at least an ambiguous one. Weird place.
  14. Spink has it booked at £100 in VF, so £35 is probably about right, because there is going to be a base price for something scarce enough to be desirable which doesn't necessarily reflect the normal grade:price ratios. I suspect there is likely to be a 'date visible' price of say a fiver, then a starting price for the rest.
  15. Rob


    Maybe the buyer only uses ebay for whatever reason. I've sold things to a couple buyers on ebay who promptly disregarded the business card included with the order, preferring to pay at least 15% more for something available on the website. You can only do so much to direct them. There are many people who will only use ebay/facebook/preferred dealer etc for purchases. There is a distinct correlation between ease of purchase on ebay and a reluctance to explore beyond the site, and presumably the same applies to members of facebook. The buyer could of course be taking a punt on something rumoured to be valuable - just like the numerous invitations to buy I receive of rare 50ps. Never underestimate the herd mentality of the general populace. Andrex anyone?
  16. Rob


    Based on a mintage of 100K and a clear excess of demand over supply, it would place humans just below 20th in the British sheep populations by breed using industry statistics.
  17. Further to the recent discussion regarding coin tickets and their attribution, the idea of having a stand-alone thread was mooted. Ideally this will be a list of attributed tickets alphabetically arranged by name with a different post for each person. It would also be useful if examples of handwriting attributed to distinguished past collectors could be added as this may assist in the future when confronted with an unknown ticket. There is a useful article in the 2001 BNJ entitled 'Coin Tickets in the British Hammered Series' by Robin Eaglen, but nothing directed towards milled coinage. A link to the BNJ article is http://www.britnumsoc.org/publications/Digital%20BNJ/pdfs/2001_BNJ_71_13.pdf It would help if the thread was a reference tool rather than a discussion board as this would keep the list clean and thus assist when searching. It would also help if admin were to contribute suggestions of what is and what is not possible when it comes to presenting the information in a workable form. I'm hoping (possibly unrealistically) that the ability of Admin to shunt files around can be extended to arranging the entries, or if not, at least an index at the head of the thread with the post number/name to aid searching. The ability to append information to an existing post would also be good.
  18. I'm going to hazard a guess and say nobody important in numismatic terms. 'Very Rare Ancient British Coin' suggests a person who doesn't know too much about coins given the numbers known even in the 19th century, though I suppose the individual die pair is probably relatively rare
  19. Rob

    Ebay's BEST Offerings

    With nearly 6000 George V pennies listed on eBay at the moment, someone has a lot of time on their hands.
  20. Correct. Postal services the world over operate in mysterious ways. I had a letter returned to me as address unknown. I don't think the 30-odd thousand staff and students of Southampton University would have been too chuffed when they realised they worked/studied at a fictitious institution.
  21. Thanks anyway. I checked from when it was listed in Seaby's Bulletin in 1964 through to 1970 (i.e. after the stacks acquisition date on the ticket) and drew a blank, so that one has gone cold.
  22. It is a disappointment, but by the time I pop my clogs there will still be plenty more unfilled gaps in the collection, so in that context not a disaster. However, some good came out of the 2006 debacle because I played devil's advocate and queried whether the coin had been shipped at all. At the time they used USPS which was tracked only within the UK. As it hadn't arrived in the UK, I queried how I could be certain it had left Heritage - after all, tracked should mean you know where it is at any point in the journey and not have to rely on hoping it reaches a point where tracking starts. After that they only used fully tracked Fedex or UPS, which although more expensive, did at least provide a chain of responsibility. I call that a win for common sense.
  23. Yep, just like the parcel of Northumbrian stycas I sent to France that went awol for 10 days before turning up in Tahiti. Still, I suppose it is French, so close............
  24. Presumably there is, but I've never seen it. It's reasonable to say based on his English that it will be comprehensive with a mixture of choice and low grade examples. I don't know how many coins are involved, but presumably sufficient and varied enough to make disposal problematic.
  25. Coins have always been lost to the collecting community. The mint has been melting demonetised coins throughout its existence, or in the case of current coppers is trying to withdraw as many bronze coins as they can. Burglaries such as Willis in the 1970s it must be assumed have resulted in a number of unique gold coins being melted for scrap because they haven't appeared in the market in the ensuing 45 years. Stewartby's Scottish collection is still missing, which although destined for a museum still constitutes a loss. It's a fact of life that many bequests are made to museums, thus saving the coins in question for posterity, but in the case of many, safe from the public. I would like to assemble a full run of Somerset mints, but thanks to the only Petherton in private hands (the Lockett coin) being donated to Somerset Museum, this is no longer possible. I have to live with it because I certainly can't do anything about it. On a personal level, as per your above point, the unique Freeman 689A did a 7 month tour of the world's postal system before finally returning to Heritage in 2007. It was accompanied by a Peck 1156, so a potential loss where there were 1 and 4 known respectively, but the money was reclaimed following their non-arrival and the coins subsequently repurchased at the prevailing exchange rate once they had reappeared. That is the only unique example I have that has gone awol in the past.