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  1. On the basis that every dog has its day, choose anything relatively unpopular. Silver threepences, maundy, halfpennies, farthings or anything small. Larger things are always popular because they are easier for people with bad eyesight to see. Two that are unlikely to become popular are quarter guineas and double florins (milled only) given there are only 3 and 13 varieties to complete a collection respectively.
  2. The top left 'corner' of the inner loop looks to be the same profile on the 20, 36 &37, but not the 33. The end of the tail doesn't look as sharp either.
  3. Not sure why you would want to get as many as possible - anyway, 1 down, 2499 to go. Bon chance. As for this one, it was graded nFDC this time, and aFDC in the previous sale catalogue in 2011, which is likely just the preference of different cataloguers, but essentially says it's not quite there. NGC grade? Anything from details to PF71 - I wouldn't even try to second guess the outcome, and unless you want to sell it in the US, why bother? It has cost you just over £800 today plus shipping, to which you will have to add grading and shipping costs to and from the TPG and still run the risk of disappointment. You don't get a refund for an unfavourable opinion. So you are looking at a final cost around this year's book price for FDC when consensus is it definitely isn't.
  4. Rob

    Too Good to be True (eBay)?

    They've never been cheap. I paid double that for mine nearly 14 years ago, albeit in a decent grade.
  5. Rob

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Shipping cost is a tricky one for the vendor. Up to £250 is not a problem because it comes within the affordable table of charges for the regular mail. Go over that and you are looking at insured parcels which will typically cost £40+ as a minimum whether you use the postal service or a courier, leaving you with the choice to either lie on the customs form and not be insured for full value, or declare its full value with the attendant costs. If I'm shipping across the world to someone I have never dealt with before, I know which option I will offer. In the case of the above, surely it is easier for you to be invoiced for a shipping included value from the seller directly rather than through ebay's system, which is clunky at best, often collects tax on behalf of the destination country, but frequently charges the wrong duty rates (e.g. see Jerry's dealing with ebay/HMRC and I was once charged 20% vat on a book!). A shipping included amount would save the 10% GST, but there is no obvious way to avoid the heavy shipping costs other than by under-declaring the value.
  6. Rob

    1965 Halfpenny

    Double struck and pre-decimal
  7. Thanks. I thought the date alignment matched the image in Gouby rather well for rev.f
  8. Apart from stating obvious, which is a piece of c**p and fit for ebay, what is it? It isn't an F33 as it came marked. I think I'm happy it's obverse F with the signature below, but is it reverse d or f? TIA.
  9. Rob

    Evasion and Contemporary Counterfeits

    Not convinced about that. The nominal weight of a groat is 2.0g. Can we be sure it isn't one of those casts of genuine pieces that were done as two halves and joined to make the whole coin. A seam down the middle of the edge could be gilded to cover up the work. Making casts of small change is fraught with difficulty due to the minimal thickness of the flans, so consequently tend to be thicker than normal, which would account for the additional weight (along with the gold). 3.4g with additional gold is way too light for 2x4d.
  10. Bait for Orcs - Brilliant https://twitter.com/i/status/1632421788016599040
  11. A picture would help. An ending of OR in the mint signature could be one of many - basically anything with OR in the full mint reading which has been contracted depending on the moneyer's name. Off the top of my head, York, Torksey, Bedford, Dorchester, Lydford, Derby, Norwich to name but a few.
  12. Likely nothing suspicious. When you have a reduced listing fee weekend, you take down the most expensive items, or those with only a day or two to go, and then relist to keep the fees down. Can save a fortune.
  13. Rob


    Do not cease hostilities or cede an inch to Russia as it would give them a breathing space. Your perceived weakness will result in them resuming their expansion when they have had time to regroup. They need to be forced out and the west needs to support them in this. By all means set up a demilitarised zone once ejected which could be run by the UN if necessary, but do not give them a territorial gain as a reward for invading. A wide enough buffer zone would give them something that potentially removes any NATO troops from the Ukrainian border, and also means that Russia couldn't sit on Ukraine's border, waiting to invade. Russia would likely never accept this as it would interfere with their centuries old habit of invading their neighbours. It's what they do best. Russia has killed many millions of Ukrainians in the past simply for being Ukrainian and would do so again given they look down on anybody from outside of Moscow/St. Petersburg. Do not encourage them in doing a rerun by handing over people who don't want to be part of Russia. When Russia is taking children as 'orphans' and resettling them by adoption with Russian families, it isn't because many of them didn't have parents. Russia's biggest problem is demographics, and continuing the conflict is exacerbating this. Every generation they have a cull of young males due entirely to their empire building. Maybe only 15000 in Afghanistan over 10 years, but Ukraine with 10x that number to date has set them back at least a generation in development. Russia is a cancer on humanity and hopefully will implode and break up at the end of all this.
  14. Rob

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    One illustrated in a publication. This coin in this case.
  15. A reminder that Huddersfield is on again this Sunday.