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  1. Pretty poor show there. Where are the missing possessive apostrophe's (sic)
  2. Given my list is 1975 and no. 44 and yours are 57 & 58, the latter should be early 80s at the latest, o/w list 1 would have been by appointment to Queen Victoria.
  3. I initially thought early 1975 given he was talking holiday bookings, but with consumer prices up 16.4 in 1974, 23.6 in 1975 and 11.5 in 1976, it would suggest later in the year as inflation figures take a bit of time to compile.
  4. There you go. Can anyone put a definitive date to this issue?
  5. Rob

    Coin ticket, Jan collection?

    Not a clue. Sorry.
  6. You might be surprised. Coin porn has been mentioned on occasion, so googling porn could result in some unexpected readers!
  7. In which case, cut your losses and sell. I'll take a Minton, Lavrillier and a KN - then I'm done with bronze pennies. You can also throw in a Derwent Wood pattern anything and a Victorian decimal penny to save the hassle of selling separately. All options considered.
  8. Rob

    CGS slabbed coin

    No, it's ok. He's from Leigh. Quite normal for anything down the East Lancs.
  9. Looks like it. No mention of a variation for DH361
  10. It's not D&H 394, as that is 1791 and 18 acorns. I think it is DH361 because of the 2 dots instead of an acorn at 12 o'clock
  11. The lot is 3 coins. The 1772 isn't illustrated, but the second and third coins are.
  12. Just discovered this one is in London. I thought it was going to be in NY like the one a month ago. So now I had a notification of a sale in NY, but not this month in London.
  13. Spink USA & in this country almost appear to be separate and unrelated businesses based on previous experience. e.g. Until recently they didn't advise UK customers of US sales, which doesn't make sense if you have a common customer database. I don't think there is a great deal of crossover of material, and don't see any prospect of them rolling out this format as normal for the UK. I think there is enough material around for the present auction arrangements to continue.
  14. Rob

    1971 £.s.d. to Decimal converter.

    In the days when mental arithmetic was part of daily life, the changeover wasn't that difficult. A florin was still a tenth of a pound, 120+ years after it was first introduced and the continued use of existing 'silver' coins made things quite easy. With the old penny demonetised, there wasn't even the need to use your 2.4 times table. For small change, all you needed was an approximation to know you were in the right ballpark - an ability which people appear to be sadly lacking today, cf. D Abbott MP.