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  1. Nothing to do with individuals' viewpoints, but I'm not sure what useful function easylive provides in the case of '3'. Why would anybody place a commission bid through them with their fee on top compared to sending a list of commission bids directly to the auction house. When you employ a dealer or whoever to bid on your behalf who then charges a commission for any lots purchased, you can at least say that the lots have been viewed in advance by the dealer, who has acted on his reasoned opinion. Easylive are not providing this service.
  2. Trump is the archetypal narcissist and in good company along with most autocratic dictators that have ever existed. Putin, Erdogan, any number of leaders of former Russian areas, most South American and African countries, even this country. Politics or other forms of leadership breeds people who think highly of themselves - it is a real chicken and egg scenario. Confident people are rarely wrong (in their view). The masses should be grateful that he is only going to be President for one term or possibly two because the system is designed to ensure nobody can have an indefinite monopoly (that's a good thing) - unless he does a Putin, that is. His basic problem is that he seems to be in permanent campaign mode - and we all know that politicians say what they feel they need to say to be elected. Just treat it like any other soap opera on TV, i.e. something you switch off when the intro music comes on. We all have a big friendly off button on the remote.
  3. I think the 1816 sixpence and shilling are going to win, as Peck suggested.
  4. I've had it suggested it is Joe Linzalone of Wolfshead, a US dealer. Can anyone confirm? 25mm card.
  5. When were guineas demonetised? We know they stopped making them in 1813, but as the weight was 5% over the sovereign i.e. pro-rata, there was no need to demonetise them. The sovereign of 20s was more convenient than the 21s guinea. The fact that the new coinage in 1817 was reduced pro-rata, suggests the guinea continued to be legal tender. In fact there was no case for demonetising these other than on account of their odd value.
  6. Rob

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Covering all bases there. Elizabeth I - maybe; medieval - maybe (but mutually exclusive with the first part); silver - best chance of being right; threepence - maybe; coin - maybe
  7. It's only really 1920-22 which are the erratic issues. Once you get to 23 they seem to have the metal mix and striking parameters under control and for some reason there seems to be a good number of well struck up 1925 shillings in particular, i.e. no flattening of the nose.
  8. It's a table that has been compiled by Ian as he indicates. Invoices would be headed either SB or FEDEX, not given as a summary with exchange rates etc.
  9. Rob

    1860 penny variety

    Reduce it in size. It only has to be 1% smaller to be within the 500kb limit.
  10. Rob

    Crazy prices today

    I was following Lockdales sale today and couldn't believe the prices paid for some of the bulk lots. Blue proof sets working out at £24 a pop delivered, or the early sets at over £13 each. Who is paying this much for them? If for resale, where are they selling them? Who is buying them at an even higher price? And finally, please could I have their address because I can't sell them for £25-30 each, nor much over £10 for the early sets, and that's on a good day. Prices seemed to be at or above retail for everything. e.g. A gVF Cnut PH penny of Stamford at £360 hammer! People have too much money, or maybe someone just wanted to pay extra for the crack.
  11. It looks clear to me. There's the sum payable to SB which is £184.55, then there is the FEDEX bit which is VAT on the SB total less the wire costs leaving a net £156.49. Then the import VAT is due plus their handling fee of £12. The only debatable point is the rate of VAT applied, but something extra is payable because the SB bit of the invoice doesn't have an import VAT component. If you buy from CNG then you pay the import VAT at the time you settle up leaving nothing else to pay. This might be because they have a London office and UK bank account, so do all the VAT accounting through it. I presume they import a number of lots on the same consignment and settle up the VAT that way. Saves a lot of hassle.
  12. Yes they do. That's one thing that is consistent, but usually at 5% instead of the expected 20%. It all seems to get lumped under the VAT rate for the item.
  13. Rob

    Anglo-Saxon coinage

    It depends on what you want. As a general reference North is still ok. If you want specialised books, then you have to look at specifics such as The Coinage of Offa and his Contemporaries by Derek Chick; Coinage in Tenth Century England by Blunt, Stewart and Lyon; for specific mints, The Lincoln Mint by H R Mossop or The Ipswich Mint (3 vols.) by John Sadler; for Scandinavian copies then The Anglo-Scandinavian Coinage c.995-1020 by Brita Malmer is good. There are an increasingly large number of detailed volumes, but any volume encompassing all info for all reigns would be impractically large which is why North is still worthwhile as a good general guide, giving as it does the basics plus variety info. It's a bit dated now due to finds since 1992, but covers most of what is out there. If you want to find out how knowledge has developed down the years, then Ruding, Hawkins or Greuber together with papers from the Numismatic Chronicle and BNJ will all form part of the story.
  14. Rob

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Not if it is shilled. I've lost count of the number of second offers I have had on pricier (and cheaper) items. The number of people who it is claimed haven't paid when I have come second seems far in excess of the percentage of buyers who haven't paid me for items won.
  15. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-australia-52843846