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  1. Suppliers could go a long way to retaining customers by not taking the p**s. Not for the first time I had a call from EE today. Despite my protestation that they must have the wrong number, the only practical step I was able to take was a promise that I would consider any proposal that reduced my monthly outgoings. Upon quoting the sum paid per month, his response was to put the phone down. Mission accomplished. None of them seem capable of realising that I don't aspire to spend as much as possible for a service I don't need and won't use.
  2. OK, thanks. I still can't see what they get out of it though. 12 months at a reduced price is reduced income in my eyes. Any projected figures 12 months down the line are immaterial, as in February they said they weren't going to increase prices - yeh, right. Probably worth staying put in case they only have contracts at double the going rate in a year's time. My steam powered phone is more than adequate for my needs.
  3. Mobile phone query for a change - not a pressing issue. Virgin in their wisdom have decided to increase my rolling monthly contract by 7% from £5.84 to £6.25 a month for the first time in years. I moaned about it as I never use the internet and calls are rarely over a couple hours a month which is well within the included time. They said I could go back to the previous cost only if I went onto a 12 month contract with 150% more phone minutes and some larger internet allowance. As more isn't less unless there is a catch, the question is what is it? Do companies arbitrarily triple or whatever the cost at the end of the contract in the hope you are too lazy to move, or randomly increase it in the middle of the period. I'm assuming the idea behind getting me to change is to increase their revenues in some roundabout way, but can't see an obvious method. Clearly any reduction in costs is a plus, but not if the expense is future pain. Anyone with experience in this department, or any suggestions? Ta.
  4. Maybe it is only specific species of oak that are a problem. Or maybe it depends on how well the wood is seasoned, as you will be losing volatiles from the minute the tree is cut down.
  5. Undated Mullet James I 6d

    Well, part 6 is in September.
  6. Undated Mullet James I 6d

    No, there's more. I'm waiting for 2 or 3 to appear as a minimum. Unless some deal has been done off-market, in which case I'm going to be p'd off.
  7. Edelred coin? Need help in identity

    It isn't English or Hiberno-Norse. Try somewhere in Scandinavia as I think it is an imitation that is a cross between an Ethelred Last Small Cross obverse and a Cnut Quatrefoil(?) reverse. I don't have any books on these.
  8. We woke up this morning and it was raining a little - maybe a few mm. Lots of nice black clouds around earlier this evening and tonight the rain is not heavy, but has been steady for over an hour.
  9. Undated Mullet James I 6d

    I was in contact with him before I started dealing. Ask a simple question and you would always receive a few sides of A4 by return. The list appeared once I could be of some use.
  10. Undated Mullet James I 6d

    Ouija board required I'm afraid. A great deal of knowledge has been lost and needs to be reassembled. On the plus side, his wants list is a good proxy for what is difficult to find.
  11. Undated Mullet James I 6d

    You might have the answer once DNW have finished selling off John Hulett's collection. An undated example wasn't on his wants list for James I sixpences implying it is probably not documented anywhere, or he had one. However, I do know that he had a large number of oddballs accumulated over the years and wouldn't bet against him having found one. There wasn't one in Shuttlewood.
  12. The lots from last week's Spink sales arrived today. St. Edmund memorial issue penny with the moneyer STEN. The reverse die is slightly small which has no doubt contributed to the off-centre strike.
  13. Undated Mullet James I 6d

    I can't see anything there. Just a thought, but do you know it is a 6d for certain? The shield is proportionally the same on both 6ds and shillings.
  14. Undated Mullet James I 6d

    Was there one in the Bole collection? That would be the first place to look. I'll get the 6 catalogues out when I have cleaned up and have a gander.