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  1. Unknown Coin

    It looks like a commemorative medal rather than a coin as there is no value on it, which would be unusual for a coin. It could have been made anywhere by anybody, but I would not expect it to be worth much.
  2. You must have too much time on your hands. Over 100K items in British coins has me beaten. Sorry, that's a full time job (for a few people)
  3. My new groat

    If you are a regular purchaser you will probably get the catalogues sent foc. Bearing in mind the catalogues have to come out of premiums, there is a lot of pressure to reduce costs. e.g. the reason DNW gave for stopping catalogues was that they had 7 tons of catalogues printed in 2014, which was a huge expense. They also stopped having auctions in the hotel across the road. It went wrong though as they had a lot of regulars who didn't bid. Previously you could combine viewing with the sale, now it requires a separate visit - i.e. it doesn't happen.
  4. Ooh. Envious here. That's one of the halfpennies I'm still looking for. As you say, they are usually grotty, hence the gap in the collection. If you need to sell ...............
  5. Look on the bright side, at least it was described as British. World coins gives them an awful lot of options.
  6. UK politicians operate under the same Machiavellian principles as the Eurocrats in Brussels, but at least the problem would be 'in house' so to speak with an agenda that is certain to be more UK-centric than the EU will ever offer. We also have the useful inconvenience of elections - anathema to the EU's inner circle. Got to look after ourselves, because nobody else will do so. Charity begins at home, not in a committee with other priorities.
  7. My new groat

    Second part next month is Henry II to Edward II, Hammered gold is in September, late medieval in December and Tudor and Stuart next year
  8. Well argued. And when the system does inevitably collapse, the remedy will of course be full, Europe-wide union. Still however led by the unaccountables, but this time with full control over the inhabitants of the EU. Mission accomplished.

    No, I got rid of all my Coin Monthlies - no room
  10. What? The grand old US of E? Sorry, it's too serious an issue to make light. There is an agenda which is going to be pursued irrespective of the people of Europe until presented as a fait accompli. Just as Europe wandered blindly into WW1 by political agreements and alliances, so is it doing the same with a united states of Europe. People need to stop digging themselves into a hole they will be unable to exit.
  11. Machiavelli wrote that the purpose of political power is to maintain itself and to extend itself. It has nothing to do with the welfare of the people. It has nothing to do with principles or ideology or right and wrong. The welfare of the people, principles, ideology, right and wrong: these are related to the means to the end, but the goal is power. Do whatever it takes to keep your power and extend your power. Which is why a vote to remain in is a vote to continue being treated as an inconvenience by the unelected and unaccountables, but nothing more. Any suggestion that we would be able to reform the EU by remaining is a delusion. Machiavelli should be required reading by all as understanding it would better equip people to make a rational decision. Any potential reduction in the power of those on top should be grasped when the opportunity arises, because they aren't going to give it up willingly. 500 years after it was written, the arguments hold true today as they ever did, whether it be prior to Magna Carta, the reform laws of 200 years ago, the control of the Vatican over large swathes of the world's population or modern day North Korea. Abrogate your responsibilities at your children's peril.
  12. more FAKES

    The fact that the busts are 2 guinea type and the coin size is a guinea, it means they must be made by imaging a 2 guinea piece and manufacturing the copy using CNC machines. This would explain the sharp, clean design, which of course you rarely encounter on a coin struck using a fly press due to metal flow. Little things to check if you don't want to be ripped off. Yet again, a triumph of greed over common sense on the part of the buyer. As pointed out, if genuine, it would be a 10K coin. People don't learn, and probably due to all pervasive consumer protection legislation are losing the necessary mindset to question 'bargains'. I think both sides need to sit back and consider their actions.
  13. more FAKES

    Somewhat more damning is the use of the 2 guinea busts on a one guinea. It's a forgery all day long.
  14. Not rare enough to make people fight over them. I stuck one on eBay last year, not particularly desirable at VF or so. Went opening bid for a quid. My thoughts were vindicated. Subsequent examples have been left in the bulk lots and sold or scrapped accordingly. The market for most coins is thinner than you might imagine.
  15. More must have iFaults Gotta get me one of these for the phone collection - ticks the dysfunctional product box