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  1. Is this a replica too?

    Can't tell from the pictures. Are they physical gouges or just toning streaks?
  2. Replica coins

    No, but thankfully the border teeth are missing, the hair is too wiry and it simply looks wrong.
  3. To clean or not to clean?

    Why do you feel the need to clean it? Silver left over time will eventually go black. That is perfectly normal. Coins don't need to be a uniform colour, though I appreciate some people would argue that uniformity is more pleasing to the eye. If it is just dirt, then soapy water and a soft hair brush will lift it off. The coin has obviously circulated.
  4. It looks like it. It's certainly not an R as there is no continuation of the loop.
  5. New pound coin

    Having looked at a dozen or so for the first time, the likely number of calls I will be receiving in the future doesn't bear thinking about. All those different ONE POUND and 2016 potential errors, i.e. one to twelve parts of either side's miniature legend being blocked or indistinct. Off-centre strikes. Coins dated 2016 that weren't issued until 2017. Warts and all the other die flaws that will occur naturally. Position of the milling relative to the design. I think I am going off-grid until the situation stabilises.
  6. New pound coin

    I was wondering about that. It could be that supplies of the new coin are done on an area by area basis, with all production going for distribution in one area. If you can get 6 figures from a die pair, then it may be necessary to see several runs before the averages work out to be 50:50. Are these edges put on in advance or at the time of striking? For what it's worth, I have 1 smooth right to 11 smooth left.
  7. Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Apparently the listing ended early because the item was lost or broken. We should be fairly confident that it wasn't lost through being stolen.
  8. Gun money

  9. Toning

    Yes there is, but I don't know what it is. That's why mahogany is better.
  10. Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Good one. 'Here we have the extremely rare " 1673 Charles II Copper Half Penny " Metal detecting find in Suffolk. This a one highly collectible coin and very difficult to find in identifiable condition. A gem for your collection.' No it's not; no it's not; cannot contest the assertion it was dug; no it's not; no it's not (if in identifiable coindition you have found it); no it's not. Even if it doesn't sparkle on the numismatic front, it's a gem for this thread.
  11. Ebay's Worst Offerings

    The description on the card is ambiguous. Difficult to say if it says pattern shilling nef, or pattern shilling not.
  12. It is the same for virtually every denomination. Inability to add to a collection is often the reason for stopping and moving on.
  13. Toning

    Toning seems to be accelerated post cleaning. Every time I have our club quiz cup I find it needs cleaning before returning it the following year. I have coins in my collection that haven't changed in tone over many years. There must be a residue in the cleaning agent that causes it to retone more rapidly.
  14. Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Still ok for the forgery/copy reference section at 99p though