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  1. unique coin

    In the absence of an image, nobody is sure what it is.
  2. As I said. Food for thought. Not sure where we are up to. How did all this come out? Did he genuinely film Nice or not? Is any of his film corroborated by uninterested third parties?
  3. oooh. That's food for thought
  4. I think the official reaction is the right one though. Until you know who did it, people should not jump to conclusions. Otherwise you end up with trial by tabloid and there are a lot of potential Christopher Jefferies in this world, me included.
  5. The ease with which the rim and teeth are obliterated on the 1909 is a significant reason for the low population because it isn't a particularly rare date within the mountains of crap I see on a regular basis. You don't lose the date very often.
  6. Completely screwed up. 25 degrees and sleeting. Obviously not quite cold enough up top to form hailstones.
  7. Strange auction prices on Kew 50p coins

    Nope. Blandford Forum. And Corfe only has one f.
  8. Or an E over F, but not punched deeply enough into an already hardened die