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    Coins George V, V1 and victoria Shillings and sixpences are great
  1. mitch91

    Some simple rules.

    Chris I have just come back to check the forum out again and I can't believe you finally set this bit up. Looks like I may be back sooner rather than later. Let me get my exams out of the way first
  2. I wouldn't know Chris. The German boy came here. He lives in Sandhausen which is near Stuttgart.
  3. I still use it Peter as it is nice to compare changing prices. It also has information than my other books. Sorry I disappeared but I had my Birthday then coursework then a Grman exchange and finally more coursework. It's settling down a bit now so I should be here longer this time.
  4. mitch91

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    It loos like its made from chocolate.
  5. Go Chris I maypurchase one of these with my christmas money, as I need a new coin book. Also I haven't recieved a coin(for my collection) in 3/4 months. I am so deprived
  6. mitch91


    Its back now anyway. Must have been a small problem
  7. Is it just me or can no body access it?
  8. mitch91

    Coinpeople Closes

    Nice to see it back
  9. It will be more easier to judge if you have a picture. and also what does mean. Do you have both a 1910 3 pence and half penny or what.
  10. mitch91

    Coinpeople Closes

    Sad to see it go although it may be good news for predecimal
  11. mitch91

    Another idea

    did you ever add these?
  12. mitch91

    Advise: Dug up in back garden...

    My mate found a 1922 half penny in school last week let him keep it it was in fine condition
  13. mitch91

    I found good cheap software

    Yes the website is on the box.