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  1. My Aunt Marge has just returned to hospital.. I can't believe she's not be(u)tter.
  2. Peter

    Acetone & Verdi-care

    I've just replenished my supplies. This is a warning to you all.Do not be complacent https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/7695074/maya-edwards-blister-injuries-burns-acrylic-nails-leicester/
  3. A lot of those poor buggers in WW1 lost more than a 1/-
  4. Re-arranging trays is the bane of my life. OCD eventually kicks in.
  5. Too much rum? I've lost a few days in my youth.
  6. Isn't the reverse only on French Jettons?
  7. Peter


    Our pals across the pond haven't a lot to go for hence infatuation with double dies etc.Great forum with a lot of knowledge over several time zones....drop em a few pre 1800 and they gag for more.....a good bunch in the face of it.☺️
  8. Peter

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Bleedin Lanc (ies)
  9. Peter

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I haven't got stressed but £225 would buy me a nice little coin....calmed down now.
  10. Peter

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Some little schite hacked my paypal account at the beginning of this year and helped themselves to a camera £224.99.They also tried other transactions by this time cards and passwords were changed. I have/had the address where the camera was sent...a trip to London and smashing their windows doesn't entertain me. I cannot contact paypal due to their robots GRR. I need to speak to a person. Any ideas Gents/Ladies
  11. Should of bought a few more of those pesky 50p's and converted them to pre 1860 cu.😢
  12. modern coins don't float my boat....although I bought a kew gardens 50p in BU for £3.50 back in the day.😊
  13. You can pick these up for approx £1 per set
  14. Another Quantity Surveyor / Commercial manager here. Freelance since 2006 but taken my foot off the loud peddle.