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  1. I've just subscribed for 6 months (£20) and get paper and digital. I must say apart from Richard Sessions article the rest is 20 minutes wasted.
  2. Sums it up nicely...worth watching.
  3. Peter


    My late father collected stamps and I have a few albums. They are well down my interest list. My grandfather amassed cigarette cards and was a keen photographer when serving in the RAF both collections interest me.
  4. Peter

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I don't think English is his 1st language.
  5. How was Harrogate Rob? I've been a few times when my sister lived there. Nice surrounding but awful lighting springs to mind...Nice Fausta.
  6. With the CC copper/bronze collections they are a go to. The Nicholson collection of 1/2d's is especially detailed. Peck did say there are many minor variants with early cu. I weigh each of mine thus usually end up keeping the lot. You can't be OCD collecting cu. Well done on your 527 discovery.
  7. Doesn't appear the same as RR in the Colin Cooke collection. More like the normal issue.
  8. Peter

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    These twonks aren't numistmatists !!!!!
  9. Peter

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    14 bidders thought otherwise.
  10. Welcome back Colin. I had 10 years consulting with Mowlem before they "merged" with Carillion. I hope you are going to active with farthings again. All the best in your new venture...Peter
  11. John (Argentum) is a member on this site....ex Old Bill and likes Cuban cigars,Malt and fishing.....give him a message.
  12. We are talking Crunchie or a Jocks hair.
  13. I got mine (Glen Moray) from the Local Store (local people only) and is giving me a shy wink.
  14. How the heck did IRN BRU and Malt come out of "norf of the border"....same colour I suppose.