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    How much?

    WHOW! That is nice!!! Thank you! SOLD! Keep it for me please, I need to buy a banknote album from you, but I have to check the number of pages I need and the type. I am not sure if I will be comming, when is it esactly? It will depend a bit on how I manage to sleep that night and how I feel fisically.
  2. Unknown

    How much?

    Well, let me know if you come across any other like that, it's sooo tempting!
  3. Chris, beautiful new features in your forum! You did a great job, and the Galery is great, but it is a huge temptation! For example I saw this gourgeous colection and I wonder, are you selling it? For how much? If you want you can send me a mail or PM if you preffer.
  4. Unknown


    I added some more Cuban coins, you can have a look here.
  5. Unknown


    Just to let you know that I am starting to put some world coins for sale in AuctionMonster.net. For now I have put 3 Cuban (1 Peso 1933, 5 cents 1915 and 10 cent 1915), 2 Russian (20 Kopeks 1905 and 1 Kopek 1877) and a 10 Soldi from the Papal States 1869, but I will put more little by little. You can reach them here.
  6. Unknown

    FS Scottish Banknotes

    Is it me, or the link doesn't work?
  7. Unknown

    GCSE Results

    Yes, I don't know what career I want yet either, but then I'm only 49. I think I'm working my way to being a bum. Gradually downsized from research scientist to artist to admin assistant and now working in a small care home. Eventually I aim to do something really useful, like hanging out at the beach, practising my spitting.... I find coin collecting's fine but just a tad stressful... O like your philosophy!
  8. Unknown

    GCSE Results

    I envy you burpalot, you must be very very young! To all those brainy students we have around, Congratulations! Remember us when you are in a top job earning 6 figure salaries!
  9. Unknown

    old coin?

    Franny, a good way would be registering and showing a pic of it, so some of the experts around can gie you some guidance on its value.
  10. Unknown

    1909 Penny

    As you can see there was a reason why I could not see it in this one. I have finally hooked up my scanner to have a look at this penny I mentioned to find out that it didn't really matter, as it is too worn to be able to see if the 1 is above or to the right of the tooth... Oh well. Edit: and I just realiced of what a poor quality my scaner is...
  11. Unknown


    I missed the fun! Good job and thank you Chris!
  12. Unknown

    1909 Penny

    Thank you very much to all, now I understand what the "tooth" means. I will have to check this one with lots of magnification, but I am not user even if it has any "tooth" left! It is not in that great condition.
  13. My physio has givem me a few coins that his grand mother is keeping to know the value of them, I have used GBCC 2006 to see the value of them, but I have found a problem with the coin mentioned in the topic. In the book there are 2 different examples, "'1' right of tooth" and "'1' is directly above tooth', now, does anyone have a pic of both cases so I can compare and differenciate? I don't know what the "tooth" means... so any explanation would be apreciated, thanks!
  14. Unknown


    Had to let you know, I am happy, we just reached 70 registered users in AuctionMonster.net!