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  1. jimmy_goodfella

    Odd coin.

    lovley find smudge its amazing how good a condition that is in considering its probably been lying in the mud for over 400 years.
  2. jimmy_goodfella

    What is it?

    i think the lettering looks cast. has that grainy look to me
  3. jimmy_goodfella

    Good Day out

    thats something i would love to do, go see some fine collections and no better place than there. i guess you could say a collector group would love a visit, after all aint that what we all are? be a good day out for all, sign me up
  4. jimmy_goodfella

    What is it?

    looks cast to me maybe done in metalwork at school
  5. jimmy_goodfella

    Still living in the past

    will have to get the coin craft book myself, sounds intresting.
  6. jimmy_goodfella

    i found these coins on e-bay

    coin addict get a few books im serious ya definetly need to get a couple of books, it will help you also to decied on which direction you wish to go, you cant realy learn going all over the place.First you gotta learn something about certain areas or your gonna get information overload.
  7. jimmy_goodfella

    1819 crown

    agree peter i would give a tenner for that coin anytime.i could see it making double that, maybe even more.its still in a collectable grade, a nice filler till something better comes along.
  8. jimmy_goodfella

    these coins on e-bay

    coin on the left is basal state not worth anything at all. The coin on the right is indeed a gaming token available on ebay for around 1 pound. let it go
  9. jimmy_goodfella

    i was wondering

    ok the best coin you have there is the 1908 florin/two shillings though unluckly its not in gerat condition in that state worth about 10 pounds. the crown is worth about the same, just a shame once again the poor grade of them all. at a push you have there about 25 pounds worth of coins. but better still you have a starting collection
  10. jimmy_goodfella

    type of wood for cases

    well another way is make in pine but line the inside with cloth/velvet. mahogany is not that easy to get a hold of now and the cost is quite prohibitive, perhaps though you can buy a wrecked table or something at an auction and break it up for the wood but new mahogany is truly expensive many types been now illegal to import as it comes mainly from rainforests.its costing 70 pounds a metre for mahogany parky flooring now.
  11. looking forward to finding out what it is myself now shame about condition
  12. jimmy_goodfella

    Hobbies, Other Interests

    sorry 5-600 for a decent detector, even they only seem considered average from the guru;s.
  13. jimmy_goodfella

    Hobbies, Other Interests

    my other intrest is fishing i go least once a week onto the beach or on a local pier and fish for about 6 hours.its even better than collecting coins for me. ive always been a reader, and for years was averaging about 3 books a week till the internet came along and had all that info without going to a library.now i mostly look and read refrence books on coins and fishing magazines. a future hobby that would fit right in with my other 2 would be metal detecting i could fish while detecting and maybe get a coin for my coin collection hobby.I just been told not to buy a cheap detector and go for a good one but there 5-66 pounds + ach and its hard to justify the outlay just now, id rather add to my silver collection. heres hoping i rush over to a car thats just arrived at the car boot sale and they pull out a whites md and for a tenner.
  14. jimmy_goodfella

    General Elections

    just be thankful;l we at least have 3 main parties to vote for uinlike the usa. im voting lib dem the main reason is that there are millions of people in the uk earning low wages that are actuially paying so much more tax than them on higher wages as a percentage of income. i know people on 200 pounds a week taking home 9k and there then paying out around 1000 pounds of this in council tax.the same as if they were earning 20k, this just aint right. So im voting lib dem on the main policy they will abolish council tax and bring in the fairer system of local income tax like usa/australia and many others have.Its crazy for everyone no matter what they earn to be taxed the same. im also voting for them because all i see around me is government workers everywhere, everyone seems to be working for the government these days. And everyone in the government all had huge pay rises over people that dont work for it.This i believe was mainly responsible for the house price inflation as the minute they gave nurses 25% payrises and teachers 35% pay rises and every one else was the moment house prices went through the roof as others not working for the government didint get these pay rises its made a two tier society where the people in the safe/nice pension/secure/less ahrd working enviroment are now those in the better position than most.that just aint right. i also cant vote conservative as it would sicken me to the core to vote for the party that turned scotland into the test ground for every unpleasant tax in the uk and destroyed the whole of scotlands industry, when i left school in 86 there was about 50% unemployment where i lived and everykid left school without any hope of all of a job, it ruined whole generations. i got out, i moved and then things got better but thats no consellation for they hard times the whole country felt. i live in blackpool england now and i had a msg on my answermachine yesterday with gordon marshal my local mp asking if he can depend on my vote. thats one call i regret missing. Vote lib dem and save your soul
  15. heya best you post a picture of it. i would love to take up metal detecting but with my coin hobby and fishing and work i just cant find the time, it must be great hobby to do. post the pic will help all to identify and if they cant here then god knows where ya will identify it. sounds like a token there were so many of these tokens made seemed every factory,mine,church,butchers shop, made tokens as well as tokens to commemerate all kind of bridges , military succeses, people ect. i find it fascinating that in times coin collecting wasint as pro active as today this was the case.where now this is not done.