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  1. Agree, for much ordinary or normal item also the same. I remember 1953 proof set was only £50 around years ago, and now it costs £100 around for a set.
  2. Grading is always a mystery 😅
  3. Bruce

    Halfpenny ID check

    Well done Rob, i bidded in the same auction, but didn't spot this one.
  4. Many thanks, extended the knowledge of Gothic Florin by reading the articles. Thank you again.👍
  5. I forget where i read before about this variety, coz in my coin list, i marked down 46 trefoils for my 1887 Florin, . i didn't see 1 isn't 46, however as Nick said, everything is possible.
  6. Bruce

    Halfpenny ID check

    Sorry to hear about that. Wonder if the seller deliberately blur the picture or how to amend it to look like HALP, as no where like a P in the coin you received.
  7. Yes, there is far too many uncertainty in LCA auction, which makes my bids used to more prudence than any live bids.
  8. Undoubtedly yes, and they like everything in a small plastic box
  9. Maybe bit more harsh, gVF to me, anyway, no where near AU.
  10. Ha yes, american grading, everything is AU😂. Large rose small date (hope correct), pity that there are dirt on it, however if it is not imperfect, i think it will be out of my reach.
  11. Just received this penny yesterday. Although I'm not a fan of slabbed coin n no idea why it's graded as AU, I'm still happy to secure this 1858 penny.
  12. I think 20% is the medium price of auction houses, though some maybe lower n some higher. I used to set a gross sum intend to bid before auction. If an auction charge a higher premium, then the bid will be lower. If the premium is lower, then the bid can be higher.
  13. Even though it is MS63 (unsure whether it worth that grade), it is still ridiculously steep in price.
  14. I am ok to browse through both Lockdales n Easyliveauction site now, maybe it's just a glitch moment before.
  15. Bruce

    Possible fake 1905 Halfcrown

    Agree that it doesn't look alright. The area around ear in obverse is a bit weird too?
  16. The website is down since yesterday afternoon, so that unable to check hammered prices of lots
  17. Just received an invoice from LCA, again and again, i am so accurate in bidding at LCA😅😅. 6 out of 8 are with my max bid, 1 is only 1 step away. The remaining one which is a medal is few steps away. I think I should be more conservative (which already) in bidding next time.
  18. My result showing the same. If my bid didn't meet reserve, they are showing 1 bid n reserve not met. For the 1922 penny, the reserve maybe at 8k, 10k or 12k, only auctioneer know. I have placed bid for a medal lot with estimate at 30-35, but i remember the reserve was at 50 or 60.
  19. A real real bargain, congratulations 👏
  20. Thanks for the detailed stat research, big thumb up👍