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  1. If it's a friend's request n have spare time, most people are willing to offer assistance. However, if it is for commercial purpose, no way for free of charge...business is business.
  2. Glad to hear that, wish everything is smooth n alright, and replacement is fine👍.
  3. Yes, that's very good, n agree with u, the pricing is a concern.
  4. Sorry for that, but this kind of quality is seems the new normal of this big n rich organisation. There are always loads of complaints in other forums re RM products, which maybe down to too many products launched. Comparing with Perth Mint, for example, quality is miles away. I'd opt a replacement, as i really like the oz reverse design. You may contact RM first to lodge a formal complaint n trying to seek for a guarantee of much better quality replacement before sending back. Wish you good luck and have favourable feedback.
  5. Thanks ozjohn for sharing the article. I tried to understand more about the congress since having the medal on hand, but found resources are very limited before. I am attracted by the medal especially due to the message deliver n in current chaos world.
  6. Yes, think so, this is what it's described when i bought it. However, i remember there is no hallmark on it but not sure if my memory is right or not.
  7. You all are much much better than me. Cataloging and taking pictures are a very time consuming. What make it worse is my PC broke down months ago, which made me lost pictures as I forget to do a routine backup😭
  8. The one at the Coinery just hammered at £2300😓
  9. I also see 2 56 in auctions in past few months, i only remember the one at Warwick seems grade EF. Is it implied the 56 is not as rare as we think before?
  10. Finally have time to take pictures of the 1853 Penny Intermediate colon received before. Pity that there's edge bruise at obverse, however it's still a lovely penny to appreciate.
  11. I noticed that lot at Noonas as well. For the broken r, i also have a gothic florin with broken m in date, i think it may be happened sometimes in some VF/F example. For the weakened i in date, i don't have any idea, coz the 2nd last i is not weak, however the shoulder is worn coincidentally. For the price, I think £446 for this 1862 Gothic is a bit higher, maybe around £300 is more reasonable if this is not a counterfeit one. However a decent example for 1862 is not showing up often.
  12. Agree, for much ordinary or normal item also the same. I remember 1953 proof set was only £50 around years ago, and now it costs £100 around for a set.
  13. Grading is always a mystery 😅
  14. Bruce

    Halfpenny ID check

    Well done Rob, i bidded in the same auction, but didn't spot this one.
  15. Many thanks, extended the knowledge of Gothic Florin by reading the articles. Thank you again.👍
  16. I forget where i read before about this variety, coz in my coin list, i marked down 46 trefoils for my 1887 Florin, . i didn't see 1 isn't 46, however as Nick said, everything is possible.
  17. Bruce

    Halfpenny ID check

    Sorry to hear about that. Wonder if the seller deliberately blur the picture or how to amend it to look like HALP, as no where like a P in the coin you received.
  18. Yes, there is far too many uncertainty in LCA auction, which makes my bids used to more prudence than any live bids.
  19. Undoubtedly yes, and they like everything in a small plastic box
  20. Maybe bit more harsh, gVF to me, anyway, no where near AU.
  21. Ha yes, american grading, everything is AU😂. Large rose small date (hope correct), pity that there are dirt on it, however if it is not imperfect, i think it will be out of my reach.
  22. Just received this penny yesterday. Although I'm not a fan of slabbed coin n no idea why it's graded as AU, I'm still happy to secure this 1858 penny.
  23. I think 20% is the medium price of auction houses, though some maybe lower n some higher. I used to set a gross sum intend to bid before auction. If an auction charge a higher premium, then the bid will be lower. If the premium is lower, then the bid can be higher.