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  1. Oh sorry, I just found I should post to Halfpenny section, but I don't know how to delete post😅
  2. Actually I didn't make any purchase, but I visited the coin shop and ask my friend to borrow an image of 1874 Halfpenny for learning purpose. By referring to Richard's site, it's die 7J. Am I correct?
  3. I bought this 1879 Halfcrown from ebay months ago, and found date style of this one is a bit different from other 1879 Halfcrown, don't know whether it is down to worn or not. Would like to seek advice from other members if this coin has problem. Thanks.
  4. Bruce

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Found so many 1933 penny in a year, she must be a millionaire now🤣
  5. That's my concern since having it on hand. By the way, just measure it again, it's 14.1g and 32.1mm, so should be within the tolerance.
  6. Lovely, a nice buy. i have seen this before but didn't spot it, and bought something else instead.
  7. You 2 are both expert, 1843 is a bit higher than £50 while 1856 is slightly lower than £140, so average out it is about the same as per estimation. I love the 1856 as well, although some scratches on reverse. 1849 penny is the next target. I've seen 1 in auction months ago, but was outbidded. So, have to wait n search again.
  8. Hi Jerry, the shop is in Hong Kong. My friend, the owner, said he bought this box of collection from UK few years ago. I also tried to locate a 1849 in the box but failed😅. Although these 2 are not in top grade, but it help a lot to fill my collection of Young head penny.
  9. Here are the other 2 I bought together with the 1860.
  10. Thank you for your advice, n i have bookmarked Richard's site already.😁 Thanks for your suggestion about die combination of the 1860 penny as well. It is a very interesting date, and have to spend some times on studying all varieties info. After check my books, it is HKD150 which is around £14. I purchased it together with other 2 pennies on that date. Shall post it later when back to home.
  11. Thank you Richard, it is a very comprehensive site. i bookmarked it already, so that i can consistently refer to.
  12. Bruce

    Storing penny

    Nice, i may follow you n buy 1 to put inside my air-tight box. Here, humidity is often over 70.
  13. Just purchased a 1860 Penny at a local coin shop for learning purpose. There are many many varieties, and would like to know how to define the die combination of this one.
  14. Bruce

    Storing penny

    Thanks for advice. i am using silica gel as well, and yes, have to monitor the color change regularly.