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  1. Bruce

    Ebay's BEST Offerings

    Missed out a 1849 years ago, n didn't meet one since then. Also, don't have a deep pocket for 1860, so give up already😓😓. However, if counting all varieties, OT, PT, etc and quality, I'm still miles away😅.
  2. Bruce

    Ebay's BEST Offerings

    Great, thanks in advance for your help
  3. Bruce

    Ebay's BEST Offerings

    Yes, it's hard to find a nice 1845 penny, which is one of my missing puzzles in young head penny series. Nice acquisition 👍
  4. I think it will be delayed, as it is too close to the shilling, sixpence n maundy one on 27th. I guess that's why it is greyed out. Wait for new date to be set n announced.
  5. Yes, agree with you n this obverse seems a bit difficult than another one. Nice acquisition.
  6. Lovely Medusa penny, congratulations to your latest additions through Stephen Album.
  7. I only have a small silver one in RM paper envelope, a lovely small piece. A bit regret not to have a large one before right now😅😅
  8. Yes it is, lot 364 with link as follows https://www.noonans.co.uk/auctions/archive/lot-archive/results/422196/
  9. Yesterday was my first time to participate in Noonans auction since their revamp in webpages, but i found no voice n video was available during live bid through my android cell phone. In PC, it's totally fine. Am i missed anything in setting? By the way, price seems up again, 1897 jubilee silver medal with case was hammered at over 200, n some other gothic florins at over 500, 600 as well.
  10. I see. By the way, I always don't like the way they are showing their pictures now in archive pages. Once the picture is opened, i cannot switch to other sites or pictures for easy comparison.
  11. For existing catalogue, it should be right above lots. For past result, it is in auction - lot archive.
  12. Lovely 1885 florin, it looks better than picture at St James, great buy. One question re the import duty, what if bringing coins in person to UK, how the custom officer assess value of the predecimal coin n levy the tax? Solely on self declared value?
  13. Bruce

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Good, if they can sell this, more and more of the same must be offered by them in near future.
  14. Bruce

    Coin Reverse Orientation

    Interesting, would like to learn the reason behind as well.
  15. Very nice, wish you have the final piece of puzzle soon, good luck.
  16. Thank you Sword. Errrr.... that's my life recently, report after report, poor me😪
  17. When i click Important Information for Buyer, nothing is showing up. Do they mention buyer's premium in the new site? Seems i am unable to locate it, though i presume there is no change.
  18. DNW is simple n we all get use to say DNW here n there...but if they are originally partnership n others 2 are left, then name change is becoming a must for them.
  19. I noticed there will be another penny from LCA years ago to be auctioned in HA, with slab change from CGS to NGC. I think price will go much higher as well, in view of usual high prices in US n Japan auction houses.
  20. Bruce

    DNW Hammered Prices

    I monitored some pennies in this auction and the one held in a day before. But finally, I can make bid for 1 lot only, coz others were way above my target in opening bid.
  21. Bruce

    DNW Hammered Prices

    yes, don't know if due to lighting or else. By the way, if look at reverse, is it worth MS64?
  22. Bruce

    DNW Hammered Prices

    Crazily high. Not only this one, but also other Crown, Halfcrown, Florin.....
  23. I am looking at Schulman bv auction right now, and prices hammered seems on high side for UK coins.
  24. I briefly go through the auction items days ago, and have a feeling that estimates are not cheap in view of items and quality offering. I will likely pass n wait for subsequent Shilling one. For Churchill, i remember it's discussed in another post that high price realised. I am also not a fan of this Crown. Let's see how it is performed this time.
  25. Agree, gas, food, toilet paper all are going up, except our pay, paper money is just a piece of paper n may worth nothing in current inflation world. But 800 or even half seems too much for a Churchill😉.