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  1. I attach images of a Henry III Long Cross Penny which I have attributed to Sp 1364 Class IIIc as there is no sceptre and the bust and the letter R appear to correspond to the illustrated guide produced by Christopher R Wren (Voided Long Cross Coinage 1247-1279 - page 53). I have identified the following anomalies: Obverse: The legend appears to start past the initial mark at 12 o' clock as expected but with RICVS REX (although there could be litigated letters before the first letter R). There is a stop after the X of REX then the legend appears to repeat the name hENR (followed by III ?)The repeat of the name I have not come across. Reverse: The Moneyer is ION/ON/ and what appears to be the name for York ending in (E)OFER. As I can find no similar reference to the exact Obverse legend I wonder if anyone can assist me. My first concern is that this may be a foreign imitation, alternatively this could be just a different legend from that usually recorded, as Class 3 has a considerable variety of lettering and portrait. I would greatly appreciate any assistance anyone can give me. graylin50 Download all attachments as a zip file Sp 1364(4).jpg 669.5kB Sp 1364(5).jpg 527.1kB 26