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  1. Can anyone confirm that there is actually only one variety of 1887 Gothic Florin?

    Older reference books list two varieties, one with 33 arcs (like the 1881-1886 florins) and another with 46 arcs.

    My copy of ESC (4th edition, 1974), has ESC865 (33 arcs) rarity “S” and ESC866 (46 arcs) rarity “R”.

    Davies (1982) lists No. 779 (33 trefoils) with an asterisk, meaning “to be confirmed” and No. 780 (46 trefoils) valued at £155 (!) in mint state.

    Bull (7th edition, 2020) lists only No. 2913 (46 arcs) with rarity “R”.

    Coin Year Book 2023, meanwhile, lists “34 arcs” at £800 in UNC and the 46 arcs at £1000!

    I suspect that the 33/34 arcs variety doesn’t exist, but would be grateful for any clarification.


  2. I came across the November 1969 "British Coin Index" while clearing out before moving house. I must have inherited it from my dad, as I was only 6 years old in 1969.

    Some of the prices are quite interesting. Uncirculated Gothic Crowns seem a bargain at £185 (or £210 if you want the plain-edge proof), while poor old Churchill crowns haven't made much progress on the 37.5 pence quote in 1969. On the florins, my particular area of interest, there are some surprises. The 1932 UNC at £230 (not far off today's price in absolute terms) is more than the 1905 (£200) or 1925 (£220), while uncirculated 1849 Godless florins are only £34.


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  3. 5 hours ago, PWA 1967 said:

    Yes i have been told that some really nice 1920 possibly struck first ,were done with a much higher silver content , better struck due to being softer metal and first strikes.

    Although i also believe they are rare in high grade and the dealer who told me has only had a couple in 40/50 years.

    ESC lists 2 varieties for the 1920 florin, 3765 with the portrait as in previous years and 3766 with the portrait "in lower relief". I must admit that I find it difficult to tell them apart, but I suspect that mine is 3765 and @ozjohn has 3766? Grateful for any input.




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