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  1. Old Money

    More Pennies

    So very obvious to an experienced collector, condition of the coin is not consistent with lustre/tone
  2. Clashed dies. The Striking surfaces have come together without the planchet (Bronze blank) in place, the raised portions have been struck onto the opposing die and resulted in the features described. The line between the lighthouse and Britt's hand is Vicks cleavage line, a faint outline can be seen of Vicks face just above. The other lines described are the folds in drapery
  3. One point I would like to add regarding Astro Zeneca, They made no profit and supplied several other countries, The EU also tried blocking vital ingredients and supplies to the UK for not giving it to them the vaccine before others, even to the extent of blocking Italy sending out stockpiles to other countries.
  4. Old Money

    Is this error or bad designed?

    Put it back together, £2
  5. .. ... - .... .- - -- --- .-. ... . -.-. --- -.. . ..--.. -.-- . ...
  6. Old Money


    Russians have started moving into Donbas region this last couple of hours, last night targeted supplies and munitions in the North and West. As Ukraine move south to reinforce, back door left open for Belarus to target Lviv and Kyiv unopposed, it makes no sense for the Russians to give up these areas taken, especially as they continue to push towards Odessa and Moldova, Putin may have said He only wants a corridor to Crimea, but that isn't how it reads to me, only a complete victory would seemingly appease him now.
  7. Unfortunately we do not have a viable opposition party to the current government nor have had one for several years. Personal attacks to get front benchers to resign rather than offer up ideas, thoughts or processes to help with the current cost of living crisis and world events just underlines that.
  8. Reading through the various posts and replies. It would seem logical had the person asked at the time it could have been explained by the Graders.