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    General numismatics from modern to ancient, but with particular interest in historical British coins.

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  1. Bryan

    London Coin Fair Nov 2019

    Many thanks copper123, PM sent. 😁
  2. Bryan

    London Coin Fair Nov 2019

    Had a great time at the coin fair and it was a lot bigger than I thought it would be. As I’m just a beginner, there were lots of bargains, as any coin was new to me. I picked up a range of Florins, Crowns and half Crowns as well as a few commemorative ones too. Really glad I went and I’ve got a good batch if coins to research now. i think I’ll be going to the Bloomsbury coin fest in December as well. Thanks for everyone’s advice, much appreciated.
  3. Bryan

    To see or not to see...

    Thanks For the info Paul, It’s good to know these things. I’ll have a good scout around at all the different types. Much appreciated.
  4. Bryan

    To see or not to see...

    Thanks Peckris 2, be a good advantage to have both lens in one too, I’m sure! I’ve got a 10x loupe which I used to use for looking at insects a few years back. I tried it on a coin and it wasn’t too bad, but I found I had to keep moving it backwards and forwards a lot, to keep it focused. It also seemed out of focus on the edges.
  5. Bryan

    To see or not to see...

    Thanks UPINSMOKE, That’s very helpful, there’s certainly a good few on the market to choose from. Guess it’s just a matter of finding which one suits you best!
  6. Bryan

    To see or not to see...

    Thanks Paul, Out of curiosity, what’s the difference between triplet or quadruple lenses? Is it just purely for different magnification options in one piece?
  7. Bryan

    To see or not to see...

    Thanks for your recommendation Pete, I’d be using it mainly for trying to educate myself a bit on a coins features and to practise a bit of basic grading?
  8. Bryan

    To see or not to see...

    Can anyone advise on a good loupe and the recommended magnification?
  9. Bryan

    Size does matter!

    Thank you for the links UPINSMOKE, they will be of great help and they’re exactly the kind of thing I was looking for. much appreciated.
  10. Bryan

    Size does matter!

    Thanks Unwilling Numismatist, I think it’s the way forward for me and I’m going to go with quads. Appreciate the advice.
  11. Bryan

    Size does matter!

    Sword, thanks for the detailed info, that’s really helpful. My plan had been to buy stackable trays, with circular indents that the entire coin capsule could fit into, as my collection grew. However, looking at the storage options for quads, it looks like they would take up far less space than multiple trays would, considering the limited amount of “circular holes” you could fit on a tray. The quads obviously can be stored far more compactly, as they all appear to be of a standard size, with just the foam inner varying in sizes to suit? Are the quads easy to open to remove coins? I notice that quads seem to be the storage method of choice for a lot of members, which speaks volumes!
  12. Bryan

    Size does matter!

    I’m looking to get some lighthouse capsules for my collection. At the moment I’m using some no name brands that I bought off eBay. They’re ok, but they have a “crescent” groove which is supposed to aid opening but they’re a real pig! I have one coin in a lighthouse capsule (the one with raised rim edges), which is far easier to open. I like round capsules because you can still read the rim inscriptions without having to take the coin out, whereas with Quadrum you can’t? Could anyone let me know what size (without any rattle), best suits £2 and the main pre-dec coins? As always, any advice is appreciated!
  13. Bryan

    London Coin Fair Nov 2019

    Thanks for the advice Jerry, that’s very helpful and answered a lot of the things I was wondering about. Cheers!
  14. Bryan

    London Coin Fair Nov 2019

    Thanks Copper123, will do! I guess there’s also more chance of finding what you want if you go earlier. early bird catches the worm and all that!
  15. I thought i'd drop in at the London Coin Fair in November. I've never been to one before and I think it will be a great opportunity for me to be able to see a load of coins and get ideas on prices and maybe glean some knowledge from a dealer or two. As it's my first fair, I'm definitely going to be treating myself to something ... Any general advice on what to avoid, common newbie blunders etc? I know that it would depend largely on what my budget is, but just wondered if there was anything I should know or be aware of, as I have no idea what to expect!