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  1. aledjones

    Any ideas what this coin could be please?

    For some reason it won't let me send the second picture and its smaller than the first one!
  2. aledjones

    Any ideas what this coin could be please?

    Thanks Sword I've done what you suggested and i'm posting the pic again to see if this is better and is less than 0.5.
  3. aledjones

    Any ideas what this coin could be please?

    Thanks guys for all your help and advise. I have a few coins but this site will not allow me to post large pictures. Any suggestions how i can make them smaller without loosing quality of the pictures? Thanks Coys55 i will start another post in future in the correct area. Big game tomorrow for Spurs, COYS!
  4. aledjones

    Any ideas what this coin could be please?

    Many Thanks! Yes this would make sense as my relative used to live in Anglesey. With that information i've been able to see some pictures online and they look very similar. I have a few coins that i'm looking to sell at auction but i'm not getting any responses from the auction houses that i've contacted. Do you have any recommendations about which auction rooms are good for selling coins? Or any auction rooms that actually return your emails would be great! I also have this coin below but have had some success in identifying any further information would be greatfully received. I believe its a George II 1736 coin
  5. Hi All, Ive managed to find this coin but unable to identify it. Hoped that someone here might have a greater knowledge than myself and may suggest a few ideas that i could follow up with further research. Many thanks Al