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  1. Test Mod

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Thanks Nordle, yes 1 report about something would have been enough for me to look into it.
  2. Test Mod

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I just got about 20 reported posts messages from a 'guest' concerning going-ons on this thread in 2017. Each message was the same and read: "Please take this post down, as this is not my coin and my ebay user id is being linked to it, this is not my coin and this is slander, please take this down i have only just seen this post today Thank you." Obviously anyone can report a post and say 'this it wrong, or it's this or that' but I'm afraid without a name to verify any info, I can't just go removing posts. If you see this 'guest' what is your user id on eBay and exactly what are you referring to? I'll then look into it and take the appropriate action? Thanks, Chris (Perkins)
  3. Hello, it's Chris here. For some reason I couldn't do the usual 'Mod' things with my regular account so have established this one. I'm locking this topic for the time being before it gets too tit for tat.. I know you're both good well-respected people that have been here a while. Let's take a deep breath (and make sure there are no coins in the vicinity when you breath out ).