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  1. Duggy1940

    help to identify spanish? Coin

    Seriously thanks for the help. Had no idea where to even start. But yes lots of the coins look really interesting. During the hundreds of images I skimmed through to try to identify it, there seemed to be some incredibly unique, but very basic designs. Will definitely keep an eye open for more. This one cost less than £5 on ebay because initially it was very dirty and you couldn't make out the cross or any of the portrait. And I imagine the previous owner couldn't identify it either. It was on ebay as "old spanish coin". Just bought it as a gift to put in a Christmas cracker for some friends who love pirates. Did buy some colonial pieces of eight too. So am really pleased at how interesting it is. And now I'm really determined to trawl through eBay sellers trying to find more. Thanks again Michael
  2. Duggy1940

    help to identify spanish? Coin

    So thank you JLS it is a coin of Aragon and I am really pleased. This coin was bought with a batch lot of low quality 'pirate' copper cob coins of the 17th and 18th century and because I couldn't identify it it was stored away and forgotten. I honestly thought it was much younger 'fake' coin or medallion and two other website I contacted did say it wasn't a genuine coin at all. So finding out that it is an early 16th century hammered spanish coin from Aragon is really interesting. This is by far the oldest and most intriguing coin I own. Thank you so much Michael
  3. Duggy1940

    help to identify spanish? Coin

    I got this reply from the fitzwilliam museum. They were so helpful and I'm really thankful to all those who help "Thank you for your enquiry. Your coin is a billon dinero of Joanna and Charles (1506-1516) from Barcelona. The obverse inscription begins after the crown of the bust IOA. KAR. OLV, and the reverse reads BA/CA/NO/VA. Catalogue no. 2974. Ref. Adolfo, Clemente y Juan Cayon, Las Monedas Espanolas (Madrid, 2005) Best wishes, Richard"
  4. Duggy1940

    help to identify spanish? Coin

    Thanks so much. You are a font of knowledge. Definitely a 1/4 croat. Not sure whose at but at least I have a starting point. Found this online. Not quite right but definitely closer than I was able to find without you. I'm going to get in touch with the British museum now I know what to ask. Thanks again. I'll let you know what they say.
  5. Duggy1940

    help to identify spanish? Coin

    Thank you so much Will let you know if I find out any more
  6. Duggy1940

    help to identify spanish? Coin

    Thanks will Google some
  7. I was wondering if any one could help me identify this coin. Fairly sure it's silver but that's about it. I rediscovered it amongst some left over random reales and maravidis coins I bought as presents years ago, so it may be spanish. It's approx 10 mm diameter and 1g in weight. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thank you